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Minimal character and story spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda


Ok, played. And didn’t go to Eos. But I didn’t play as much as I wanted cuz I lost valuable time to an update. And I TRIED to play while it was downloading, but I kept getting a message about “There’s an update” across the whole screen. During cutscenes. So I said fuck it and waited.

Well then….that happened. Not what I expected at all.

That was an interesting chat with the Kett, wasn’t it? He seemed less antagonistic than interested. And what was that “Your (what, elevation? Assimilation?) begins now” stuff before we got out of there?

(That was a pretty cool cutscene, the chase there).

And add to that that they’re kidnapping the weird alien dudes? Are they processing people into Kett? (You know, don’t you? Don’t spoil.)

So I met the Angara, and chatted them up, and now I’m “go back to the tempest.” (Again, lost time to update.)

This is a pretty cool thing. It makes sense that there would be a society there, and they’d be both suspicious and “Uh, yeah, we’ve been here, like, forever so…we’re pretty ok.” They aren’t all weak and looking up at the fancy spaceship all “Wow!” (Though, you know, that WOULD be kinda cool in a space game. That’s what we’d do, right? I digress.)

Though, the problem with that, which I’ve already witnessed, is that if they are all established where’s the quests? I’ve already gotten to “Help me” quests, and asked “Why me?” and you can sort of hear the long pause where the quest giver is thinking “Good point..why her? I can’t say ‘Well, cuz you need quests here,’ so what do I say?” “Cuz you…have a ship! Yes. That’s it.” And then you can hear them thinking “Please don’t ask if I know anyone else with a ship, please oh please oh please.”

Lemme guess: This Jaal character is the blacked out choice on my squad screen, isn’t he?


Jaal forever! He will travel with you and be your pal! Good guess.

Yeah, there are hints of more interesting story for the kett than “stock villain” (though they will of course continue to provide ample opportunity to murder hundreds of dudes with impunity). I hope they do something with that.

Thank you for not going back to Eos so we could discuss Jaal (you don’t think he’s cute, right?), quests for the Angara who mysteriously don’t have any ships of their own, etc. Although I thought the rationale was “do this quest so we can see whether or not you actually want to help us” which makes it a test, rather than something they can’t do themselves. I bought that…a bit. At least it works as well as the usual explanation in a game.


Yeah, he’s not my type. I’ll still flirt, though. Then I’ll break his heart.

It’s still a stretch, the whole “Uh, you have a ship” thing. As is the whole “I just met you, you are a species I’ve never seen, but please go get priceless artifacts that are precious to my people.” But then, she can’t really say “Yeah, you’ve never met us, and just telling you shit in the codex is a bore, so why don’t you do this to get our backstory in a more interesting way? Sound good?”

That aside, I don’t get the hate on this game. Interesting bad guy, interesting crew, action that is pretty good (if not exactly groundbreaking), some good narrative, nothing bad. It’s burdened by its predecessors.

Speaking of that, Tacoma came out a while back. This is the second effort of Fullbright games, whose first effort was the excellent “Gone Home,” which we both enjoyed. The reviews are kinda “meh.” While they do point out some flaws, there is certainly an undercurrent of “Well, it’s not as good as Gone Home, so we’re docking it a point or two.”

We’ll keep an eye on it. It’ll likely be free at some point.

There are interesting hints. There was a lot to unwrap there. He wasn’t all “You’re the pathfinder? Then….DIE!” How did he even know to SAY “Pathfinder?” Why did he say “There are signs of your DNA?” DNA? What? That was a lot of stuff. And not just “Hi, I am the gravelly voiced bad guy. Gonna kill you now.” OR, for that matter, not “Hi, I am the gravelly voiced bad guy. Let me give you some backstory and foreshadowing before I try to kill you and you escape.”

Usually, bad guy encounters awkwardly ANSWER questions. Rarely do they leave you with more questions.


I took a random day off, so, ironically, as I celebrate your staying away from Eos I am drinking all over Eos. But I’m leaving now! I swear!

I read a review of Tacoma that liked it even better than Gone Home, so I guess personal preference must play some role. They also compared it to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which they found less successful than Tacoma, and we of course were all over that game, so I found that interesting. We must definitely play it sometime. I don’t know when, but sometime.


My vote is when it is, inevitably, free. One thing people seem to agree on is that it’s short. As we got both Gone Home and Rapture free, this is right up the free alley.

Drinking on Eos? Ok, I’m going back.



Doh! I meant DRIVING all over Eos, of course. Phone typing. If there were a pub crawl quest, I would absolutely tell you to drop everything and get right back to Eos. Everything else can wait!

Alas no.


Riiiiiiiiiiight. You just slipped and now are telling me that it’s the thing I hate almost as much as swimming. I’m onto you.


I’m gone now! I’m not even there anymore! The drinking I mean driving is totally over!

I’m back on the ice planet now. Trying to set my Nomad on fire for warmth.

Just kidding. It’s not for warmth, I just like the style.


It is a good look, that it is.

Speaking of looks, WHERE DO I GET NEW CLOTHES?????

If one is trying to woo Scottish pilots, one needs a better outfit than “short sleeves.”


I don’t know, the clothes just showed up in my closet in my quarters one day. Keep looking. Maybe they’re a reward for some quest or something.


Dude any quest where the reward is “better bras” is one I need to find.

Is it Friday?