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No spoilers


True, true, I got nothing, but that’s what happens after a neighborhood gathering when you have three nutsy kids and a neighbor who brews beer.

As an aside, most home brewed beer sucks. When a dude with a PhD in chemistry is making it, it does NOT suck. Dude should sell it. I wonder how good he is at crafting pear brandy….


Only one way to find out! Set that dude to work on the pear brandy, stat!

I had an uneventful evening, so I could finish PLAYING AS CHLOE.

I forgot what it’s like to play a shortish game that actually ends. I was kind of startled when the finale crept up on me. Though not in a bad way.

Good stuff. I enjoyed it a lot. You’re gonna love it.

No booze, though.


We just have to make sure he doesn’t undermine us. He’s wily.

Oh man, I was afraid you’d finish. Sigh. Well, maybe I’ll whip through Horizon faster than you and catch up.

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, where do I GET this stuff?

Games end? And then stay over? Surely you jest.

Man, I gotta start playing soon. All we’re doing this week is explaining how games can help us cope with our most insane impulses. Yesterday, we talked on murderous, psychopathic rage, today we’re back on irrational business plans.

Tomorrow it’ll be having kids!


You’re right!

Although I suppose this is a worthy area of research in a general sense: what do games, as a whole, do for us?

Whereas usually we’re all into the fine details of what a specific game, in particular, does for us at the time that we played it, when maybe we were annoyed because it got all talky on us at a point where we were really in the mood to just murder some dudes, or whatever.

Still, I think our strength lies in those fine details.

We could get a lot out of how games help us cope with children, though.


I’m sure this has been done. You’re the medical librarian. Look it up! Or make a minion look it up.

We could get a lot of discussion out of it….but do we want to? Kids and games, man. Kids and games.

Anyway, games don’t help you cope with children. Children prevent you from playing games.


Games vs. children: the eternal struggle.


T SHIRT!!!!!


Well, I continued to putz around with The Last Guardian which would be SOOO good if the controls weren’t absolutely terrible. It’s gorgeous, the feathery dog thing is awesome, the story and world are cool, and the puzzles are good! If only it let you solve the puzzles when you got the solution in your head, and not after 20 frustrating minutes of missed jumps and falling off the dog thing.

Soon. I shall start Horizon soon.

In the meanwhile, a throwback to a bioware game that was closer to bioware games of old:

It’s been three years and I still hate Solas

Good read, but I also noticed the first comment: Did you play the Trespasser DLC, and she says “Don’t get me started on what happened in that.”

What was that? What did we miss??????

I miss Dragon Age.


I miss Dragon Age too. But I didn’t play that DLC, and don’t know anything about it. We missed something! But who knows what.

Frustrating controls are such a downer in a good game. “I want to love this, but…arrrrrghh!!!!”


It’s a shame, really. I’m at a point where I need to just jump and shimmy some, a la UC, and it’s SO finicky. Damn. Remember when good games were good and bad games were bad?

‘We missed something but who knows what?’ is a pretty good


Man, this day. This week, for that matter. One day, your kids will be older, and moodier, and they will get mad at shit that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with you, but they will take it out on you cuz kids. This will frustrate you as well. This will frustrate you all the more when it is because of something, say, your spouse did, like go to work too early, or your father might do, like miss a neighborhood gathering. This will make you want to throw things.

And it will suck even more if you don’t have a few thousand Kevins to shoot.



Can’t wait, man.

Houses that will inevitably start falling apart 20 minutes after we move in…moody children with inappropriately directed anger…no Kevins…


Dude, houses start falling apart as soon as you buy them, ergo yours is already a mess.

I am not in a good place today.

I did warn you about the house. And the kids.


You did. I can’t say you didn’t warn me. Everything was going great until I failed to heed your warnings!

At least I have a game.