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Minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds, but mostly holiday food talk


I did play! I did! I did the last two fights in the Hunter’s Three! I haven’t been back to Bergerund, but I did the fights, and I sorta remember liking them! But Nana and Poppa were over and Mrs. McP and everyone was talking and I only did it to calm Junior down and….AND….AIEE!

I did like how they made them less and less funny and more and more sympathetic as it went. They weren’t just dweebs who got lost and didn’t know shit. It was a nice play on the whole “This is a funny quest” thing. Usually, funny quests stay funny.

But I am at a crossroads: I, right now, have one active side quest. It’s the hunters on the glacier who don’t want to be found (I think). That’s it. I have that, and confront the chief. I suppose I could run around after pigments, do the bandit camp….am I missing any quests, though? I don’t want to miss any quests. What should I do?

That said, when am I gonna play? The rest of this week I’ll probably spend curled in the corner whimpering.


This week is going to be rough for playing. Even for me, because of all the packing I should be doing.

So usually I’d be all “we have intersession break so WOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAME!!!!!” but this year we’ll actually be too busy to play. I mean, at least too busy to play all the time.

I think you haven’t missed any quests. I just got around to challenging Aratak (I actually quite like Aratak) because I insisted on collecting all the bluegleam and pigments and figures from the maps first, but other than that, I don’t think I did any quests you haven’t received.

I did like how the Hunters Three story developed. As you said, it was a nice bit of character development that as you get to know them better they turn out to have a serious story behind them, so they aren’t just a bunch of hilarious goofballs. I wished them well by the end. My experience of those fights was perhaps somewhat simpler than yours because I’d already disabled all the towers on previous visits to the area…I thought “I can see how this would have been a bit more challenging with those towers regularly healing these machines–good thing I nipped that in the bud before I had any idea it was going to matter!”

It just goes to show the wisdom of one of my guiding principles for games: if anything seems weird, even if you can’t quite see how it affects you personally at the moment, definitely break it.

As for what you should do…as I said, I just finished with the challenge of Aratak, and it looks as if it’s going to be a pretty straightforward March to the Final Battle story from here (I could be wrong, but at least it didn’t give me 5 new quests), but I’m also at a break where I could go and do other things if I had anything left to do, so you can really either follow up on the main quest, or the lost hunters quest, whichever you’re in the mood for, and not worry about missing anything.


We’ll see. I think it’s going to be a week of laughing hysterically so I don’t go insane.

I’m at Wegmans now. Already lost a few marbles.


It’s going to be rough. Hang in there. Pick yourself up a bottle or 7 of wine.

You know, given our frequent mentions of booze, future researchers are probably going to conclude that we have serious alcohol dependency issues.

Oh well.


I don’t DEPEND on alcohol so much as it…um…..

I’m too stressed to know where I’m going with that. Better go get some booze.

And in my defense, I only bought TWO bottles of wine at Wegmans, and one is for the gravy.

Just….pay no attention to that scotch over there.


Attention not paid!

Mmmmm…booze gravy…

Just make sure you’ll have about thirty pounds of leftovers. You always spend 57 hours cooking for this big event, and then the meal takes about 20 minutes, so you need to have leftovers to return to to make sure your delicious investment pays off.


I always think I will! I look at my cart full of food (it was impressive, had to drop the seats in Mrs. McP’s tiny car), and I think “This will last two weeks past New Year’s!” and then, two days after Christmas, I’m back at the store, shell shocked, wondering where it all went.

I’m already exhausted. And I haven’t even started cleaning.



I would help you, as I don’t have any cooking to do, but alas, I fear I myself will be drowning in boxes and frantically wrangling children who are high on treat food and disgruntled by having all their new presents stuck back into boxes. Different, more boring boxes.


We seem to have switched direction today. But then, I hear food blogs are very popular. Maybe our niche could be “Dear God, never learn to cook.”

Moving tip: Do not pack the stuffies they need to go to sleep.


See, this is one thing I HAVE learned from your example: never learn to cook. I may have had the additional kid, and bought the house, all against your wise advice, but I have NOT learned to cook.

So you can take comfort in the fact that even if it’s too late for you, your counsel has spared another person your horrible fate.

The other is a good tip too, although my kids are weird…neither of them (so far) are particularly into stuffed toys or special blankets or anything. Which is a bit of a mixed blessing because what they’re into instead is having us hang out with them until they fall asleep, but at least we’re probably not going to get ourselves packed in the wrong box or something and be missing for weeks. Tempting though that may eventually be.


No stuffies? You are the stuffy.

All my boys have them. Junior even still has his hippo. And r2d2. Meaty has his doggie. And nugget? A hot dog. Because nugget.


They’ve both received any number of stuffies, but have yet to form a strong attachment to any of them. Indeed, we are the comfort items…


Maybe they’re just waiting on a hot dog.


Probably. I will admit, they haven’t gotten that one. A mushroom, yes. A hot dog, no.


Well, you’re a vegetarian. Makes perfect sense.