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Minor spoilers for early points in the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn


Yes, yes, I know you’re busy cuz you went and had kids and they have random days off school, but bloggage never rests.

Turned on the tallneck and got a cutscene that reminded me for the umteenth time that I love this game. “Of course…it’s never easy….” Man I love tallnecks.

Then found the assistant shaman, who was looking at a…tower? Was that what you mentioned yesterday? So I overrode that and…I dunno. Did something happen? He seemed happy. It would be nice if that actually HELPED me.

That thing overriding my armor was just plain mean.

Then I got distracted and tried to find a merchant who didn’t have anything good, then I wandered around looking for pigment for a while.

All in a night’s work.

You know, every time we have to find someone in a game, they’ve gone and run off to the other end of some path of trials, or gone to a planet that no one returns from, or have disappeared into the deep dark woods or something. It’s never easy. Someday, I want the assistant to be all “Oh yeah, she’s spending the week in Lauderdale” or, more realistically, “Oh, she took the day off cuz her kids didn’t have school. She’ll be back tomorrow.”


That would be nice. “Come back in 20 minutes, he just went out for coffee.”

Yeah, the towers overriding the armor. Not nice. I was a little confused by those as well. I destroyed the glowing component on one, overrode another, and…I guess that’s it. They stop working, which is nice. I was kind of expecting to have to do a 10-part quest to make them STAY off, but apparently not. Not complaining! Just a bit surprised.

I went back to try to get some tallneck parts, got into a fight with some glinthawks, ran off meaning to double back, overshot the quest marker… Somehow wound up a lot closer to the flooded musical instrument quest, so did that instead. It was pretty good.


Exactly! “Hey, I can text her if you want something…you want a latte or something? You look tired.”

They stop working, that they do. But it also said something about it stunning hostile enemies if you override it (codex, Femmy) and I saw exactly no evidence that it did that. But still. Whatever.

Ah, yes, the glinthawks up there on the ledge? You know, that I fell off of after killing them all? That one?

You can now appreciate my frustration at the falling/dying thing, as it was after that bullshit.

Did you activate the Tallneck? I love tallnecks.


It did stun them when I did the override, but only briefly. I had waited until they were all clustered on the other side of the pond, looking for me over there, which gave me a nice chance to override without getting killed, but also meant that by the time I got close enough to hit any stunned machines, they were already getting up.

And no, I didn’t successfully get a single tallneck part. I’m going back next thing! Unless I get distracted. I do love tallnecks, though.


Well, that’s silly. Not much of a demon, now, is it? It just pokes up here and there, annoying people in a 50 foot radius. But I guess “There is a slight nuisance in the Cut” lacks drama.

“I must talk to the Shaman about this slight nuisance.”
“I told you, she’s on a latte run. Just wait over there for 15 minutes. I think we have some back issues of People you can read.”

I so love tallnecks. And they’re so photogenic! I was going through old screenshots, and MAN they just make the whole thing pop.


There will probably be one really big one at the end or something.

“All right, it’s a moderate nuisance, that one annoys in an EIGHTY foot radius. You were right to send for me.”

Well, except no one actually sent for me, I just showed up because I like poking around in weird stuff while the world’s about to end.

Seriously, though, machines are acting weird: what if that’s related to the Hades thing? It could be a hitherto unsuspected sideline of that whole plot! For all we know, Hades WANTS us distracted by the imminent end of the world so it can slip this other thing past us! Sylens can scoff all he wants, but I think it bears checking out.


Well, as any parent will tell you, anything called “Thunder’s Drum” is a nuisance. That sounds like some evil thing a grandparent would buy your kid for Christmas just because they want to drive you insane. “Oooo! A Thunder Drum! Just want I always wanted! I shall play with it to the exclusion of all quiet toys!”

Poking around while the world’s about to end is how Aloy do.

It did occur to me that Sylens being all “Pfft, don’t go there” had a definite ring of “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” He certainly has some Banuk connection, what with the blue shit he has, and the fact they talk about him in hushed tones, like he’s “some sort of bogeyman” suggests this might be more than scoffing. This might not just be “save the world,” it may be “don’t see that.”

Cuz remember, in the end, he really wasn’t all about saving the world. He had HADES in a little lantern there, post credits. He wants ALOY to think it’s all about saving the world, and, at some level, I guess it is, but that’s not his endgame. Not one bit.


True. Sylens has always had his own agenda. And it is interesting how people have heard of him out here. Perhaps we will learn more about the story progresses!

Or perhaps not until the sequel they’d damn well better be making right now.


Oh, if they’re not making a sequel I’m going to go bananas.

But, they did say that they see this as a franchise before it even came out, it sold well, got good reviews, there’s been Aloy skins and stuff added to other games since, and Play First, Talk Later, the best damn blog on the internet spoke highly of it. We’re fine.

It would be really, really good if you fast traveled back to the first campfire there, sat your butt down, and listened to the story there. Just sayin’.


All right, all right, I’ll go back to the campfire before I go looking for tallneck parts. Less likely to result in my horrible death anyway.


It’s near a cliff. You never know.

Thank God my kids have school today. I can’t even imagine….


Yeah, I could manage to fall off that cliff, I bet.

Nothing but kids all day. Too cold to spend much time outside, so they’re just crashing around in here injuring themselves and each other. As kids do.

Counting the minutes to bedtime.


You likely will.

Dude, my kids HAD school and I’m counting the minutes.