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No spoilers


So there at last, over there, is a PS Pro with Frozen Wilds on it. Right there. It’s ready to go! And….the kids don’t have school cuz conferences. Irony.

Want more irony? Well, you’ll get some. Because you recall earlier, to get over not being able to start Frozen Wilds yet, I messed around with The Last Guardian with Junior. And it was ok. It was all “Ok, yeah, pretty world, Japanese kid, cool feathery dog thing, but why did this game get all those nines and tens?” You know how you wonder that about games? Like when you’re slogging through Pittsburgh? But then there’s a moment where you’re like “OH! NOW I see why everyone loved this! This is AWESOME!!!!!”

Guess when that moment happened? Yup. Last night. Now that I am finally getting time to start the thing I want to play without kids.

But the good news is that I’ll save the padded envelope that you will send Uncharted AS CHLOE to me in (right?) and return it with The Last Guardian when I’m done because now I think you’d really, really like it. For real, not like I thought you’d like the Witness. Or Day of the Tentacle. I’m totally right this time. Of course I am.


Really, Last Guardian got that awesome? Even with the mushy controls? Well, I’ll check it out once you send it back in the padded envelope, then. And yes, I will totally send you the Uncharted disc now that I’m done with it.

Frozen Wilds Frozen Wilds Frozen Wilds…eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Get ready to sneak in the tall grass! And override some machines! And murder a few hundred Kevins! You’re gonna love it.

Also, I don’t hate the Witness, I just haven’t had time for it lately. It’s Grim Fandango you recommended but I couldn’t get into, and that’s only because it was completely impossible to sprint.

Also Fez, come to think of it. I got Fez on the Vita and never really got into it. So, OK, your track record with predictions is spotty, but I’ll give it a shot.


Yes, TLG got good.

I’ll start Frozen Wilds tonight. Mrs. McP has to go into work later. Couldn’t get out of a presentation, so she has to go all the way into Boston for one damn hour. But hey, games.


Oh man, that’s the worst. Having to do your entire commute for one tiny part of the day. I mean, I’ll take it–I’ll go in later, leave earlier, whatever. But honestly, half the effort of work is just getting there and back, so once you’ve done that it’s almost like, what the hell, might as well check some emails or whatever, I’m already here…

But hey, games.


Emails? Dude, that’s what she does at home. Home is for emails. Work is for…..well….whatever she does.

Probably blogs. About knitting or something.

Wait….you knit…..****googles*** HEY! “Knit First, Talk Later by Feminina O’Knittybrain and Mary McPuncherson???????”

It’s all so clear to me now.


Shhh! Don’t give away the secret!

O’Knittybrain is pretty awesome, though. Although really, the great thing about knitting is that you can knit and talk at the same time. Less need to blog later.


If I don’t get into the Frozen Wilds soon, we might have to switch to knitting.

Something about Pearling Two. Right? Or something?


Knit two, pearl two…sure, that works. You can get yourself some nice broad ribbing that way.

Although it’s actually spelled ‘purl’ in knitting.

Though it took me several minutes to catch that, and damn, OK, that’s it, I’ve lost all my credibility as a knitter. Scratch that blog idea!

Sorry, you’re going to have to play.


Oh thank God. Some derailments I’m ok with. That was not one of them.

Junior’s trumpet lesson is early. Maybe that’ll free up some time.


I agree. Let us never speak of it again.

Trumpet lesson! Yes! Play! Give us something else to talk about.

Man…sitting here…counting the dreary hours until I too can play…


Dude, no. Not how that works. Trumpet lessons entail sitting in this here parking lot emailing. It only helps game time as I can get kid dinner done normally instead of late.

So many dreary hours.


Oh. Right. Yeah, I guess he’s young to be going off to trumpet lessons on his own. (Although that must be the dream!)

Well, good luck with the early dinner part of it.

Dreary, dreary hours…


I sure hope I’m at least level 30, though. They do say it’s not exactly easy. That, of course, compounded by the fact that I’ve totally forgotten how to play it.


I think you must be 30. I’m 50-something, and we both played it for a long time.

And yeah, there is always that akward period coming back to a game where you’re trying to remember how to do things, and you try to sneak attack and instead do a clever backflip right into the middle of a bunch of enemies, or whatever. Good times.

Still, you’re gonna love it.