No playin’, no spoilin’


Haven’t said this in a while, but I got nothing. Kids were riled, I was tired, knew I didn’t have it. Havarl can wait.

Junior’s doing an overnight at Nana’s tonight, and the others go to bed at six, so Havarl ahoy.

Another plus of the kids being home all the damn time is no time to go to the store, so can be all “Well, tuna melts tonight” and I can play instead of making dinner.

Havarl ahoy!


Havarl is waiting! Good plan. Tuna melts are a perfectly cromulent meal. We used to eat them regularly back when I ate tuna. You got your protein, some fiber, it’s tasty and filling: all part of this complete dinner.


And Mrs. McP loves them. Done.


I’m glad we had this little chat.

Go to Havarl, we’ll talk later.