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Some spoilers for Liam relationship in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Well, I knew Mrs. McP was coming home early Friday, so I tried to get some in with Junior watching. I did the last “Get the Moshae the hell out” fight, which SUCKED. Died many times, and had to start all over. I got within 12 seconds of finishing once.

But win I did, which took you back to the Tempest. Talked to the Moshae, etc. Then Liam comes over the comm and is all “Uh…can we talk?” in that way that bioware characters have that makes you think “perhaps this is a scene one should play alone.”

So I stopped. Well, after checking my quarters and not seeing the workout outfit.

I’ll try to play some while kids are out so we have good romance stuff.


I died several times in that fight too. Those giant things that come charging in and start chasing you around are no good.

I have bad news: according to a story I finally looked at, the workout gear came with a patch, and a lot of people found that they had to start a whole new game to get it.

I don’t quite understand this, because Mr. O’ had it and he played before I did and certainly did not start a whole new game, and I swear I didn’t have it at the beginning of my game and then it just randomly showed up, but…there’s something weird about the workout gear, and it’s possible it may never appear for you.

I am sorry to be the bearer of this news. You may have to settle for long or short sleeves forever.


WHAT? Without suggestively showing my bra, how on earth am I gonna get any?

Better go ask Liam. Be right back.

But yeah, it got to the point where I just focused on the big things. If I got near a kett, I just whacked it, and ran again. That whole “disappear when you hit circle” thing I got rocking cuz I’m an infiltrator was SO key.

Seriously, that profile should just be “Coward,” but I guess that isn’t badass.


Ha! I would be seriously tempted by the honesty of a profile called Coward. Or, if they wanted to be a little more classy about it, Poltroon.

Yup. I would sign up for character class Poltroon every time. It has such a nice ring to it! And so honest about the fact that I really just want to hide behind others and avoid getting hit.

Tell me what Liam says. He might like the casual look.


Turns out it doesn’t matter a whit how you’re dressed as long as you pull R2! That one you missed? Yeah…..

Man, for the leader of all Milky Way races, I sure am a slut.

Let’s see….

Flirted with Vetra, went and talked to Liam who was, again shirtless. We talked about his car, got the prompt and WHOA what a prompt.

Well, one of those hug, kiss, fade bioware moments. But still.

And now he wants to go out. Does he want to go out with you? On Aya? I’m so gonna break his heart.

Cuz then I flirted with PB (I have quite the imagination, says she) and Suvi, who’s still the one. Flings abound, but Suvi is Suvi.

There’s themes, too, but fuck it, it’s Friday.

I also got the scene where they were all “Eos is doing so well! Let’s go back! It’ll be like a vacation!”


So now I’m at a crossroads. The main story (and Liam) want me on Aya, Cora and our “vacation” say Eos, there’s still some stuff on Voeld, a whole mess of stuff on the nexus, and I still haven’t been to Hvarl.


I guess Nexus. There’s much to do there. And I can’t plow through the main story THAT quickly, can I?

Plus I gotta get all my flings in before really going after Suvi.


Man…why did I miss the prompt! I just sat there with my head on his shoulder until the fade to black. So we could just be friends, for all we know. He did ask me to meet him on Aya, though, so yeah, it wasn’t a complete “nope.”

Sigh. I need to step up my game or I’m never going to get any love.

I flirted like mad with this one guy I met on this one planet last night, but I don’t know if that’s going anywhere or not.


Probably for the best. Cuz now this whole “Saving life in two galaxies” thing is getting all awkward. I mean, here I am. I’ve just rescued a vital person in the cause to save my, and several other, species. I really, really should get her back to her people who have been fighting the threat for generations.

But NOOOOO I had to go and bang Liam.

Now it’s “Yeah…I WOULD save the galaxy…but I bet Liam will be there (he will, the journal says so), and I’ll have to have this TALK about me and liking girls and, really, who needs that? So, uh….you guys have this Kett thing, right? We’re good? Cool.”

I didn’t even have the guts to say “It was a one time thing” (which was a choice).

Always knew the galaxy would be doomed cuz of awkwardness about sex.



That’s a good one, all right!

It is awkward. But dude, it’s a new galaxy. Strike a blow for honesty in relationships!

“Sorry, man, I like you but it’s not going to work out. You’re not Suvi.”


The t shirts just happen. I don’t plan them. They have to just spring from nowhere. Better that way.

Maybe if I bang PB first. Then he’ll know I’m just that kind of pathfinder. He’ll expect less.

What? Suvi’s still cool. She said she’d be there for me.

Maybe I’m lucky about the outfit. Maybe the reason you’re getting nowhere is your outfit.


I can’t argue with your logic. Plus, then he and Peebee can commiserate over how they both tried, but neither one could hold you, or whatever.


Maybe they’ll hook up. They’d be good together. And Jaal and Vetra would work. And Drack would work with Cora!

Or Gil. I don’t judge.


Mass Effect: Matchmaker.

I would actually play that.


If Dorian can end up with the Iron Bull (and he did), anything’s possible.

Poor Kallo. The cheese stands alone.

But since we should probably talk about SOMETHING to do with games….

Once again, I play a bioware game and say “And this is M because……” Ok, I got a “sex” scene. I saw more skin talking to Sun King Avad while wearing the fire armor in Horizon than I saw in the “sex” scene. TW3 it was not.

These games aren’t bloody (the “remains” aren’t even there!), they aren’t chock full of nudity (save Liam’s chest and PB’s midriff), they swear, maybe, twice…

Is it cuz girls can kiss girls? What?

The box says “Strong Sexual Content” and “nudity.” If that’s how the ratings people do strong sexual content and nudity when they go out on dates, they are sad, sad people. This was NOT strong sexual content or nudity.


I must say, I’m deeply disappointed to hear this.

Maybe there are stronger, nuder sex scenes later? Like, if your relationship develops you get a better scene?

That would actually be kind of interesting, because most of the time in games romance is a pretty goal-oriented thing where you get to the sex cutscene and then you’re done (I mean, you can end up with a person, but most of the development of the relationship after the sex scene tends to be shallow at best), so it would be interesting to have a relationship where you could casually hook up and then maybe continue to work on it, get to know each other better, keep flirting (because usually once you’ve gotten to sex, that’s all done), or else just walk away.

We can hope?


Well, I think it’s pretty clear that Ryder and Liam went there….just…after a fade out. Though maybe not. Who knows? Maybe they’re just super awkward about smooching. It HAS been 614 years or so.

It certainly was not an M scene.

Hell, we don’t even have the go go dancers from…what was that bar on Omega? Purgatory! They had dancers! the Vortex only has open mic night.



It’s up to YOU to decide what happened after that fadeout! The game won’t make that call for you. Ha.

Don’t give up, though, there are some dancers later on some other planet. You’ll get there.


Yeah, I’m getting the sense this game is long. Sure, that 80% viability on Eos is good, but I’m still at 40% Voeld, and I have THREE planets I haven’t been to, and, therefore, two I HAVEN’T HEARD OF.

Viability, I think, is like % completed, right?

Poor Chloe. I hope she waits for me.


Just remember, one of them has dancers. And I still haven’t heard of one of them myself.

Viability is I think the percent completion of certain missions (like the monoliths/vaults, stuff to do with settlements), but it doesn’t refer to everything there is to do on a planet. I have three planets at 100% viability, but I still have stuff to do there that isn’t related to setting up an outpost.

Hahahaha, silly you thinking a number would measure something that gave you an idea of how much stuff there was left to do!

Wait for us, Chloe! We’re coming, but it’s a long way back from Andromeda.


YOU haven’t heard of one? Holy shit, Femmy, you’re 15 levels ahead of me! What in the actual fuck…..

Well, at least we won’t have to worry about having nothing to play.


I feel like the one remaining planet might contain the endgame, but that could be wishful thinking. Even if it does, I’m nowhere close to it at the moment.

We’ve got plenty to play for a while, that’s for sure.



Every so often I get to thinking “I’m close to the end of my AAA game! And there’s only expansions to stuff and I’ll be out of things to play by December!”

And then I come to my senses.

It’s more like “When Cyberpunk comes out in 2022 I’ll still be playing the games I currently plan to play.”

“And the games I got for free on PS+ will likely remain untouched.”

I thought I left the concept of “Huge backlog I will never touch” behind when I stopped using my Steam account. Guess not.


No, you did not. These are the problems that will ever haunt people living in a world with many games when they have things to do besides play games, regardless of platform.

Fear not! Despair some.

Depending on how you choose to look at the question.


Is this a new thing, consolewise? Did you have this with the PS3? Cuz lordy knows I had it with the ex.

I blame myself.


That’s a good question…we never really had it until we got PS+, which is when all the free stuff we never have time to play became a thing. So that did happen a bit with the PS3 (as you recall, I played the first Tomb Raider for free on PS3, missing out on the full glory of the hair).

It would probably not be such a big deal if we were still on PS3 because there might not be as much free stuff (or maybe there is and I just don’t look for it anymore!), but I think it’s more about the network than the equipment.


I look for it for you! Nothing good this month. And you have grabbed some stuff off of it.

If they ever start putting AAA games we want to play on it, we’re doomed.

But we’re pretty good at moving through AAA games without help.

By which I mean, they only take us eight months each.


That’s true, you do look for me. I think I looked on my own maybe once. About two years ago.

Do you look for PS3 stuff, though? (Not that you should! Because I don’t have time to play it anyway.)

And then you STILL make me buy non-free stuff I never finish, like The Witness.