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Extremely minor landscape spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda


Went to the village/outpost/thing and talked to dudes about ice talkers and shit. Wondered how, in every game, merchants are always able to get wherever they want despite not having weapons and having to carry all that shit (not to mention their innate inability to light campfires). Started trucking out towards the place where I have to rescue the guy’s uncle and had a revelation, I mean, A REVELATION!

Dude there’s NOMAD roads! ROADS! Not only are they indicated by tire tracks in sand and snow (Me: “How…..” Game: “Dude, remember how I said go with it when we talked about memory triggers?” Me: “Yeah, ok.”), but they’re ON THE MAP! I was checking my map over and over to see what other quests I was near, and I was like “Hey I’m always on this grey line….I’M ALWAYS ON THIS GREY LINE!!!!!”

You figured this out weeks ago, didn’t you?

This was almost a physical weight off my shoulders.

Didn’t get to the uncle, but scanned a couple things, found some lost supplies that I now have to give to a dude, etc. Changed my loadout, swapped Liam for PB cuz we’re getting sorta close to her thing, etc.

Off to the uncle today, I hope.


Oh yeah, the roads. It’s true, they are on the map. I would have mentioned it but I didn’t realize you didn’t know. My bad. I mean, half the time I go off road anyway because I’m too impatient to take the long, easy way, but the roads can be helpful.

As to where they came from…I’m going to imagine that when you land a forward station it includes an independent, road-making version of the nomad that just drives around to make tracks for you and then self destructs.

It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing we’ve seen in a game.


Dude, I so did not know.

Now that I think about it, it totally explains why that Mayor dude was so haughty. He’s probably thinking “This moron. Twelve squads of citizens died scouting forward stations and leaving deep, inexplicably permanent tire marks, and, due to sheer denseness, their efforts, their sacrifices, are in vain because she keeps driving into ditches and having to reload. No WAY I’m letting her boss me around.”

In other news, I kinda love the sniper rifle.


That DOES explain the mayor! Maybe he’ll be more friendly next time you visit. “I see she’s at last appreciating the selfless labor of the colonists and using that road we apparently made just for her since no other traffic is ever on it.”

Except kett, come to think of it. One does run into kett. Maybe THEY made all the roads. In which case, thanks dudes! All the better to take over this planet from you.