No spoilers, because those jokes are lost forever


I finally finished ME:A! Omg that thing was big. This one took a while to draw me in… Yes, I enjoyed the character chatter while in the Nomad, but it didn’t grab me until late game. Also the gameplay didn’t grab me until a few things happened: I filled all my passive powers and started paying attention to and using my active abilities, I discovered the… I don’t know what to call it – jetpack boost? When you’re jumping and you can hit the jetpack button – whatever that is.

Last, I really wasn’t enjoying the Nomad until I got to H-047c and then Elaaden. It took me a LONG time to figure out the ‘change the chassis height’ (or whatever it was) that allowed me to climb steep slopes with ease. These gameplay features combined with the late-game dialogue finally sold me and I really started to enjoy myself. Still unhappy with comparing weapons/armor and upgrading them; wasn’t a fan of how that was implemented. Also, I stopped checking merchants about 1/16th of the way in since it seemed like one, they never had anything better than what I already did, and two, my crafting abilities seemed to always stay ahead of whatever they were selling. Considering I had no incentive to update/upgrade my weapons more than a handful of times money was largely useless to me. Maybe a different difficulty level would have made a difference.

I should maybe eventually graduate to talking not only about the parts that caused me friction that I’m critical of, and maybe start writing more about the parts I liked. Hmm.

I played some of the Star Wars Battlefront II beta on XboxOne this weekend; not much at all but wow – they are really trying to make up for the lack of content in the first one. Good work to them!


I’m STILL not finished with MEA and I never will be because I don’t believe either one of you about it actually having an ending. I’m still at “Journey to Meridian,” but I’ve done all the loyalty quests but PB’s, and I have all the outposts. I completely agree with your thoughts, especially the merchants. Pointless. And the gear. I made two cool guns and that’s it. Done. Which also makes mining worthless (Shut UP about that, SAM) as well as money.

Man, not doing the whole all terrain thing? Must have taken you ages to get anywhere. I can see that being annoying. Shit, I get annoyed when it’s a long drive.

But I’m keeping at the game! I am! But it is infinite. I will never play anything else ever again ever.

General complaint: Femmy is leaving all my best jokes about her buying a house off the blog. She’s gonna love it.


I know, all the hosta jokes got lost…I left out the first set of house discussions because the post that day was already too long, and then the second set didn’t make any sense because the first wasn’t there, and then before you know it we’re 20 strings deep in hosta callbacks and I can never post them because they’ll be meaningless without the previous messages and I am never going to get around to pasting all the previous 20 strings in…it got away from me.

There were some good hosta jokes, though. And spruce! I was determined to turn the tiny lawn into a mini spruce forest for a while. Alternatively, we could always just pave it over and paint it green, which was my earliest attempt at conquering the issue of yardwork.