Some vague half-remembered Liam’s-armor spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda 


Played a bunch. Like jaal but not in that way. Checked pb’s email, found out the gay dude got in touch with Gil, that sort of thing. Made armor for Liam and now I’m supposed to go to his room. Is this a ….. turning point? Cuz he’s no suvi.


But today I’m off to the beach in Maine to see the in laws. Expect blog silence until the afternoon.


Ooh, good times. In-law beach party. I imagine there won’t be nearly enough buckets of rum.

I played some yesterday, but not since we were last messaging about the drinking–I mean driving!–all over Eos. I did leave Eos again, went back to the ice planet, and finally moved on to the next main plot point because eventually one must.

Good times. Liam’s armor is…an interesting moment. Not a ‘want to make out?’ moment, quite, but an interesting moment.


So I don’t have to commit when I give him armor?

Which planet first? I have a choice.

Dude, I need so many buckets.


No, making armor is not a commitment. It’s just a friendly gesture!

I don’t remember having a choice. I think I went right to Aya. Is the other one Havarl? Buttons mentioned going there, and then I thought “oh, I must have been there,” but on further reflection I don’t think I ever have, even now.


One is hvarl, the other….um, is… the other one.


I recommend going to that one. It sounds so great!