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Some spoilers for story and relationship stuff in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Well, I moved things along. Some.

Went to find the Asari ark and only found a signal thing. When I was a kid, my parents would, at birthdays and Xmas, made us do a treasure hunt where we followed clues that would lead to the big present. These clues, inevitably, made us run up and down and up and down the stairs, outside, inside, outside, etc. I feel that way about some of these fucking quests. Eos! Now Voeld! Now the Tempest! Now somewhere else!


So I sent Cora back out of a fit of pique and went to the cave with Jaal and Vetra.

And learned….stuff…but not the trove of info about first contact I expected. Yet. Basically, I got to the AI, which was not what I expected at all. It’s Angaran? So says SAM.

Which led to a first: I made a game decision based on bloggage.

Cuz at first I killed it. SAM was all “Lie. Another lie. It is blocking me,” so I said “Well, fuck that” and shot it. Jaal was all “We could have learned so much,” and I thought, “Probably, and it would probably be good to write about.” WRITE ABOUT! So I reloaded, DIDN’T kill it, and, indeed, sent it to live with SAM, which is probably, in game, a fucking TERRIBLE idea, but hey, bloggage.

I could have sent it to live with the Angara, which probably would have led to bloggage, too, but I wanted SAM keeping an eye on it.

Like SAM and Ryder, Butch is in my head.

But that was it for that quest, I guess. Didn’t learn a whole lot. Maybe it will talk. Later.

And then, in my quest to rid the galaxy of hexagons, I trucked off to the science place, where I found all the Kett biological samples, which led to some FATHER imagery. Ah, father imagery. You know how I feel about father imagery, don’t you? There’s gonna be father imagery, isn’t there?

“They follow him because they see him as some progenitor?” Dudes, I have three kids. Just because you’re their father, that does NOT mean they’ll follow you blindly. I have a hard time getting my kids to the bus stop.

If it was a real father/kett relationship, the kett would be sitting around, taking forever to put their shoes on, as the Archon was all “C’mon guys! We’re gonna be late! The humans will have gotten to….YOU! Annointed! You can’t go out like that! You still have peanut butter all over your hands! You’re going to get it on your…..sigh. Well, try to find another gun, I’ll clean that later.”

Then I trucked off to the place with the communications, which was lousy with kett, and I said “Fuck that, I’m tired, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

That’s a good start.


Way to think of the blog! Because guess what, I killed the computer and left it dead! So we will have something to talk about that we did differently, and maybe something different will happen later in your game.

I would have kept it alive to study, even though that is potentially a bad idea, except it was killing that angara, and Jaal was there, and I didn’t want to give the impression that I cared more about a homicidal AI than about his people. DIPLOMACY!

So you can let me know if it reveals any valuable information.

And I agree, the Archon definitely does not have a parental relationship with the kett. All that blind obedience and rushing to their deaths without even whining about it? Ha. In a parent-child relationship, the kett would not only take forever to put their shoes on and get peanut butter all over their guns, they would complain incessantly about having to go fight instead of getting to watch videos.

“Awwwwww…can’t we go get killed by the Pathfinder LATER? I’m in the middle of Nexo Knights!”


Wait WHAT? I guess I thought too much of the blog! Cuz I shot it then thought “Waaaaaaiiiiiiiit…..Femmy said there’d be stuff to learn about first contact in these caves, and I haven’t really learned squat, so I probably just shot the stuff to learn…and she’d NEVER just shoot, not her style.”

This wasn’t the stuff to learn???????


And if it gives me information, it will in NO WAY be the information I left it alive to give me!


And, well, Nexo Knights is the younger ones. The older ones? Game would be too easy because you’d get to an encounter, none of them would look up from their ipads, and the drone would slaughter them all.

That’ll teach ’em.

So shit, where was the stuff I was supposed to learn? Did I miss something?


Sorry, I didn’t immediately remember what happened in the “first contact” mission you mentioned, so I guess yesterday I was just “yeah, do that and we’ll talk,” which did make it sound as if there was definitely something relevant there to learn. But once you describe what happened it came back to me! And no, I didn’t actually learn anything about first contact there.

I think I picked up a couple of references just wandering around, but I got most of my info from talking to some people the Moshae recommended I talk to. So, go talk to her and she’ll tell you to talk to some people, and…the usual scavenger hunt. At least they’re all on one planet!

And apologies if I caused you to let an angaran die and a hostile AI live when it wouldn’t have been your initial preference.

If it helps, I had a completely unrelated live/die choice and now Kallo is mad at me! Although Drack seems to have forgiven me, which is a relief.

Oh–and I got the nudity scene with Peebee, so there’s that. Graphic breasts! You may eventually win Suvi, but I bet she won’t have blue breasts.


Crap. Well, at least I didn’t miss anything. That wasn’t Peebee. Wow MULTIPLE romance scenes! Nice! So was it all lovey dubey or just all PB?

Grumble. I have that ‘talk to people’ quest. Quest, my ass. Chore. Grumble.

But it’s cool. And it’s not CLEAR the AI’s hostile. It’s not entirely truthful, I’ll give it that, but that doesn’t make it EVIL, necessarily. It could be like Morrigan! Only not.

I think that Kallo bit has come and gone for me. Does it have to do with the Tempest and Gil?

Oh by the way…..

As we someday will finish MEA, and PLAY AS CHLOE is short, as is Life is Strange, as is the Horizon expansion, we MIGHT have some free time next spring. And this is on my radar:



Oh no, this wasn’t Gil. We went through that long ago. (I sided with one, then the other, for balance, and told them they needed to work together, and they seem to have more or less settled things.)

This is a salerian ark matter. It’ll come up soon enough for you, I’m sure. And when it does, you will know that making the wrong choice angers Kallo. So consider well! Ha. I know angering Kallo is your highest concern.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure he’s not about to quit the team over it or anything.

I feel like the AI was definitely somewhat hostile, in that it was killing that angara. I mean, sure, it may have been acting out of perceived self defense, and I would honestly have liked to have kept it to learn more, but…angara. Jaal. Plus I did this earlier, when I was still just getting to know the angara, so I was extra anxious to prove I valued their lives. Now maybe I’d say “pft, the information is too precious! He must be sacrificed for the greater good of knowledge!” But at the time, that seemed like a good way to get off on the wrong foot with an unfamiliar species, you know?

Oh man, Red Dead…dude, I know that’s supposed to be awesome (at least the first one), but I just looked at it and felt…bleh. It somehow does not appeal to me at all, and I’m not sure why. But sure, it can go on the list and I’ll think about it later.

The Peebee scene was pretty lovey. Lovey and nude. We had this out-of-body connection where we were floating in a blue light…apparently this is an asari thing? But she never trusted anyone enough before now? So, you know…pretty serious emotional commitment stuff. Now I probably can’t sleep with the reporter when I go back to the Nexus. Price you pay.

But what do you mean “multiple”? This is the first actual scene I’ve observed–everything else has been fade to black.


DAMN those Salarians! More trouble than they’re worth. Unless they’re singing opera.

He better not quit! Suvi’s gotta be able to take breaks.

And there is that, re: Jaal and the AI. But I figure, he’s already calling me his dearest, so I can let some people die in front of him.

Fucked up T SHIRT!!!

Red Dead: Yeah, list it. But, someday, eventually, we might need SOMETHING to play, right? We’ll say “We have nothing…let’s try something new…” and before you say we never do that, two words: ROBOT. DINOSAURS.

Ooo! Out of body floating nudity? Dunno if that’s “strong sexual content” but it’s close, I’ll give it that. Trust? Commitment? Damn. Yeah, don’t let her down, man. She DID give you a drone.

And I was counting fade to black. Those usually count in bioware games, after all.


Good point. Fade to black is still a thing. And it’s true, Peebee did give me an awesome drone that I use all the time. She deserves better than me immediately cheating on her with a hot reporter.

Also true, we occasionally try new things, but honestly, pretty much only when they involve robot dinosaurs. That’s a high bar to cross.


But we didn’t KNOW it was a high bar, did we? We were very “meh” about it until we played it.

Lessons, man. Lessons.


OK, yeah, we were skeptical, but at least we could tell right off that it was science fiction/fantasy, which we know is a genre we enjoy in games. So even if it had been badly done/ridiculous, at least we knew it was a sort of general universe we tend to like.

We do not know that we enjoy westerns as a genre in games. I do not particularly enjoy westerns out of games, so I am extra skeptical of a game with that setting.

Setting, man. No matter how good the story is, if I don’t enjoy the setting, it’s going to be harder to get into it. But hey, I’ll try to keep an open mind.


True, setting does matter, and I am not generally a fan of westerns, either. I do, however, like story and nudity and, well, different. One cannot swing swords all the time. I mean, we joke on ROBOT DINOSAURS but one thing that made that game so cool and refreshing is that it was DIFFERENT. That’s what was so cool about Fallout before we played so many Fallout games. And we’ve never played a western.

And, gotta say, we’ve never played a Rockstar game. And I’d rather play a western than GTA. You can have GTA.

Not saying I’m totally hyped. But I can see the pluses.