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Minor spoilers for side quests and companion notes in Mass Effect: Andromeda 


Well, did some stuff. Though busy lately, man. First there was a day of kids showing off (Nugget all morning, with dancing and acting, Junior all afternoon with solar cars and rockets, cuz my kids don’t seem to be related)…then yesterday we went into Boston and I made dinner for my dad cuz his Bday is coming up.

And yet….I still got some game in!

Finished pretty much everything on the nexus I could do. I now have a task list longer than my arm. Talked to a guy who told me to tell Gil he said hi (this will be relevant in a second). Ran around for a while looking for Suvi, cuz she’s cute, and I figured that I found Vetra, Liam, Cora and Drack (though not PB, did I miss PB?) and didn’t find her.

By the way, did you flirt with Suvi again and get that awesome scene?

So I went back to the tempest and decided to do what one does in a bioware game, which is talk to everyone. I went to PB’s little pod and….


So I panicked. Did I LOSE my crew?

So I ran around and everyone was in a different place! GAME! NO! DO NOT DO THAT!

So then I spent a few tries trying to tell Gil about the dude on the nexus. I talked to Gil over and over expecting to get a choice of “Tell Gil about the dude” and nothing. So I felt guilty about the dude.

Then I went to my room to see if I could change into something more casual and no. Not yet. Not sure where you got that outfit.

And then said “Ok, it’s time” and now I stand on the deck about to order my ship to go to the next place. Which I’ll do the next time I fire it up. After I mine like 27 asteroids and derelict ships and get distracted.

Bioware. Where the best parts of the game are the parts you do nothing.


I’m impressed you managed to play, with all that other stuff going on. That’s a fine dedication to priorities!

I played a bit as well. Went back to Eos. It’s not in flames yet, so I guess that’s success. I did immediately pick up another 50 quests, but such is life.

Yeah, people move around on the ship sometimes. It’s a little disconcerting. “Wait, what are you doing here?” It’s cool, though, sometimes two of them will be hanging out together talking. Gives you that sense that they’re actual people who go about their lives doing things when you’re not looking.

I did not have the bit with a guy wanting me to tell Gil something, so I can’t weigh in there. I did talk to Suvi again, but did not have that scene, so maybe I missed it. I did have an amusingly awkward scene with Liam, where I was all “so, I’m interested or whatever” and he says “that was NOT smooth, Pathfinder,” and I said “yeah, whatever, whoo, I’m awkward!” or something. It was pretty great. Then I had a (what would have been) paladin/renegade moment with him, and I don’t know if I got it or not…how do you DO those? I think I keep missing them because I don’t know what button to push. Am I blind? Does it say “PUSH X” right on it? I keep just noticing it right as it’s expiring and not being able to figure out how to act on it before it disappears.

I probably would have totally jumped his bones if I’d figured it out in time, but I missed it, so we just hugged. Now I bet he thinks I don’t like him.

Which, I mean, I kind of like Vetra more, but he’s not too shabby at all if you like humans…and maybe this character likes humans. You never know.

You gotta mine asteroids and get distracted. It’s the soul of the game. Well, no, awkward romancing is the soul of the game, but mining and getting distracted is like the blood vessels.


The guy was some random dude just gazing at the tempest in the nexus. Easy to miss.

Dude it’s r2. R2.

I got that! Cuz I’ll flirt with everyone. It was good, but nowhere close to the Suvi one. You have to flirt with her twice!

Dude, I have a reason to go back to Eos. I ALMOST did it, for completeness, but I resisted. I think. No promises.


Ooh, I hope I get to pass notes and facilitate Gil’s romance!

Like with Aveline in DA2, when you had that quest to help out with a date with that guy…if you’re not interested in me, at least let me vicariously participate in your romance with someone else.

I need love! Even other peoples’ love!

Helping other people hook up is almost as good as hooking up myself.

R2, you say? I’ll try to remember that for next time. But probably I’ll forget and once again fumble at random buttons until I miss it. I think last time I hit L2 instead. I don’t know why this is so hard for me, I always got them all in the other ME games, but I haven’t hit one yet in this one.

Don’t go back to Eos yet. Believe me, you will pick up other reasons to go back there in the future, so you might as well wait until you have several things to do.

Onward and forward! There’s an icy planet and another companion waiting for you somewhere else!


But completeness!!!!

I dunno, man. I was expecting a help you hook up quest and nothing. Cuz I met the guy after being rebuffed myself, so it seemed natural. But no option to talk about it.

It says r2 in yellow letters. If you have to hit it to get laid, you best get on that.

You told me the new companion isn’t cute. It can wait.


I’m going blind. This is the only explanation.

Dude, if you go back to Eos now, you’re just going to have to go back again later, and you’re never going to get anything done but Eos. That’s no way to win anyone’s heart.


I’ve already come to terms that there is nowhere but Eos.

What gets me there is the fact I thawed that dude.


Oh yeah, I did that too.

But listen, that dude doesn’t need to hear from you right away. That dude will be waiting when you go back to Eos to do 5 other things. Give that dude a little time to settle into a post-thaw life before you go knocking!


But the draw….it says right there: Meet so and so on Eos.

It says “Place a transmitter on Eos.”


Must…. resist….


I know, I know…Eos has an irresistible siren song.

But there are other things out there that we will never get to talk about if you don’t go somewhere else!

In unrelated news, how’s your pneumonia?


I will, I will go somewhere else. But it’ll be hard.

I’m still coughing some. Nowhere near as badly. This was a mess. I lost six pounds. I just had to take Nugget to the doctor, and his doctor said “Um, you don’t have six pounds to lose.”

I also had a couple days on the weekend where I slept to 9, which I NEVER do.

Don’t get this.


Time to start making and eating pies! So many pies!

It’s for your health, you know.


Unlikely. Mrs. McP’s back on a diet. Which means I’ll lose even more weight.

Now I want pie.


Just make small pies you can finish before she gets home. She’ll never need to know!

Or mail the leftovers to me, whichever.