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Minor spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda romance outcomes

Butch [during the weekend]:

We’re back! I played!

MAN this game.

Ok, it’s one thing to be all “HA! It’s not here it’s there! Nope, not there! Over THERE!” in a find the cheese quest. Doing it in a MAIN quest? Kinda cheap.

Activate Meridian…HA! This isn’t it! THAT’S it! And by THAT I mean THAT OVER THERE!”

Watch, it’ll be all “HA! After five trips around the galaxy, turns out Meridian was in Kadara Port all this time!”

So I activated…whatever that was. Now Suvi wants to talk, and I’m saving that for next.

I guess I’ll have more themes when I talk to Jaal. Or Suvi. Or whatever. Last night was just a “Shoot the dudes” session and little else. There sure were a lot of dudes. Many, many dudes. Not a lot of themes, though.

But I have hope that things’ll be going quickly. Behemoths and shit no longer really faze me. Neither did the sword guy.

Wanna talk to Suvi.


Played more.

Played with Drack, talked to Suvi…kinda wound up with Suvi. There was much talking about creators, how science and God are inseparable, etc. It was good stuff, but you didn’t get it. Then she invited me back to show me a beautiful model she’s making of Helius, and, well, you know how it goes. But no nudity! Or strong sexual content! Smooching, and a well done scene where you believe the romance, but very T for Teen.

Ah, well. She’s a sweetie.

But also did the final memory. Hmm.

So they were running from the reapers, eh? Hmm. There’s really only one person who would know they were coming and have the resources to be a benefactor. The Illusive Man?

Now….I killed him. And saved the galaxy. The galaxy was ok. I saved it, didn’t I? So all this stuff about the start of the reaper invasion…it left off the end. And there’s only one person who would WANT you to think it was over….The Illusive Man. Right? RIGHT?

Ok, don’t say anything. But tell me this: Do we find out? Or is it all a cliffhanger that’ll be resolved in a sequel that it seems might never happen?


Awww, you and Suvi. Just the sweetest. I hope you’re very happy together with your chaste romance. (Although my romance scene was also chaste when we first officially got together, and then later there was the scene with nudity, so maybe you still have more coming.)

As for the final memory, no, we never find out anything more about that. Maybe next game, folks! The one we’re probably not going to make! Enjoy those loose ends of narrative!

Although speaking of reapers and creators and ancient godlike technology, whatever left the remnant is pretty much on a level with whatever left the mass relays in the Milky Way, as far as powerful tech and mysteriousness goes, and we know how that turned out. The reapers were also ‘gods’ as far as that goes, existing as good as eternally, with near-omnipotent power. If religious texts (and this game) teach us anything, it’s that gods can be destructive and terrible as easily as they can be beneficent and generous. And sometimes the “vast divine plan” involves a bunch of machines coming back every 10,000 years to wipe out intelligent life in the galaxy.

Which most people in this game don’t know, but it would be entirely plausible that whatever left the remnant technology has some vast plan that’s equally inhospitable to our version of a positive outcome.

Perhaps we shall never know.


God DAMN it, I was afraid of that. When they were all “We’ll keep working for mom” I just KNEW that meant “In the next game.”

Damn this game. And damn bioware for putting it on hiatus. Grumble. They best not do this to Dragon Age. Though I’m getting nervous, gotta say. Their focus on this “Anthem,” which looks like a Destiny clone, isn’t promising. And now we hear that they’ve shuttered the studio responsible for Dead Space, and the Star Wars game from Amy Henning (of Uncharted) and Jade Raymond (of Assassin’s Creed) seems to be in limbo. I fear they’re drifting away from single player. This saddens me.

At least there’s CDPR. And Horizon. I have a feeling we’ll get Horizon 2. And plenty of indies. Right? RIGHT?

Sigh. I thought, when I first saw Meridian, that it looked vaguely reaperish, but I wrote it off to a) lazy bioware and b) repears do look like sci fi cliches, so it must be coincidence. Now, I figure, less so. ARE these reapers?



I would be seriously down if a franchise that I kinda love hadn’t started this year.


SO MAD. You can’t move away from the single player RPGs, BioWare! The flirting! The banter! The character creation! The romance! WE NEED YOU ON THIS.

At least I have the new HZD content, so that’s something to look forward to. I hope we get to keep that sparkly armor.


Yeah, got that. I figure, I must have another week of MEA, right? Considering I rarely play on weekends.

What about you and CHLOE?


Hm…yeah, probably a week should do it. You have the news about mom, you did the Meridian stuff, basically you’re now in “time to attack!” phase, right? Which has a few different steps to it, of course, but is not made up of 800 separate inlocking sidequests or anything. You’re actually pretty close to the end, assuming you don’t get sidetracked on random nonessentials. Which you’re doing a good job of not doing, so–yeah, finishing up sometime this week seems entirely doable.

ROBOT DINOSAURS! I could absolutely go for some of those.

But I’ll pack while I wait for you.

Uncharted AS CHLOE been fun. Very pretty scenery, and kind of a fun take on action/adventure, just these two badass women wandering around climbing cliffs and solving puzzles and murdering dudes while occasionally exchanging amusing commentary. It’s exactly an Uncharted game, but with different leads. I’m into it.


Well, don’t get too into it. Let’s kill a few dinos, then I’ll get into it myself. We do have a blog to think about.

Go pack.


Yeah, I’m just kind of meandering around in it — I put it on ‘hard’ because why not, so all the fights are extra deadly and take an extra long time to finish what with all the dying. No rush.


None. We gotta get on the same page.

Look at you all playing on hard.


Well, I figured if it takes longer, we’ll be on the same page sooner. I’m thinking of the blog! Although not so much the packing.


Now that’s friendship.

I’m doing my part! I’m flying through this now!

And hey, banged Suvi, and that’s what matters, doesn’t it?


I agree. You really might as well just quit now. You got your romantic fulfillment, and the final battle is probably just going to be irritating anyway.

Move on to CHLOE! Or, first, ROBOT DINOSAURS. That was the deal.


Don’t say it’s irritating!

I can always turn down the difficulty.

It’s irritating, isn’t it?


No, it’s actually pretty fine. Don’t even worry about it. You’ll do great.


Let me guess:

I’m gonna love it.


Well, I won’t say that. I mean, it’s a big final battle, not a fancy dress ball full of Chloe lookalikes in glamorous gowns.

But as big final battles go, it’s pretty straightforward and non-controller-hurling. You’re gonna love it.

Oh wait, I will say that.


Damn it, we NEED a fancy dress ball with Chloe lookalikes in glamorous gowns.

Or a puzzle! Find the Morrigan lookalike in the crowd of Chloe lookalikes!

I like it.

I’m gonna love it.


It’s gonna be amazing. And at the very end? Group hug.