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No spoilers for anything


I got nothing.

By the way, you started Divinity?


No, haven’t started yet. Haven’t even taken off the plastic wrapper. It occurred to me that since Mr. O’ also plays games, we could play it together and that could be either fun togetherness time, or the cause of our speedy divorce, depending.

But the downside of that, besides potential divorce, is that it requires both of us to be there and awake and not already playing Assassin’s Creed, which has been a challenge.


Whoa…that would be bold. Very bold. I am very glad I don’t have a gamer wife, so I do not have to ponder such questions.

There’s also the whole pace thing. He’d want to play ahead of you, and you’d miss stuff, and we can’t have that.

Could be fun…would be good bloggage….

I dunno, man. Better you pondering this than me.


Yeah, it’s a puzzler. Could be an interesting new perspective! Or maybe we’d just never actually play it because we can’t coordinate our schedules.

Tune in next week or whenever for the next chapter in this exciting drama!!!!!


You gotta commit, man. Once you start, that’s pretty much it. Then you have to play the whole thing together, or one of you misses some stuff, then the other misses stuff….and it’s rated as a 75 hour game, which, for us, is like, 90. Shit, they said Horizon was 60, and I was 75 and 89% complete.

It’s one thing to commit, in your marriage vows, to a lifetime of romantic loyalty. But to commit to 90 hours of synced, cooperative playtime? I’m not sure anyone can do that.


It’s true. It’s a big step to take and that’s a lot of time. I’m a little nervous about it myself.


This is why marriage works. Compared to gaming promises, it isn’t much of a promise at all.

T SHIRT!!!!!!


New business idea: relationship advice!


We’d likely be better at pear brandy and burlap lingerie.

Though Mrs. McP does like our shirts. She points out that less funny shirts sell, and they’re very “in.” She says etsy. Mrs. McP believes you can sell anything on etsy. She is currently obsessed with etsy.

Our relationship advice would be “Dudes, if you can’t fix it with booze, just give up and play games.”

Which is either really bad advice or really good advice. Can’t decide.


Hm. Yeah, that’s a tough call. Maybe good or bad depending on the specific person?

Like, bad advice for alcoholics. Good advice for people who aspire to become alcoholics!


See, that’s why we’re such a good team. I get the extremes, you find the subtlety.