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Some minor spoilers for where to buy things in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Played, but didn’t get to anything interesting. I got in my shiny, awesome NOMAD all prepared to get to the “hunting the archon” main quest marker and off I went. I had resolve, man. I wasn’t going to magpie onto fetch kind of quests, or even side quests! No sir!

And I didn’t! I didn’t head towards ONE quest hexagon. I promise.

I did, however, go after every exclamation point hexagon. Every one. A couple of which were hard to find. But then I got back in the NOMAD! And…Mrs. McP came home.

In my defense, I was on the road, going in the direction the game obviously wanted me to go (the main road towards the main quest, after all) and I pass by this bigassed wind farm, with new quests, and Drack, fucking DRACK, pipes up all “Wow..this how they power the city…” If DRACK notices that it’s important, it HAS to be important. So the whole game was saying “Dude, stop and look.” So I did. Which meant I got nothing of substance done.

Is it magpieing when the game really, REALLY wants you do it? I’m not sure.


Hm. I don’t think it can really be magpieing in the strictest sense if the game is specifically telling you to do it. Then it’s more like “picking up another quest.” Which you will totally do at that power station.

Either way, though, I blame you not at all. Looking at every hexagon is how we do. I’m just impressed you managed to avoid the ones without exclamation points.

I…let’s see. I got some remtech for Peebee, did some stuff for Drack. Then the baby woke up all inconsolable for no reason, as they do from time to time just to keep things interesting, so I called it a night. Nothing much to report.


I walked by three “find the bodies” hexagons. Right by them. Nope, didn’t even stop. Didn’t even switch the quest. Nope.

I did pick up those two quests. Sigh.

Oh, and two of my “On hold” quests became live again. Drack’s and the Fireman AI guys. That’s just mean, game. “You think you’re making progress? HA! I’m going to just hand you two quests you forgot about! You didn’t even DO anything and here’s two quests! You’ll NEVER PLAY AS CHLOE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!”


It does that. You think you’re making good progress, clearing stuff up, and “oh, by the way, here’s some more of THIS!”

It’s a very large game. There is very much to do. I got to level 52 last night, so now, being over level 50, I can craft the ‘advanced’ N7 armor. That’s about the only thing I bother to research and develop. I remembered your fond words for the electric-bolt gun, but I couldn’t remember which gun I usually use and didn’t want to switch views to check and then come back, so I forgot about it.


Oh, the gun rocks.

Also, in an effort to spend my money, I purchased both the kett shuttle model (of course) and an upgrade for the NOMAD that lets me see stuff though obstacles and all that from the NOMAD.

I will promptly forget I did this, and spend a good ten minutes trying to figure out exactly what the fuck those red outlined things are.

Sometimes, it’s better to just keep your money.


I want the kett shuttle model! (I did see your screenshot of it.) Where did you buy it?

The downside of never buying things is that you rarely bother to look at what merchants are selling, and on the rare occasion that they have something cool, you miss it.

I also want that Nomad upgrade! I generally buy all the Nomad upgrades I can find, but again, I’m not in the habit of shopping at this point, so I probably didn’t remember to check that merchant’s Nomad column. And all the ones I’ve looked at lately have had nothing.



Ok, so in that power station, you meet this smuggler turian, and, if you take her useless task she turns into a merchant (you do not have to complete the task), and she’ll sell you the model.

I only look for models when I talk to merchants. For real. And every now and then, I get lucky.

Nomad upgrades, same place as the kett model. I haven’t bought the upgrades, because it seems that some of them change the way the thing drives, and I’m finally used to it, so if I change the handling I’ll just go back to being a drunken fool. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Darn it, I totally did her mission, too. I could have bought that model and upgrade!

Now I’ll probably have to go back there just for that. Because…ship model, man. I was just on Kadara, too, but no matter. Ship model.

“Pathfinder, why are we going all the way back across the cluster to a planet we were all convinced we’d finished with? The wrapping-up celebration is still going on!”

“Ship model.”

Of course this imagined conversation is silly: everyone knows better than to ever be convinced they’re finished with any planet. I certainly do. Some currently ON HOLD quest will pull me back there someday, I just know it.

But I can’t wait that long, because ship model.


They’d understand. They might be a little hurt, though.

“Why is she in there building models when she could be flirting? Something is wrong.”

It’s a lovely model.


“Why doesn’t she ever give me models to work on? I love tiny crafty projects! My approval would go sky high, if her character screen tracked that kind of thing.”


I wish they tracked approval! I wish everyone did.


How much easier would life be, if everyone came with an approval meter?

And the presents in DAO were cool, too, because you actually had to pay attention and think about who would like what. It’s not like you find a pair of fancy shoes that’s tagged “For Leliana”–you have to have had that conversation with her, so you knew she liked shoes.

And yeah, that was sometimes frustrating (I carried a few weird things around for ages, wondering who on earth wanted them, and gave a couple of things to people who were completely indifferent to them, meaning I wasted that chance to really impress someone else), but it made the characters more individual, made you think about them as individuals, in a cool way.

Ah, Dragon Age Origins. How I loved thee!

If I remember correctly, DA2 had already moved away from that, with only a few ‘gift’ items that were specifically tagged for certain people so you couldn’t accidentally (or on purpose!) give Anders’ favorite hat to Isabela or whatever.

So considering how quickly they abandoned presents, the mechanic must not have been as popular with everyone else as it was with us. Although why, I don’t know!


Yeah, the DA2 mechanic was watered down. It’s like you bought them wrapped, and the merchant was all “I dunno…I found this and it said ‘For Merrill.’ I have no idea who Merrill is. What it?”

Man, DAO was good. Except the deep roads.


It was so damn good! Even the Deep Roads. (I think you went to them sooner than I did, so I was higher level and they weren’t QUITE as horrifying for me…though they still prompted the immortal line “Welcome to Spidertown. Population: Spiders.”)

I was so disappointed when every game after that wasn’t full of presents and romance and angsty companions. We’re lucky I even stuck with games at all.

Mass Effect helped, of course.


And here you are, shooting bows, following fireballs, even, dare I say it, wooing sorceresses.

I’m so proud of you.


I have several times recently, when seeing red dots on the map that are located behind a wall or something, thought fondly of that wonderful loophole in DAO where you could just stand outside a closed door and call down lightning storms on the people inside, then stroll on in once everyone was dead.

I don’t at all blame them for fixing that, but man, it was fun.


That’s how Morrigan and I courted. I’d do fire storm, she’d do tempest, at the same time, everyone would die, we’d say “Was it good for you, too?”


Good times, man. Good times.


They were. They so were.

But on companions, I still don’t get why you keep having Drack get knocked out. Drack is a fucking tank. Yesterday, I was pinned by a sniper, and I hear Drack all “AIOUAEORIUAAAA” and he leaps forwards like he’s the damn tick, kills three dudes, then, in two leaps, jumps up the tower, kills the sniper with two whacks, and done. Problem solved. I could land the Tempest upon him and he’d be fine. He takes so much of the tactics out of combat. Without him, you’re all thinking “Ok, there’s cover, I can use this gun, this power…” With him you just say “I’ll sit here and drink and iced tea until everyone is dead.”


He hasn’t been knocked out lately. Maybe because I finally remembered to level him up. Ahem.

Turns out companions have all kinds of cool abilities they can use in combat! Who would have imagined!


Uh, I would have imagined.

As would the tip that comes up every time you have skill points REMINDING YOU YOU HAVE SKILL POINTS.

That imagines.


Yeah, but I see it so often, I’ve learned to ignore it.

I level up every 20 minutes (or so it sometimes seems), I can’t be expected to go spending skill points every single time!

I’ll do it later. Much later. When I have 72 points saved up.


Just use the auto level up button. That’s what I do. For them, not for me.


I can’t do that! That implies I don’t care about them!

No, far better to just leave them with 12th level skills even though we’re now level 50.


No, it shows you TRUST them. You TRUST them to increase their blood rage.


But I can’t! If I could trust them, they’d already have done it! If they need me to tell them to do it, they must also need me to tell them what to do.

There’s no getting out of this circular logic. Don’t even attempt it.


That made my brain hurt.

Good reason to start drinking early.


Happy to help out.