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Some spoilers for various side quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda



So there I was. Right by Drack’s loyalty quest. “Cool,” thought I, “those are nice, self contained missions! I shall do it, play an hour, and have lots to talk about with Femmy.”

So I killed outlaws, watched a shuttle leave, etc. And I get “Search Spender’s place on the Nexus.”

“Ok,” thought I, “stay focused. Go to the nexus.”

So I did! Without running around the Tempest or flirting with Suvi or anything. And I searched his room, and got “Talk to Drack…on the Tempest.”

And THEN I thought “Well…I might not be back to the nexus for a while…”

And you know how that went after that. I’m currently trying to find some woman with a virus who has exactly nothing to do with Drack’s quest.

The only real story thing I moved along was I got the memory that mentioned the “benefactor.” I still don’t know who said benefactor is, and I have to talk to Tann about it, which I haven’t done, because there were hexagons EVERYWHERE!

Sigh. Today I’ll find the virus woman, talk to Tann, and get right back on the Tempest. Probably. After I talk to the reporter.

This GAME man!


That is exactly this game, all right. Because who knows when you’ll be back on the Nexus?!

I…did some stuff. Fought some kett. Made some choices.

Flirt with the reporter! FLIRT I SAY.


Oh I know when I’ll be back on the nexus. I sure do. My next playing session, that’s when. Because I just had the most ironic day of gaming EVER.

Please note my initial message started on Kandara, with me saying “Stay focused….”

I should have known that “Talk to Tann” and “Wrap up the contangion” bit would take FOREVER.

Found out Gerson was murdered (nice twist, and lord knows this game needs MORE STORYLINES!), flirted with the reporter (cuz who doesn’t stop to flirt when a pandemic might start?) but didn’t get the nudity and strong sexual content that you likely got (cuz I didn’t finish the report), then went looking for the ship which…..

Took me back to Kandara.

Now when I got back to Kandara, there was a research station right there, so I made a SWEET gun and the implant for the kid. Ok? Remember this.

So I found the ship. Decided to let the bad guy kill the sick woman. She was dying anyway, and why risk it? So she got dead, and the quest was over. Bad, bad roekkar!

And then…I made a fateful, ironic choice. I said “Well, I have this kid’s construct, and I’m here, so I’ll give it to him.” And I did. And found out about the plot to wipe out the computers……..


It’s like gameception.

So back to the nexus. After I pick up the booze for Kesh. Probably.

(Best banter ever: Cora: You know Drack, at your age, if you were an asari commando, you’d be up for retirement with honors.” Drack: “Pfft………wait, would I get free booze?” Cora: “Probably not.” Drack: Then….PFFT.”)


We should know better than to ask “when am I going to be back here?” But think of it this way, now when you go back, you’ll have less to do!

Except I should know better than to say that. There will probably be 15 new quests.

That is good dialogue! I didn’t get that. “No booze? …pfft” is pretty much the words we live by.

I also made the fateful choice to let the Roekaar kill that sick woman. I mean, SAM said the copy of the disease he had was “possibly not viable” or whatever he said, but…I didn’t like the sound of that “possibly.” And it’s our job to look out for the people of the Initiative as a whole, so one certainly dead person seemed like a better call than possibly thousands of dead people.

I felt bad about it, since it wasn’t her fault, but I would feel worse if I saved her and then later heard about an outbreak that wiped out our settlement on Voeld or something. Sorry, lady. Nothing personal. And I think she understood, anyway…she was the one trying to escape to the middle of nowhere so no one would be exposed to her, trying to commit suicide in the Roekaar facility so they couldn’t copy the disease…she was on board with dying to protect the lives of others.



“No booze? …pfft”… One could live by worse words.

She was OK dying to protect others, which means I didn’t feel that bad. But unlike us to make the same choice when that choice is KILLING SOMEONE. But yes, “possibly” was a pretty good tip off, there. Thanks, SAM.

Sigh. Back to the nexus. Probably.


Well, and we didn’t actually shoot her, we just didn’t stop the Roekaar. Would we have actually shot an innocent person? Even to potentially save many others? I don’t know.


Oh yeah. No doubt.

Ok, kids are at school, did chores, so I went back to the nexus. Finished up with the firemen. Talked down the baddie, as I fixed her son. I’m SURE you did that. We’ll see if that matters.

Talked to Drack, who wants me to go to some planet I’ve already been on and not now.

Tried to find booze, which directed me to a place I’ve already been and not now.


Fuck it. Tonight I hunt the archon.


But probably not.


Yeah, I totally talked her down. I mean, what are we, monsters? “Naw, just shoot her, I’m irritated she tried to mess with SAM.”

Hunt the archon! There’s good stuff there…stuff I only got to a few days ago myself, because of my insistence on doing EVERYTHING first. The only things I had left were the random tasks that don’t have quest markers, like “scan all the bodies on Eos” or whatever. Look, I’m not driving over the entire planet AGAIN to find the body I forgot to scan last time.

I demand quest markers! HANDHOLD, damn it!

So go, hunt the archon while it’s all fresh in my memory. There is absolutely no strategic reason to have to do everything else first. All those other things will still be there later.


Dude, what? You’ve been playing this game for roughly 39817598327523 hours and you’re at pretty much the same point in the main quest line as I am? REALLY?

I guess you won’t get to PLAY AS CHLOE that much sooner than I will because I am going to say fuck it to most of these quests. Tasks, too. I did scan a couple of rocks today, but that was only because I was running right by them.

I do kinda want to track down some memory triggers. Damn you, game, for making a major part of the story tied to a collectible.

My lack of fucks to give about side quests extended, today, to me running right past an exclamation point and hearing some dude say “You there! Can I talk to you…” until he got so quiet in the distance he faded out. For real. No, asshat, you cannot talk to me, as I can’t be bothered. Saving the galaxy, here.

I did kinda love than when I got back to the nexus, and found that one of Knight’s bombs had taken a chunk out of hydroponics (poor hydroponics always is getting shat upon, aren’t they?) Ryder’s reaction was “Uh..sorry, I was…helping someone else…”

Touche, game. Touche.

In other games, I’ve been meaning to ask, why the hell hasn’t Mr. O fired up Horizon? He would LOVE Horizon. Did you tell him it sucked so your could hog the console?


I have done many quests and helped many other people. And scanned many rocks.

I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t obsessively complete ALL the tasks, if the game would only handhold for me, but wandering aimlessly around a planet trying to find a thing to scan is too much even for me.

As is looking it up on the internet.

I have my limits.

And no, I told him I liked it, but he says he has work to get done and feels he’s better off not playing anything right now. (He finished PLAYING AS CHLOE in about a week.)

Suits me. As you say, I can hog the console.


Work. Sheesh. What, does he have a job or something? That’s never stopped you, has it?

Obsessively completing tasks is also pointless. XP really has no place for me anymore. I have overpowered the tech powers I like, put mods on guns and armor to overpower them even more, I’m used to using them, done. I’ve gotten to the point where I just hit “Auto Level up” for MYSELF (been doing that for companions since ME2). So what’s the point of the silly tasks? XP I don’t need? Credits I need even less? It’s really just for the sake of completeness, and I’m past the point of giving a shit.

The companion quests I’ll do for sure. Two down already, and I sure TRIED to do Drack’s. I’ll do convenient side quests. But unless all the damn rocks are on my way to someplace I need to go (or has booze) they ain’t getting done.


Fair. I respect your position.

Hunt the archon. We’ll talk later.