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Some spoilers for Uncharted: Lost Legacy story


Off to jury duty soon, but I continue to have mixed feelings about this game.

Fought through lots of dudes. I love stealth. I can’t help yelling “death from above” when I jump on dudes.

Opened the second waterfall, and….once again….”My father was looking for it for such a long time….”


Because, once again, this is Chloe saying “This isn’t really MY quest, it’s his, and I’m doing it.” HIS. It’s annoying! She’s too cool for this!

Then I figured out the lanterns were little token puzzles so I did the one where you had to swing to pull a lid off a well and she yelled “Horray for Physics!” which made me love her. Found one with bells and I lacked ammo, and now I have ammo, so I’m going back.

Chloe, babe, you don’t need daddy issues. You are cool. Stop it.


Stealth is great. Chloe constantly thinking about her poor dad is…meh.

Although there is the flip side of “I’m completing HIS quest,” which is “I’M completing his quest.”

Chloe is finishing something her father couldn’t, making her clearly, in game terms, way more of a badass than he was. And she is playing it KIND OF cool, neither getting all weepy and “this is for you, dad!” nor getting all belligerent and “chew on this, old man, I’ve reached a place you never could!” which suggests that she’s kind of in a healthy place with regard to her daddy issues, like “yeah, dad always wanted to do this and that kind of made me want to do it too, and I think of him along the way, so here we are.”

Meh. That’s the best I can do for a positive take on it. Basically I agree with you: it’s an old, old storyline and doesn’t add anything interesting here, so it’s kind of too bad they went with it instead of something less familiar.

Have fun at jury duty! It’s gonna be great.


There’s a lot of waiting.

That plot doesn’t bring a thing. I just got the “I’ve never been to the states” banter, when she’s all “the things I look for are old.”

Leave it there! Bad assed treasure hunter is good enough.

Let Lara whine.


Yeah, that was a good line. Although you know there ARE pre-Columbian sites, Chloe…people have been around for a while, and some things within the current US national borders are actually old.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. The one time I had jury duty it was all waiting, until about noon, and then they let us go while it was still early enough that I had to go back to work. Thanks for nothing, justice system! At least get me out of the office for the whole day. Sheesh.

By which I mean, I was just glad to do my civic duty and be part of the process. That’s it.


I might tell Mrs. McP that I got a three week trial. Take some time off.


Ooh, good call! Obviously, tell her the jury is sequestered and you’ll have to stay in a hotel. Um…with the PS Pro because…they want you to review some evidence on it. Or something.

“Sorry to miss Valentine’s Day, but the call of justice will not be denied. See ya!”


I mean, didn’t have to do breakfast, the bus stop…..


That’s gold.

You’re practically on vacation! Come ON, three-week trial!


I almost got involved.

“Sit on your bottom at the table oh wait not my problem today bye”.


Good. Good. Disengage and bail is the strategy!

You have other problems today. Like waiting.

Apparently they at least let you keep your phone. When I went (some years ago) they told us to leave all phones and electronic devices behind. I didn’t have a smartphone yet, so I didn’t care that much. Nowadays, it would be brutal.



Dude the phone is keeping me sane. Still waiting.


I recommend downloading Pokemon Go. There might be some cool Pokemon around the courthouse. You never know.


I got dismissed. Which is fantastic! Cuz I don’t have to take that advice.


Awww…you’re missing out, man.

On a vacation from your kids, I mean! Obviously. Ahem. I have no strong feelings about Pokemon Go. At all.

You’re free, I’m completely indifferent to the fact that there’s a gym raid out there that I CAN’T GET TO BECAUSE I’M WORKING it’s gonna be great.


Everything is normal on the Internet.

T SHIRT!!!!!