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Spoilers…of good old fashioned Halloween, consarn it!


Well, so far as I can see, the internet is for four things: Talking about video games (which we can’t do cuz I didn’t play this weekend), stupid videos (which we are above), porn (and we’re not that kind of blog, thank you very much) and ranting.

So I’m gonna start a rant this Monday.

I like Halloween. I do. Very much. I like trotting out Rocky Horror and the Monster Mash and the silliness of it all.

But lately, it goes on WAAAAAAAAY too long. And between parties and town things and school things, the kids have worn their costumes a billion times before they actually trick or treat.

And that’s just fucking stupid. Not only does it take the fun out of the actual day (“This again?”) but it runs the very real risk of the costumes meeting some ghastly end before the big day. I have spent the better part of the last two weeks watching in potential horror as three costumes have almost ripped, town, disintegrated or gotten covered in mud. ENOUGH I SAY!

And don’t get me started on the fact that in the “seasonal” aisle at the store the other day they had started putting up Christmas shit NEXT TO THE HALLOWEEN CANDY! Dudes, at least take the Halloween candy down first. Otherwise it will just end up fodder for an internet rant.

Ok, I feel better. But DAMN do I need to play.


And cats! Don’t forget cats. I mean, neither of us has a cat, so we can forget them, but no one else on the internet will.

Nevertheless, that is a righteous and true rant. I also like Halloween, but I agree, as with pretty much every holiday, there’s too much of it these days. Halloween itself is kind of an anticlimax by the time it finally comes around, and as you say, there’s the risk to costumes.

Although–not that I’m in any way suggesting this, more offering it as an example of the too-muchness–a thing I see people talking about on Facebook and such is MULTIPLE COSTUMES for different events. Dude, can you even imagine the awfulness of having to come up with/craft/purchase multiple costumes for multiple children for multiple events? Noooooooooo!!!!

Not that I do any of it anyway, Mr. O’ has historically been in charge of this because he’s more craftsy than I am and likes to undertake it as an art project. More power to him. I’ll play games.


Ah yes, those. How could I forget cats?

It’s a terrible anti-climax! Especially as we have a great neighborhood block party that’s so much more fun than actual Halloween. Way too much. I am also morally opposed to the fact that there will be FM stations broadcasting 24/7 Christmas music starting Wednesday. I have never understood how the DJs on those channels don’t go insane.

Multiple costumes: Oh HELL no. Let me count the ways no. No no no.

And yeah. Mrs. McP did a great job of making Link (Legend of Zelda) and Steve (Minecraft) by hand. Boxes, duct tape and felt make for a pretty good minecraft, and she drew all the shit on Link’s costume free hand. It’s pretty amazing. And she liked it, so yeah. She can do that. I’ll play games.

Oh, and in actual game news, Sony had a big thing at Paris Game Week at which they showed off a bunch of shit, including a lot of artsy new indies that are right up our alley, the fact that the very unfortunately named “Detroit: Become Human” will be out in the spring (one we might want to keep an eye on), a game that Mr. O will no doubt dig, as it is a medieval samurai game from the dudes who did infamous, and a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II, which featured dance numbers and humor.

Ok, no it didn’t, the game looks really brutal and serious and dark and stuff. But it also looks good. I kinda wish it didn’t look so good.


Oh, the Last of Us. Crushing our souls with depressing goodness. We can’t turn away (you KNOW we can’t turn away, we will have to play it), and yet we can only look forward to it with anxiety and dread.


Dude, this trailer was BRUTAL. Like, hard to watch brutal. It failed entirely to make me say “Oh goody! This shall be a fun romp!” No. But it did make me say “That does look good…..” But holy hell. Seriously.

And yes, we’ll play it. Of course we will.



I need more unwaveringly grim apocalyptic narrative in my life, I really do. Everything is going so well in the real world, we need to spice it up with some fictional utter disaster.

Do they at least go back to Boston so we can nitpick the subway signs and seedy diner locations again?


Unclear. The very upsettingly, hard to watch trailer didn’t have any specifics. Other superfans who have gone over trailers frame by frame seem to have identified Seattle as a probable location, but that doesn’t mean NOT Boston.