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Extremely minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds. Also note, we won’t be around much next week unless we magically find free time to play and talk, so Happy Holidays everyone! May 2018 favor us.


So I totally played! I did the hunters on the glacier thing (We SO have to talk about that), I went back to finish with Bergerund, challenged the chief, and then started out towards

Whoa, sorry. I’m so tired I hallucinated there. I didn’t play at all. Though, if my hallucinations are to believed, this game is awesome even when you’re hallucinating it.

Gotta go make more pie.


Aw, man! You almost had me fooled for a second!

At least there’s pie.

I played some, fought a thunderjaw and a stormbird (optional side quest) and let’s just say, this armor is AMAZING. I mean, they’re still tough and hard to kill, but now I’m also very hard to kill. Which makes a big difference.


The armor is a lovely thing. And when I remember to take a health boost, it’s like they have to kill you three times.

Plus, this all started AFTER I went shopping for the final battle, so I have every resource out the wazoo, and I don’t care about using it cuz I already did the final battle!

I sorta feel bad for people playing while playing the main game….

Apple’s in the oven. Off to pumpkin.


Yeah, it really feels like something that would have been a little odd in the middle of the main game.

I mean, here you are running around worrying about corrupted machines, and then you go off to this other place where there aren’t any corrupted machines, but then it turns out there’s something ELSE wrong with them that is basically corruption only your anti-corruption tricks don’t work. And then you have to do a bunch of stuff with that, completely unrelated to all the stuff you’re doing with the corruption.

It’s perfect as an add on, because hey, we’re all done with that other stuff (I mean, in-game we aren’t because we still have to fight the final battle, but emotionally, we’ve worked through it).

But I think it might have been a little distracting to do while still doing the main game. Though I did leave the Cut and return to the main game’s landscape to hunt a thunderjaw and a stormbird, and…still gorgeous.

The snow country is also gorgeous, but I’d briefly forgotten what the non-snow-covered land looks like. It looks very nice.


Whoa, you have to leave the cut? Hmm.

But yes, I think this would’ve worked more as an “after the game” deal. It could make sense that she’s looking for info on Sylens. But they have been having discounts on the main game of late, so maybe they don’t want people to wait to finish the main game (who didn’t play it at release) to spend the cash.

Look at us! Talking later! Wait…pie beeped…


You only have to leave for this one optional side quest. Well…two parts of a three-part optional side quest.

Don’t worry about it.


It’s cool. Maybe I’ll visit Petra. Sigh.


You really do not ever have to do this side quest if you don’t want to. Probably.

I mean, it’s a “fix up my gear!” mission, and how badly do I need better gear at this point?

Unless it turns out I really need it for the final battle. The way I really needed the armor and the big gun in the other final battle.

So…I’ll let you know.


One can always visit Petra.


Indeed. Indeed one can.


Bet she makes a good pie.

I’m going insane, here. Again. Didn’t we have this conversation at Thanksgiving?


‘Tis the season!

Sure, Petra makes a good pie, if by pie you mean “enormous gun.”

Alternatively, if by good you mean “seasoned with machine oil and metal shards.”

Either way, yum.


I’d probably take that at this point.


Me too! But then, I’m a little punchy. Last day before vacation, high on sugar from the 50 or 60 Danish Butter Cookies I’ve eaten so far, filled with a strong desire to not come back from vacation because we’re going to have horrible work projects…


Oh those things, the things that are, technically, cookies but are packaged like chips so that’s how you eat them? Evil little things.

Now imagine them covered in dark chocolate and that’s the Trader Joe’s star things I may have mentioned before. Chocolately buttery chip like cookies. Subtle.


Yes! Those things! Pure delicious evil in a buttery package. Someone brought in an enormous tin of them and I can’t stop myself from going back for just a couple more…

My plan at this point is to just keep eating until they’re gone, at which point I will obviously be forced to stop. Or go buy more. Hm.

These ones are fortunately not coated in chocolate or I would probably be in a coma.


I like that plan! “As stopping eating these is good for my health, I shall eat them all, then stop, thus being healthy.”

Makes perfect sense to me.

I usually do the same thing with booze.

Dude I had to hide them from Mrs. McP or she would be in a coma.


That’s basically my healthy diet advice forever. That, and machine oil/metal shard pie.

Have a delicious holiday and rest of the year, internet! Go easy on the machine oil. We saw what it did to Brin, and it was…interesting.