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Vague and confusing vault spoilers, some minor character-behavior spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda


Well, that didn’t lead to shooting at all!

What is it with black, glowing underground vaults and places called Meridian? I mean….shit. Haven’t we done this before?

Again, glad I played HZD first. Otherwise I’d’ve been pissed at it.

And flirted with Jaal just because habit. And now he’s all clingy. Jesus. That’s two broken hearts. Cuz I’m about to give Suvi her snack. Nudge, nudge.


Well, yay progress! I liked that they mixed up the vault experiences a little. Some combat, some casual strolling!

Poor Jaal. Mine is all adoring too. I dunno, I may return his love one day… After flirting with the rest of the galaxy. I mean, for science.


Yeah, dude’s gotta chill. I mean, one damn heart response and I get a “my dearest” email. Like, dude. That’s it for you. Fuck science. Not literally. Would’ve been literally, maybe. But likely not.


Yeah, he doesn’t believe in playing it cool, that’s for sure.


Never flirt with someone with no emotional filter.


See, that’s what I was (apparently wrongly) afraid of with Suvi! She was all “it’s so nice to have someone to talk to about faith,” and I was like “hey, too serious too soon! I fear your god abruptly revealing unto you that we were meant to be together forever.  I must back away.”

She’s been pretty chill, so that was an unfair assessment of her/her god, but I was worried.