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Spoilers for story in Uncharted: Lost Legacy


Two hour delay. Unlikely to have school tomorrow because of ice or something. Life sucks.

But I did play! I swung on ropes, rode an elephant (we’ll talk on that in a bit), took forever to get to a ledge over a door, had an interesting chat with Nadine about how this was really the “women’s city,” (hmm), did a fucking AWFUL fight where there was a dude with a minigun who I kept missing with heavy weapons, and now I’m…somewhere. In chapter seven.

I feel like I’m getting close to the end. I am, aren’t I?

So the elephant scene.

I’m not sure….I mean, the dialog was good, the end “At least we reunited a family” was certainly ripe for bloggage (though I’m still thinking about it), but it was a long ride on an elephant. It was sort of reminiscent of the long jeep drive in UC4, but that was after Drake’s conversation with Elena, and there was much to ponder. There was a lot of “Ok…I’m on an elephant” in this one. Did I miss something?

“At least we reunited a family.” Hmm. Given the family overtones of this game, what do you make of it? Or the picture where she is “in” the family, but distant? Am I reading too much?

And am I almost done? Cuz I don’t want to wander into a boss fight. I’m tired.


Sorry, dude. We have school here as usual. I mean, there’s a previously scheduled early release, but the after school program picks up the slack. Obviously you should move.

But…you didn’t care about the elephant ride? See, for me, this was a total “pause to appreciate the fun and wonder in life” bit. I even mentioned it obliquely when we discussed that a few days ago. I really enjoyed it…it felt like a great, “hey, we’re riding an elephant, this is cool!” experience, and a real reminder that there are other things going on in the world than whatever quest we’re on at the moment. I wasn’t even really worrying about the “reuniting a family” theme/idea, which I took as a throwaway comment and dismissed in favor of going “wheeeeee, elephant!!!!!!!”

Interesting that we reacted so differently.

I wouldn’t say ALMOST done. You’re definitely getting close, but there are a couple more areas to go through first. No fear of stumbling into the boss fight accidentally.

To set your mind at ease, here’s how you’ll know: when you find yourself on a moving train, you’re almost done. Don’t proceed if you’re already exhausted!

Until then, don’t worry about wandering into the final battle. Proceed as normal.


Oh no, I cared, sure. I was even worried I missed something, as I hit triangle and picked a branch, and Chloe offered it to the elephant and nothing happened and later she just dropped it. I was like “Was I supposed to feed the elephant?” Especially as the ride was rather long.

I was impressed that they made their concern for the elephant so real. Here are two murder machines, but when they find the elephant, and work to free it, you buy it. It was nice to give them some humanity. They care about something other than themselves. Good scene.

The family thing didn’t register? I thought that was very themey.

Ah, ok. I am very much not on a moving train.

Cuz I figure I’ll need energy for this boss, as it’s most likely an annoying Naughty Dog QTE boss fight. Those always enrage me. I can sorta see why they do it. Making the bad guy nothing more than a bullet sponge can be cheesy, and making the fight “personal” has some resonance, but once you get the trick it’s just a grind. I remember this in RotTR, that annoying last bit where you had to stealth and creep up behind him and look for grenade parts and all that shit without being seen. I figured out WHAT to do early, and then died and died. I wanted to say I GET IT! MOVE ON! but, of course, you can’t.

I hate that. And ND has already done that shit with UC4.


This final battle was actually not that bad. I mean, it is basically a QTE-ish fight as you describe, because they always are in these games, but more like the one at the end of 4 (where you had that swordfight? and it was annoying but at least it was broken into sections so you didn’t have to start ALL OVER every time you died?). I didn’t even spend all that long on it. I was kind of pleasantly surprised, in fact.

So basically, you’re gonna love it! When you get on the moving train, go full speed ahead no matter how tired you are! It’s gonna be great!

But seriously, it wasn’t that bad. If you aren’t totally exhausted, you’ll be fine.

I guess I was just too enthralled by the “wheeeeeeee, elephant!” bit to concentrate on themes. Now you know how to distract me from everything, game designers: elephant rides.

You: So what did you think about the terrible plot holes and completely out of character actions and deep, deep themes in that scene in Mass Effect: Deep Space Desert where you were randomly on an elephant for no reason?

Me: Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Now imagine if the elephant was brooding and wearing armor.

Man, I thought we had good stuff to talk about today, and we’re here before the kids are even on the bus.

But the ending, OK. Good. Yes, the sword fight was in UC4. The whole “Let’s add a mechanic you’ve never seen now!” thing.

But I’m ALWAYS totally exhausted! I am so mad at my children.  I am tired of my children.  They NEED to go to school. 


“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I love you so much, brooding armored elephant, let’s make out!”

Yeah, this is getting weird. OK, uh…so. Family. Yeah.

As I said, I didn’t spend that much time thinking about the ‘reuniting a family’ line (“wheeeeee!!!”), but sure, let’s do that. Did the touching bit where the mother elephant found her baby help heal the wounded heart of Chloe, who will never be reunited with her own inspirational dead dad? Or whatever?

Like, human family relationships are messed up and we will never fix them because people are dead, but at least we can help this elephant family find a little happiness?

I could dig it.


Yeah, it’s not even Friday. I blame the weather. And the kids.

What was particularly interesting was that Nadine said it. Then Nadine was the one who said “Let me take the picture” (did you do that?) This was her observation, not Chloe’s. You wouldn’t expect Nadine to be the softy. But maybe….


Yes, the picture! That was kind of nice…as if Nadine knew this was going to be a cool memory for Chloe (who is the one taking all the pictures so far) and wanted to help her save it.

Or possibly she doesn’t actually like elephants and wanted to make sure she wasn’t in the picture herself.


Nah, Nadine likes them. Remember she was the one who explained the difference between African and Indian elephants. She also likes monkeys, which you would know if you got the Queen’s Ruby.

Game’s got some cool moments, and makes the relationship more than “Two cool women do cool stuff.”


Oh, that’s right, she did explain about that. (I already knew it, but that just shows that I’m a tiny fraction as cool as Nadine.) So she’s into wildlife and such.

Well then, this is definitely about being nice to Chloe. Showing that she kind of forgives her for not mentioning the involvement of Sam.

Elephant rides: bringing people together.


You are cooler than Nadine. I’ll give you that.

It’s kind of a cool way to show forgiveness, too.

So…have you started Divinity?


I thought you were going to follow up “you’re cooler than Nadine” with “because it’s 20 degrees out” or something. I would never claim to be as cool as Nadine! She literally kicks ass!

Have not started Divinity. Between having frozen pipes to thaw out, cranky children not sleeping…the mood just hasn’t been there. Maybe this weekend! Or never. It’s hard to say.


Soon, man. You have forgotten the therapeutic qualities of games.

I’d be totally crazy but for Chloe.


It’s weird, you get out of the habit and forget how critical and sanity-nourishing games are.


You can’t blame home ownership. Nope.


Nope. That definitely has never interfered with anyone’s free time in any way. Never.

But on that note, maybe don’t bother to move here after all: school is cancelled tomorrow and Friday, so you’d be in much the same situation. Wusses.

Meanwhile, I probably have to come to work anyway because it’s not a real snow day. Should be fun.



Fuck your town.

And you’re complaining about working? TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!

Oh–Well, we’re cancelled tomorrow. Not Friday, yet.

But the way they do it: A phone call, a text, and an Email.



Yeah, you can’t escape the news. Call every number! Bombard every channel! If they could send messenger pigeons to everyone’s houses, they would.


You know how they feel.


That I do. Boy do I. Yes, yes I do.


If only it were an option to respond with “oh no you don’t! MY HOUSE is cancelled, jerkfaces!” and then disappear.


Don’t tempt me.

Do. Not. Tempt. Me.


In better news, the pipes thawed! No sign of a leak. Water running normally. Whew! Dodged that potential tragedy.


See? You’re gonna love it.

In even better news, Mrs McP is back on her nutsy diet which means I got like 92% of this here bottle of wine!

Sorry not sorry. Drunk, but not sorry.