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Minor spoilers for the Cyseal murder plot in Divinity: Original Sin


Well. That was a tad anticlimactic.

Went to CONFRONT THE MURDERER! And….wound up searching an empty house and finding a diary and stuff as one does. And learned that the next part of the quest is in a place where the guards basically say “I could unlock the gate but HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU GONNA DIE!”


So I decided to find the gate you talked about. And, as it turns out, all I had to do was follow a road that was on my map the whole time that I kinda never followed for some reason.

So out I went! And did a couple of actual fights! Cleared some dudes out of a farm and found “orders” that mentioned a lighthouse. That was it. Got to the waypoint in the desolate farms or something and I’m looking at another bunch of baddies.

I found it interesting a human was with these things, too. Hmm.

I certainly see what you mean in terms of accidentally getting burned/poisoned/whatever. There was quite a bit of “Ok, weak to fire…I’ll just shoot a fire arrow at it and HOLY SHIT THE WHOLE SCREEN BLEW UP!” Wooden crate my ass. Apparently the wood they use in Cyseal is actually dynamite.

I do kinda like the mechanic of smoke and not being able to target things you can’t see. While that’s frustrating when you don’t mean to do it, using it to your advantage is pretty cool.

Good stuff! And XP! Hooray!


Hey, all right! Can’t wait to finish up and confront a murderer’s empty room!

We didn’t play last night…Mr. O’ had work to do on exams or something.

But yeah, those area effects are not messing around. “Here, I’ll just set that guy on fire…and everyone around him, including myself and my allies…oops…”

No kindly little ‘friendly fire doesn’t do damage’ loophole here!

And then the corpses keep burning, so if you happen to walk too close to one, that also hurts! Not that I would know from having killed Wolgraff that way or anything. Ahem.


Oh that’s plain mean! The corpses burn?

The room wasn’t empty! It had a diary….and a letter! And loot! Lots of loot. Loot’s good! And a major plot expansion!

It’s always so nice of baddies in these “follow the baddie” quests. They always seem to know that the quest is about to get hard, and they help you!

“MWHAHAHAHA! I shall go to my bunker that is guarded by level seven monsters and fire launchers! I probably shouldn’t leave this level 8 axe and fireproof armor right here next to the map to my lair, but I only have room for that or this ham in my backpack, and I might get hungry later….”

There’s gonna be more quests to pick up out here by the farms, right? Right.


Of course right!

“That armor never fit quite right anyway, whereas this ham, well, ham fits every situation!”

Ham: don’t leave home without it. It’s the ’50 feet of silk rope’ of this game.


It is. Just like the “Detect Evil?” reminder sign would be “Regenerate?” Seriously. I just regenerate, regenerate, regenerate.

Unless I forget. Then it’s all “Hey Roderick…you helped Scarlett….what gives?” And really, “you’re mute and didn’t say anything” isn’t a defense when he’s bleeding everywhere.

Maybe “But Scarlett’s cute?” My PCs are starting to like each other…they had that little “Hey, level 4, huh?” flirt.


I have a Regenerate scroll but I always forget to use it. Or I remember but only when it’s too late and Wolgraff is dead.


The best is using it out of combat. It’s great. Survive, and then methodically heal everyone up.

“Ok, who’s hurt? You? You?…..Wolgraff didn’t say anything…he must be good…”

You have that and some water balloons and you’re all good. Unless you hit ooze. Or something else.

Ooze kinda sucks.


Ooze is horrible. Not that I’ve accidentally walked Wolgraff into it or anything. Ha.

Actually, I think in this case I walked my PC into it. It’s not ALWAYS Wolgraff who gets horribly injured by my awkwardness!

I look forward to using Regeneration one day when I remember. Although out of combat, we’ve got Mr. O’s healing ability, so it always seems like a waste to use something we can’t replace by waiting 2 minutes.

No: someday I’ll remember to save our butts with it in some deadly combat. It could happen!


The one who keeps blowing up is Madora. I’ve kinda needed Madora, so I left Wolgraf at home. Neither of my PCs is a real fighter, and Madora is the only tank available to me. Though Bairdotr is pretty good with that bow. The problem is Madora goes all CHARGE and then Bairdotr is all FIRE ARROW OH SORRY!

Madora using whirlwind is KEY.

I gotta get Roderick something better to whack stuff. Scarlett is cool as long as she can backstab. I need a tank.


I guess there’s one in every party. But yeah, charge + fire arrow is an unfortunate combination.

Our ‘Roderick’ (his name is Delios) is basically a tank with healing ability, so with him, Bairdotr and me for range, and Wolgraff to sneak, we’re reasonably balanced. Of course no fight is ever at the right distance for the whole party to be most effective at the same time, but such is life.


See I THOUGHT my Roderick was gonna be a tank, but the stats are not backing it up. Maybe he needs a better weapon. I keep forgetting clerics can use swords, so he keeps bonking things with wimpy things.


The right weapon can make a significant difference. I was still using the Source Hunter staff I brought with me, and then happened to be glancing through the staffs I’d picked up and saw one that did twice as much damage.

Hmm…perhaps worth a change. Perhaps worth actually paying attention to the random loot I pick up.



Gotta pay attention to a lot of stats, though. Last night, when I was up against all sorts of dudes that hated fire, I looked through and found a wand that had fire shit and allowed you to cast fireball! “Fireball!” I thought, “Fireball is ALWAYS something you want to be able to cast!” So I equipped it! And went to cast fireball, and….nothing. Couldn’t do it. I was all “do I need a skill?” Nope. No, it took 13 AP to cast fireball. 13! I do not HAVE 13 AP!

So that was disappointing.

I gotta get more AP. Badly.

In other news, did we talk about the next God of War game? Is that the one that Mr O is all up in? Kratos and big strong bearded gods and stuff? I seem to remember he really liked that series. You ever try it?


I have some things like that! Can’t use yet, but I’m carrying them around because SOMEDAY they will be awesome. Don’t know when I’ll have all those action points, though.

He did play the God of War series. My impression was more that he liked them OK, than that he absolutely loved them (we had more time back then to play things we just thought were OK), but he did play them all so clearly thought they were all right. I was never tempted…too much a straight fighting game, not enough role playing. Plenty of moodiness and terrible pasts, if I recall, so if only there’d been more plot and moldy flags!–but one cannot have everything.

I haven’t heard him say anything about the new one. He’s in the middle of AC: Origins AND playing Divinity with me AND has the sequel to Shadow of Mordor (which he did love) waiting for whenever he gets to it, so he may just not feel he has the time for it.


It was kinda funny. I had this image of Scarlett whipping it out all “A HA! Now I have you! Just….give me a minute….hold on….just a little longer now….”

It does look like you’d have many, many love interests in God of War.

I hear the sequel to SoM wasn’t any good. Very disappointing. Don’t tell him.

Time. We need more.


I will say nothing about Shadow of Mordor. And yes, we need more time. So much more time.