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Some spoilers for the Havarl location in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Ok made it to Havarl! Met the scientists, got more quests (as one does), went over to find the dude that Jaal wanted me to find (that was a shock, that she had committed suicide…well…she did but waited until the plot oh you know what I mean), got lost about twelve million times, found the hops (and found it ironic that the fight I needed to do to GET them was so damn hard), stopped.

Man you weren’t kidding when you said lots of shooting, were you?

Ok…brace yourself. Gonna say something I never thought I would:

I miss the NOMAD.

Yes, I miss driving.

Why? Because you knew where you were with the NOMAD. You had roads (which I discovered late, but still. Roads.), and, even when you didn’t, you could pretty much MAKE roads. This? I spent SOOOO long going “Ok! I gotta go over there! Hey, what’s this wall? Ok…how do I get over the wall? Hmm. That’s not it…or that…or….wait, where am I? What are these creatures?” And then: “Ok, I think I’ve figured out that those teeny lines on the map are walls. So if I go this way….that looks like a nice road around the walls! Good. Just go there and turn right and….what’s this chasm? This isn’t a road at all. This is a chasm. Maybe I can just jump down into the chasm ok no I can’t.”

No wonder there are forward stations every 50 feet. You need them to navigate. Or to travel back to when you get lost after 60 feet.

Oh well. It is a rather nice world. No snow. And beer ingredients.

But here’s a thing: I’m very torn as to who to run with. I want Jaal, because the place is thick with Angara and stuff, I want Vetra, as I’m right by the Turian ark quest and I think she’d like that, and I want PB as the place has remnant shit every which way. I have two slots. I currently have Vetra and PB but I’m second guessing myself. But that’s cool cuz there’s a forward station every 50 feet.

I almost laughed out loud at that forward station by the scientists’ outpost. They landed it between two staircases! It comes down all flaming rockets RIGHT THERE. The poor scientists were probably all “Could you at least WARN a guy that a big rocket thing was landing? And SHIT man, that’s where we were gonna put the grill and the hostas!”


Wow. I never thought I would see the day that you missed the Nomad.

But yeah, Havarl is like that. “I just need to get to that spot 100 feet from here…better try going around this hill…why are all these people shooting at me?!…maybe the other way around the hill…now I’m being attacked by wildlife…wait, now more people are shooting at me…”

It’s a fierce planet, that one. I think its motto is “combat every 20 feet or your money back.”

Like you, I enjoyed that the forward station is two feet from the scientists’ working area. “You know, we could have used that space for setting up additional experiments, but I guess we’ll just take twice as long to complete our research…no big.”

I had Vetra and Jaal with me, Vetra because of the turian ark, and Jaal because I wanted to make sure he was OK with the fact that we kept shooting angara. Those Roekaar don’t mess around. He seemed completely fine with it. Interesting that this didn’t bother him, while shooting kett-who-used-to-be-angara was a big deal. I guess maybe it’s about not knowing what he was doing then, or something?

Or, I suppose, their religious idea that angara who die are reborn later in their family line, while if they die as kett their souls are lost forever.


It’s more I miss the roads. But at least there isn’t life support to add to the getting lost stress.

See, I’m going to criticize the game here:

If you have a mechanic, don’t change it. And, while arguably not a mechanic, they’ve taught me to navigate using the map and quest markers. Now, the map and quest markers are nowhere NEAR as useful. I’m having to relearn navigation…now. That’s uncool. Don’t get a player used to something then change it so late in the game.

Combat every 20 feet, WALLS every 30. I had more trouble with the damn walls. “Ok, just on the other side of this tree there’ll be my quest marker no a wall.”

It was even more irksome that the quest marker would be all “65m” or something…on the other side of the damn wall.

Fuck you, quest marker. Fuck you, big remnant wall.

There is also the HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT THING aspect with the forward station. “Please…we must get them to trust you pathfinder…you are alien to them and HOLY SHIT BIG ROCKET.” Not a good sell, that.

Yeah I wondered about that. “How many have I killed?” Well, about the same amount as the Roekaar. Maybe it’s a law and order thing. The kett didn’t have a choice? Or something?

Or not. Never question what makes a Kevin.



Yeah, Havarl is small, in terms of ‘active’ area, but it’s a freaking maze. With combat around every turn. Pretty, though!

Let’s just enjoy a nice stroll among the lush greenery, for the 30 seconds that nothing is attacking us.

Indeed, ours is not to question Kevin.


There is no way to Kevin. Kevin is the way.

Just geeked out at the geek exhibition at the museum of science. Way too awesome.


Ooh, fun. I’ve just been adding citations to Wikipedia, so…that’s also geeky.


No, that’s nerdy. Going to see a car that was used in Back to the Future is geeky.

Not ashamed.


No more should you be ashamed! Mr. O’ and I have a picture on our bedroom wall of the two of us sitting on a bench, with Lord of the Rings trick photography so one of us looks hobbit-size.

Now that was an exhibit.

There was a full sized “dead Sean Bean on a raft” figure. Sniffle. Boromir!

Geek pride.

Or nerd pride. I can never keep those two straight.