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Spoilers for ‘protester’ story on the Nexus in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Got a little in. Talked to PB and saw her….thing…and met her nemesis. The big thing was those protesters. Interesting bit, that. I do like that this game paints all this as a bit of a mess. I decided to talk them down. Didn’t thaw anyone, but no one got shot. Yet.

So I am at a crossroads. I could a) follow the main story and go to Aya and be awkward with Liam, b) Go back to Voeld and do this allies quest I just got and do monoliths and outposts and such, c) Go back to Eos for our vacation which won’t be and help Cora of d) finally go to Hvarl and do that shit.

I dunno, pick for me.

But something gives me pause: Before Voeld, the main quest said “Go to Voeld or Hvarl.” I went to Voeld. Now, the ONLY thing on my main quest is “Take the Moshae to Aya.” Nothing about Hvarl at all. Is this a “Do one or the other” deals, or is it a “We’re just telling you do finish this main branch before you do the other ones?”

So what to do?


Yeah, those protesters were interesting. I also talked them down (of course). I mean, they have a legitimate gripe, not being able to see their family members. On the other hand, the scientists make a good point that if the systems are overloaded trying to support too many people, everyone could die. So.

Hopefully these outposts I’m setting up will relieve some population pressure.

I kind of like Peebee’s remnant…I hope it does something interesting at some point. I’ve yet to follow up on that. I reached the final planet last night, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the endgame after all–there are just another 500 quests, monoliths to unlock, etc. So the endgame must be wherever the Archon is, which I haven’t found yet but is not a planet. Which actually makes more sense given that the kett aren’t native to this system, so why would they have settled one planet more than any other? He’s probably based on a space station or something.

Anyway. I finished Liam’s personal quest, so now he’s loyal, but I still have all these other people to help out, plus the 500 random quests of this new planet, so I’ll be busy for a while.


Aw, I thought you’d go all bleeding heart and thaw dudes. One does what one must.

DAMN this game is long.

Her thing does something. When I got it, a tutorial popped up, and I accidentally hit X before I read it. So it does something. I’ll check the tutorials. I think you can make it fight for you.

So what should I do next? I WANT HELP!


Well…they’re all good choices. But don’t go back to Aya yet, you might as well check some other stuff off before following the main quest.

It just said “Voeld or Havarl” back then because you could go either of those places and do helpful things until the angara trusted you enough to ask you to help rescue the Moshae, basically. So you can absolutely still go to Havarl and do the 500 random quests that will pop up there, but it’s no longer relevant to the main quest because you already got the Moshae.

In fact, go to Havarl, that’s my advice. It’s fairly small, as planets go, and as a bonus for you, has no driving. But lots and lots of shooting! Go take care of some things there and you can feel productive and filled with renewed enthusiasm to go to the next place where you might have to drive. Like Voeld, or Eos.


Ok. I was gonna do Voeld anyway. I like allies.

So it’s not one of those “Ok, thanks for getting her, now go do another whole quest line to get the OTHER important person” deals.

But wait, so DON’T do the Voeld guy? The dude who emailed? I could go either way.

As I side note, I like that email survived. That and suduko.


Email and sudoku are the Milky Way’s contribution to culture in the universe. We should feel very proud.

Enh, Voeld or Havarl, they’re both good. But as I said, Havarl’s active region is contained in quite a small area, compared to other planets, so I kind of liked being able to check some stuff off without having to drive all over. Plus…there’s a very tempting booze component…you know you can’t resist booze components!



Havarl it is.


Havarl ho!

Oh, guess what O’Jr. is obsessed with at the moment? Minecraft. Yup. Your favorite. Mr. O’ introduced him to games, and now every minute is “can I play Minecraft?” or “Minecraft is so cool!”

He can play using his regular daily screen time, and ever since he started, he hasn’t watched a single video (whither, Voltron? so lightly cast aside!).

This is pretty much what happened to my TV watching once I started playing video games, too, so I can’t really argue with his priorities. I mean, I wouldn’t spend all my TV time on Minecraft, specifically, but the general idea is sound.

And Minecraft is at least fairly nonviolent (you can barely count bashing block skeletons as combat), and has surprisingly soothing music that doesn’t make me want to punch things. You know, any harder than usual.


NICE! One of us! But now you have another entity to share the console.


The exciting thing about our kid’s Minecraft usage is that Mr. O’ set it up for him on the computer. So he doesn’t even know it comes on the console yet! No competition! Life is sweet.


Oh win!

But you should still upgrade your set up to a Pro.

And worry Blasto won’t get used to a controller.

And WILL get used to my ex.


No fear, it’s a Mac. Someday he’ll have to come back to the console and controller to play…you know, big games. Until then, we’ll let him amuse himself with blocks.


Phew. That was close.