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Spoilers for “First Murderer” quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda


I forgot something about bioware games: There are times when you need a good hour and a half to run around your ship/castle/campsite to move things along a little bit, but you don’t actually finish anything or feel like you’ve done anything.

This was last night.

I ran around the nexus for a good hour and a half. I got about 39827198274 tasks. (Sadly, I got hops for the dude at the vortex, and I think the quest bugged, cuz it just has two green checks, doesn’t say complete, won’t give me anything new to do. No more booze? WAAA!) I did Drack until I had to go to a planet I haven’t found. I got the AI one (the virus that attacked SAM), which was pretty awesome, and did it until I had to wait for an email.

In short, I got a lot of stuff that I think will make good bloggage when I finish it, which will happen….sometime.

Bioware, man.

So an hour and a half and all I finished was one buggy booze task, and First Murderer. Which was pretty interesting, and I have a feeling it’s a decision that will come back.

I freed the guy, and I immediately regretted it. Kudos to the game for making me really think about it. Ryder would have done the same. Love that sort of thing, the line blurring.

I also am nervous, as I met Cora, Liam and Drack and not Suvi. I’m not missing an opportunity to flirt, am I?


Oh yeah, those times when you just spend an entire evening running around talking to people and not getting anywhere concrete. Which sometimes I don’t mind, honestly, because there are days when I’m maybe not that much in the mood to shoot things but still want to play, so wandering around the wherever chatting is just fine.

And then there are those times when you spend an entire evening just getting in fights with randits and also not getting anywhere concrete. One doesn’t always accomplish significant things.

I haven’t seen Suvi on the Nexus yet. Maybe she doesn’t like to socialize outside of work.

I THINK we’re supposed to find other booze ingredients in random locations during our travels and bring them back? So the quest line is blank because it’s not telling us where to go, but at some point we’ll find something that we’ll be prompted to take back there? I don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet for me either, but that was my assumption.

I also had the First Murderer freed rather than executed. I mean…he didn’t actually kill the guy. Even if he meant to, and tried to, his shot didn’t do it. The rule of law has to mean something, man! Here in these uncharted skies, if we can’t follow the basic rules of justice, what do we have?

At the same time, I also am deeply uncertain whether this was the right call. One could also easily argue that attempting to kill the guy was sufficient, that we have to take a stand and show that sort of thing isn’t tolerated…instead, that would-be murderer is now out there free and possibly seething with resentment at his mistreatment and will probably turn up later as a pirate or something. So yeah, now I kind of think I should have let the director execute him.

The thing is, our choices were constricted: it was basically “carry on and pretend we still think he killed the guy” or “acknowledge he didn’t and let him go.” If there’s been a choice for “acknowledge he didn’t, clear him of murder but retry him for the attempted murder,” I think that would obviously have been the way we both would have gone. Because attempted murder is plainly still frowned upon!

I just didn’t want to support the pretense that the sentence as applied was based on the best evidence. I guess in the end it was really more about my dedication to the evidence, than it was to the principle of “that guy technically didn’t kill anyone.”

Sentence him to death for TRYING to kill his superior officer, and I won’t necessarily argue with it, but don’t sentence him for murder when he didn’t succeed, and then pretend we don’t know he didn’t succeed. I blame the director for putting us in that tough position, really. That guy is morally iffy for sure.

I dunno. It was a tough one.


Off the grid. Watching kids end of summer day.


Ooh, sounds like a blast! Woohoo, party, etc.


No ice cream. Failure.


Wait, what?! NO ICE CREAM?!

Burn the place to the ground.


With all the rockets going off with very few precautions, might not have to.