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Spoilers for Uncharted: Lost Legacy


Well, I’m glad all y’all bought a house because I’m looking at bills and realizing I spent so much money on Christmas that we all have to come live with you. Don’t worry. I’ll bring my pro. Unless I have to hock it.

I kid, I kid. Sorta.

Played some. Climbed a bigassed tower and opened doors and saw towers. Headed off towards one of them and got interrupted by Kevin. You’d think Kevin would know not to interrupt. Killed Kevin, had some chats, found a token or whatever, that sort of thing. Now I’m standing outside the temple/fortress/whatever with a bow and arrow. Parsharama, or something. That’s next.

Some thoughts!

1) Chloe is awesome because she’s commenting on the game, too. When she said “Oh look. Another fortress.” so sarcastically, I could have kissed her. Heh.

2) There’s gonna be a fight by that tower, isn’t there? I know this because there’s grass and places to climb. Indeed, when I saw the grass and places to climb, I drew my gun cuz of COURSE that means Kevin. And no Kevin now means Kevin later.

Can you imagine if it was like that in real life? You saw grass and climbable things and you thought “FIGHT?” I couldn’t get across my yard. TREE! SHED! BUSH!

3) I’m not sure I’m down with the pseudo-open world thing here. I almost took the wrong way at an intersection, because UC games do not HAVE intersections. It wasn’t some “I need a quest marker” deal (thought that would have been nice), so much as a “Wait, what? This doesn’t happen…” It’s a little confusing, and I’m not sure I like it in a UC game. There’s nothing wrong with linear sometimes. More than sometimes.

How was the weekend?


Well, we do have this whole basement that has nothing in it except for about 30 boxes of (probably) rags and spiders. You could totally hook up the Pro down there. We got your back!

Weekend was good, aside from the usual squabbling of children. O’Jr. said this morning, “he likes me, but I only sometimes like him.” So that sums that up.

Although in fact, I think Grigio would also say he only sometimes likes O’Jr., if he had the vocabulary for it. Aw, that precious sibling bond!

When I’m deep in an action game, I do sometimes find myself unconsciously evaluating environmental features…”I could climb that wall, jump to that roof…” and then thinking “oh wait, what the hell, I could never climb that wall! I don’t climb walls!”

Chloe is pretty great. She’s a good character: fiercely determined, but at the same time not taking things TOO seriously. Which seems weird to say, because she obviously takes it seriously enough to go halfway around the world and murder hundreds of dudes, which seems pretty darn serious, but at the same time she keeps a sense of humor and perspective about it.

Which is hardly unique, since the wisecracking action hero is at least as common a character as the deadly serious one, but they do it well with her.

I agree about being a little thrown by that huge open expanse. As you say, it’s not what we expect from Uncharted! It may encourage you to know that once you’re finished with this area (which takes some time), it becomes much more traditionally linear again for the rest of the game. I’m not really sure why they threw this bit of open world in the middle like that, and I think I spent a couple of play sessions just wandering around because I was so confused and I was just looking for the linear path I was used to. I mean, wandering and getting in fights and such, doing stuff I would eventually have had to do anyway, but I kept thinking “was there supposed to be more to that? am I missing something?” because I kept thinking I was going to find that clear path forward that you usually have.

So, I guess, just have fun wandering around getting in fights and stuff, and eventually you’ll do all the stuff you have to do in that area (when I think about it, I guess they just put several challenges in one area, rather than having each puzzle/climb/fight be basically its own contained section, the way they usually do), and then it’ll be back to a more familiar track.


Sounds good to me! Rags are comfy.

Every year I’m all “Ok, I am staying on budget this Xmas” and then I don’t. And it’s weird because, as you know, I’m pretty frugal. Not like you, of course, cuz you’re nuts, but I’m pretty good with my money! Except at Xmas. Then whatever.

My friend the beer brewer was at the bus stop the other day, and asked me what I’m playing. We chatted, and I ask him, and he says “This game called Divinity. I wanted to play it because I heard the sequel is good.” So great minds. He says it’s very good, if a little tricky at first. So that’s good. He has very good taste in games. I sense good bloggage ahead.

Oh, someday your kids will set up the same spreadsheet mine have, all color coded to schedule when they’ll like each other, which one will be god awful bad on which day, that sort of thing. It’s how kids do.

I would pay money to someday see you try advenuturing moves. Not to, like, jump over a deep chasm, cuz you’d die and I’d miss you, but to try to, say, shimmy up your gutters.

They do the action hero very well with Chloe. And, my shameless adoration of the characters Claudia Black voices aside, I do think the acting matters. I think we liked so many of the characters in Horizon because they were well acted. It’s SO important, especially as, even with technology starting to blur the line between animation and reality, it isn’t quite there. The faces are still off. They can’t convey what a real actor can. And Claudia Black is just a plain, flat out, awesome voice actor.

I feel exactly the same way about this open space. And order! I’m assuming here, that I will have to do the three fortress temple thingies that have actual icons before I do the question mark one, but hell if I know what order I’m supposed to go. I guess it doesn’t matter. It can’t matter, right? I just picked the one in the bottom left corner because it seemed the closest. I hope I didn’t miss a clue.

But Ok. So long as I’m not going to get to the top of someplace and find out I don’t have the golden weeble and have to come all the way back. Cuz fuck that.


I know what you mean. I’ll just start shopping and think “yeah, whatever, send that thing Amazon! I don’t care what it costs!”

I’d say it’s especially deadly to shop online because Amazon already has my credit card info and it’s the mere click of a button, but honestly, shopping in actual stores isn’t much better because I can just hand them my credit card so it’s barely any different. I guess the only thing that might save me in actual stores is that my arms would get tired from carrying things, or I’d start to think “wait, I’m never going to make it to the post office to mail this in time.”

Good news from your friend about Divinity. Tricky is OK, but we’d hate to have settled on something that wound up being boring and annoying.

I don’t think there’s any particular order you need to do those fortress things in. I also worried about that, but I couldn’t figure out any ‘right way’ and just did them in whatever order was convenient, when I happened to get close to one while prowling around looking for loot and dudes to murder, and it turned out fine.

You keep (or at least I kept) getting that ‘quest objective tip’ that said “reach the top of the tower” and I kept thinking “what the hell, I can’t get up there,” so I just ignored it for a long time and roamed around randomly, and eventually it all worked out.


Ah, see, we were out and kept seeing that REALLY cute thing that the kids would SO like….


Indeed. We’d hate boring. And it sounds like really old school D&D, which we haven’t done since…well…school. Or so it seems. I’m cool with that.

Ah, see, I did the tower first. It wasn’t that hard. Just a lot of jumping and swinging and shit. And then I opened four windows and updated my map and voila. But what I DIDN’T get was anything telling me what to do next. Just “Ok, Chloe scribbled some shit down, try to make sense of it.”

So I’m trying to make sense of it.


Yeah, true, that’s the danger of shopping in the real world. One sees things, just walking by windows, that one would never think to look up online. Wonderful, magical things!

Ha, yeah, I also had that reaction to Chloe’s writing things down. “Wait, what did you just write, and what on earth am I supposed to do about it?”

But no worries. Wander around, climb some thing things, murder some dudes, it’ll all come together eventually.

Just like in real life!


I just did that at the grocery store! I, too, have terrible handwriting, so it was all “Does that say toilet bowl cleaner or deli meat?”

See? Me and Chloe. Practically soul mates.



This game was made for you.