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Minor spoilers for the existence of some Cyseal plot points in Divinity: Original Sin


Well, this’ll derail fast. I’m calling an early Friday. Mrs. McP has had early meetings all week, so we’re up at 4:45, and the news, and the kids, and the play….


Anyway, games.

So have you traveled around with the dude in the library yet? The grumpy assed wizard? I have not, but, given my extreme lack of magical ability, I’m tempted. He seems like such an asshole, though.

Speaking on the library, have you dealt with Victoria? I dealt with Victoria, but we might have been different. Cuz sometimes we’re different.

For example, I might figure out what happens when I equip an item called “Smelly panties” (which, when you find them, unlocks a trophy called “silky souvenir” that I will, unfortunately, have forever). They might look good on Wolgraff.

See? Told you we’d derail.


Ohmygod what.

No. No, we have not done that. Any of that. We wandered by the library because I needed to get a particular book for a thing, so I chatted with Victoria in passing, but we were on a mission trying to actually accomplish something, so we mostly just grabbed the book and left. Since I’m a wizard, rogue skills and extra fighting are more valuable to us, although it’s good to know where an extra spellcaster can be found.

Sooner or later we’re going to have to pick up all these people, just to make sure we get their quests, but…there’s time. We have plenty to do right now.

Also, speaking of Victoria and orcs, I think it came up in a previous message that you killed the orc that had been affected by the love potion? See, we didn’t, we just left her there…so we’ll see what comes of that. Maybe she’ll go on a murderous rampage and kill a crucial witness, and we’ll never solve the mystery!



Victoria. You’ll get there. It’s a quest with a rather nasty old elf.

And I think you know what you were doing there. I read some jokes and plays and all of a sudden got a quest that had something about a head in the title, so….you mentioned a head…..

This guy in the library wasn’t very nice. Bit of an asshole, really. And he was all “But I suppose I can grace you with my company” or something and we were all “no, we’re good.”

Though I really could use a wizard.

But eventually. Cuz you just know there’s gonna be side quests with the NPCs. And those tend to be good in games.

Man, don’t we just have plenty to do? This game is just…well, not massive, but certainly chock full of stuff and people and all. I haven’t even left town, and I’ve done, like ten quests and have 15 more.

Oh, by the way, once I learned to filter out the completed quests, that list became SO much more helpful. Thanks for telling me how, game.

Ah! So the lovelorn guy liked you. Nice. Mine was sobbing when I left, which made me feel bad, but hey, blame rock paper scissors. We’ll see what happens. She likely will TRY to kill a witness and she’ll be all “Oh…they already killed the dog…well, my work here is done.”


Yeah, the lovelorn guy was psyched, although the other people in the area were less thrilled. His fellow soldier, and the barmaid or whatever were quite skeptical.

Yeah–jokes for the head, that’s the one. We ran through the library, “do you have any joke books wow nice outfit there Ms. Librarian great thanks bye!” Apparently orcs just naturally dress like that, because of their DNA or something.

Didn’t talk to the nasty elf, I don’t think. I’m sure we’ll be back.


Hmm. His buddy was all “IF you ever need my help, I’ll do whatever I can,” which made him sound really useful until I forgot his name and couldn’t find him again. The price we pay for big games.

It’s a hell of an outfit, that standard orc thing.

There were lots of helpful books in the library! Moreso when I found all the cool forging shit behind that abandoned house!

The mean elf is all outside, just chillin’, then asks you to meet him at his room in the inn, which seemed a tad inappropriate, so I didn’t do it for a while, but then I did and there’s a cool quest and weighty choice and stuff.


Oh, THAT guy…I think we might have gotten as far as “meet me in my room” and then thought “well, we’ll certainly do that whenever we get around to it” and thereafter have thought no more upon it. Until now.

We’ve got people to talk to all over. Maybe since we heroically made it back alive from our last adventure outside the city (by defeating one angry burning skeleton, and then fleeing heroically when three more showed up), we’ll spend some time in town chatting next session.


Yeah that guy. He has…..thoughts on Victoria.

Wait until you get Pet Pal. There’s SO many people…uh…you know..whatevers to talk to. Cats. Cats are fucking verbose, man.

This game just has so much. I haven’t even left Cyseal! And there’s a world out there, isn’t there? Like, this game doesn’t just take place in Cyseal, does it? There’s probably some other place with cats to talk to, isn’t there? Have you found one?


So far when we’ve gone outside the city we’ve battled zombies and skeletons and explored some abandoned houses. Talked to…not that many people, actually, because mostly it’s just zombies and skeletons. But there are things to explore and LOTS of map still blacked out, so yeah, I expect there are other places with people and cats to talk to. We have quests that lead out there, somewhere. It’s just extremely dangerous at the moment. The game definitely wants you to spend a lot of time in Cyseal first.


LOTS of map, huh? Well, that’s good. Cuz I’ve decided I like this game. I do find myself looking forward to playing it, which is always a good sign.

Thing with being in Cyseal and not going out a killin’ is that XP seems kinda scarce. I got a big slug of it when I did the crime scene, but even when I think I’ve completed quests there doesn’t seem to be much. Except randomly I get, like, 180. Do you get XP just for surviving the day? Then it’s sorta like life. Going out, buying cheese, surviving the day.

So I’m still only on level 3. I keep thinking “Ok, I’ll just mop up these quests and then I’ll be stronger and THEN I’ll go out,” but that plan only works if you actually level up.

Maybe we’ll get a ton for solving the murder or something. Hopefully.

Cuz in addition to scarce XP, it also seems like a long while between levels. Usually, in games, levels come quickly. No way you play anything this long and be stuck on level three. Usually you’re way past that by the end of the tutorial.

So I dunno. Either there’ll be a big payout for solving the murder, which’ll be the game saying “Ok, NOW go out cuz you won’t die; thanks for doing what I wanted you to do first,” or we’re just supposed to have it be hard for a while.


Yeah, I think we’re also only 3 or 4. The things we ran into last night we thought “oh no, they’re LEVEL EIGHT! RUN!”

So yeah, maybe there’ll be a whole pile of XP when we finish the mystery. We got some for a couple of things we managed to finish, in addition to a bit for combat when we wandered out, so it may just be about actually focusing long enough to wrap up some stories.


That must be it. Unless the end game boss is level 9. Ha.

Must be one of those game things where it wants you to do something right now, despite being open world.

“Well you COULD go that way….oh you’re going that way? DIE DIE DIE!!! Still wanna go that way? No? That’s better.”


“I mean, you’re free to go wherever you want–totally your choice whether to DIE DIE DIE!!!! or to come back and talk to all the interesting people we wrote so much witty dialogue for. Whatever you want! It’s a free gameworld!”


Fallout 3 was the best at that. It was totally open world, as Bethesda games are, but there was one bit that really didn’t make sense until near the end, and it was ringed, I mean RINGED with deathclaws.

“Oh hey! Yeah, sure, you could go there now…but you really can’t go there now.”

Which I’m ok with. It makes narrative easier without so artificially restricting player freedom. I mean, within a game world, it’s totally believable that Deathclaws or zombies or whatever just DO live there. Give me that over MEA’s random force fields any day. Narrative requires some degree of restriction. When you don’t have that, you get Skyrim, which was so disappointing on the narrative front.

In other great news, I think I’m getting the flu. Headache in the AM, followed by bone tired fatigue a couple hours ago. That’s bad, right?


It’s true! Some places just ARE seething with deathclaws!

And yeah, that’s a good, workable solution to ‘open world but we don’t really want you to go over THERE right away.’

Oh man, not the flu. But no, those symptoms don’t sound good.



Great. Just great. I SO need the flu right now. Get behind on everything cuz weather, now this. I fell asleep for two damn hours this afternoon. Thank God for Busytown mysteries.

What other joys are in store? Can I still drink? It IS Early Friday, after all.


You’d probably better drink. Maybe you can kill it off!

When O’Jr. was first getting sick with the flu recently, I thought “I’d better eat ALL THIS CANDY now because maybe tomorrow I’ll be too nauseated to do it.” Priorities.


I don’t want to be nauseated! I have a great dinner planned tonight! With wine!



Do it now BEFORE you’re nauseated!

O’Jr. was tired and listless for about a day before he was throwing up. You probably have time. Besides, you need to build up your strength, just in case you get sick.

Which you might not even. I mean, on the bright side, it could be a random cold.


Before throwing up…..great.


Let’s go with cold. And the antiseptic power of alcohol.

I got a shot, too!


You’re golden. KILL IT WITH BOOZE.


Probably not. Cuz this year pretty much sucks so far.

Sore throat? That part of it?


He didn’t say much about his throat, except that sometimes he’d cough so hard it hurt his throat.

This could be an unrelated virus!

This is where we are with 2018: desperately rooting for an unrelated virus.

And maybe an average of, say, one school shooting per week instead of three? Too optimistic?


I can’t decide if that means that 2018 is actually going better or worse than 2017. Which was also terrible in so many ways.

Nudity, dammit! Back to nudity on derailment days!

Phew. There.


Nudity! “Smelly underpants”! Bring it back to the beginning! Laughter in the face of doom!

Ugh. On that note…I’d say this year is not looking promising so far, but we can always hope. It’s early still.


There ya go.

We just gotta play a game with more nudity. That simple.

I’m still hoping that picking underwear matters here. Cuz I gotta say, Scarlett’s pretty hot.

Even if Roderick is ridiculously jacked.

You know, I got an dialog option where they were a little flirty. It’s weird: I’ve mentioned in games that there have been times I’d romance myself (MEA, DAI). Here’s a game where I might be able to romance myself.



You should totally romance yourself!

I haven’t noticed that yet, but there is that background shot where they’re holding hands? I think? Or else just standing so their hands overlap in a very hand-holding-suggestive manner. So I think it’s destiny.

Having gotten into a lot of combat, we’ve also run into some dialogue opportunities where we can either be nice or not (“wow, you need a LOT of healing! – you must suck at combat!” vs. “I’m happy to help you out whenever you get hurt fighting our battles!”) and we keep picking the nice options.

So we could wind up romancing. Art imitating life or whatever.