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Minor spoilers for character creations in Divinity: Original Sin


Jesus what a crazy morning. Gotta go to the store, but did about an hour and a half of divinity and I’m into it. Spent too long agonizing over character creation, as one does. Female shadow blade (and no, not because of the armor) and male cleric.

Every game should let you pick your underwear.

Decided I’m gonna play her as no nonsense, impatient, why am I doing this scut work and him as all “isn’t this great? Hey, maybe he could’ve flown! There’s magic everywhere! Isn’t this NEAT?” Maybe an unlikely romance will ensue.

I’m exploring the optional tomb place that’s really a tutorial cuz tutorial.

I really dig the conversation mechanic. Combat will take some getting used to.

So what are your characters?

Oh, and total coincidence my characters look like Morrigan and Geralt.

So far, into it.


Total coincidence!

We’re a female wizard (me), male knight with some nifty healing ability.

Plus a rogue and some sort of fighter we’ve picked up out in the world–you can find people to recruit pretty quickly once you get into the town. Which is the part right after the optional tutorial tomb area, which we obviously did because tutorial. And also because tomb, honestly. I mean, loot opportunities!

The combat does take a little getting used to, but works all right once you’re into it (very D&D!) and I think is in some ways preferable to real-time for a two-player game. That could get really confusing.


Total, total coincidence. And total coincidence that I picked the voice that sounded the most like Morrigan. And Chloe.

I’m not ashamed.

Nice characters! I almost went knight. I was going to make her a snooty knight and him a dashing rogue, but that’s so been done.

I was intrigued that, in addition to the picking of underwear, which was awesome, you could make them both male or both female. Would they have the same voice? I’ll never know.

Indeed, loot. Cuz you don’t start with much, do you? I mean, c’mon order of the source hunters or whatever. Spring for some loot!

I did equip the underwear that seemed to come with my woman (I stayed with the default names, Scarlett and Roderick, cuz I can’t be bothered. I will use them in bloggage henceforth). Don’t know what it does. But other than that, yeah, man, gotta get some loot. Especially as things can break! That was a nasty surprise.

I’ve seen my kids do fights in things like LEGO and minecraft split screen and it’s insane and I hate it. I have no idea how folks do shooters and shit like that, but so many people do.

It took me some time to realize that when the ring around the baddie was red that meant I COULD attack. I would be standing right next to a baddie all “Why can’t I attack?” Usually red means “you can’t do this.” But once I got past that, not bad.

I really like the mechanic of using the environment, like oil and water and stuff, and using spells that alter the environment just so you can use it to your advantage. I figure when I have an actual party, this is gonna be fun.

Can you control the NPCs? Like in Dragon Age? And Baldur’s Gate which I wish you had played cuz this is, like, a love letter to Baldur’s Gate?


Yeah, the red meaning “OK, go!” is different. Gotta adapt to that.

I think two female (or two male) characters COULD have the same voice, but they wouldn’t have to. You could give one the regal voice and one the rogish voice or whatever. Assuming you didn’t WANT maximum character confusion. It would be kind of funny to just make them identical twins, though.

You can control the NPCs, yes. Just switch to them the same way you can switch from one of your PCs to the other…they’ll show up in portrait boxes under your PCs, and you can pick what they wear, carry, etc. just the way you do for the PCs.

Also, you can follow the time-honored tradition of making them carry all the loot you don’t have room for in your inventory. Good times.


The voices are all the same actors though. I think. Weird. Must’ve been audio shopped. No way they read everything three times.

Ah, the portraits. I finally, finally got some characters right the first time, then noticed that, if there was a way to pick a portrait I missed it. The portraits I have look absolutely nothing like my characters, but I got the characters so just so that I’m gonna have to live with it.

Never perfect.

Was there a way to change portraits?


There was a way to change portraits, but even so they tended not to look very much like the actual character. I think there’s a selection of portraits the way there’s a selection of underpants (which, I agree, more games should let you pick! I chose the ones with stars, obviously), and you just look for one with a passing resemblance.

The one I have is only vaguely similar to the character I made. I look kind of sinister and gloating in it, where for the actual character I chose a wide-eyed, pigtailed look (the better to make my enemies underestimate me!). I like to imagine the portrait is a ‘Wanted’ poster of me based on the description of some terrified cultist.


HA! Yeah, Scarlett, for some reason, has face paint in her portrait, and Roderick has a neck like a truck and black hair.

Ah, well.

What are your names?

I was SO proud of myself, as I usually have to restart the game two or three times to get it just so, and this time I nailed it! I was so happy. Then I looked at the portraits….

I went with the red underpants look. Classy, me.



Our names…uh…I think mine is Valena. I think that’s right. Mr. O’s is…I don’t remember.

So we changed them, but obviously not to anything with deep personal meaning.


Ever since MEA called me “Sara,” I’ve decided to stick with the default. Cuz ya never know.

Do you think the underwear will ever be seen again? Or was it a character creation joke?

We shall see.


Ah, you’ve hit on a bit of a mystery there!

I assumed you’d be wearing them if you took everything else off. (If you can take everything else off? I haven’t tried, but can you ‘unequip’ all your clothes?)

However, you can specifically equip underwear, or at least I found some star-spangled underwear in my inventory that I was able to put on. They go in the ‘belt’ slot. They offer no special benefits, but I put them on anyway, obviously. This means that if I someday find an actual magical belt, and put it in that slot instead, I guess I’ll have to assume my character is choosing to go commando. That’s a little awkward, game.

As a further however, Mr. O’ couldn’t find any in his inventory, so maybe I just randomly found these underpants from a treasure chest and grabbed them without noticing because I grab everything (“loot first, evaluate loot later,” is my motto).

They might not even be the same underpants I selected during character creation (although if so, it’s odd that they had stars, like the ones I selected). Supporting this theory, there were ONLY underpants, no bra, even though the undergarments shown during character creation included both.

Like I said: a mystery.

Good thing it’s Friday. This discussion would seem out of place on some other, more sober day.


Scarlet had those! Roderick did not. They were, like, “made with care” and had huge durability? I dunno. Scarlet doesn’t seem the type to go with sensible, durable underwear. Maybe she’ll give them to Roderick.

And they had stars, even though I went red.

Watch: it’ll cost you romance. You’ll equip them cuz they’re there, and when it’s time to get it on with your brooding armored love, he’ll see your durable underwear and get turned off.

Friday gonna Friday.


Aha! So it was a weird side ‘bonus’ for female characters? Odd. Very odd. But yeah, ‘made with care’ and ‘your mother always told you to get underpants that breathe’ or something.

Maybe it’s an oblique nod to chastity belts. “Put these on if you’re not a slut!”


Well, grandma had to do something to counteract the really useless but good looking armor.

I’ll give them to Roderick.


Yeah! Make him wear them. Especially if he’s a starry eyed romantic. He probably wants to save it for marriage.


Though what if they wind up together? That might wreck the mood.

“Oh Roderick! I have been waiting for this since….wait…are those…..? Oh…uh…. oh my….”