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No spoilers


Well, woke up early again, and didn’t play, so we’re going to derail early, nudity or not. Shit, I just said “nudity” in the first sentence of the day. And I said nudity in the second sentence! And….AIEE!

That was quick.

I’m so very, very tired.

Which is a bummer because we really were having a good week in terms of being all smart and stuff. Shit, we even had a couple Fridays there where we held it together pretty well, said some smart things. Ah well. All streaks must end.



OK, sorry, just got back from a meeting in Waltham or somewhere. I don’t know, I wasn’t driving.

Ugh, man, I’m sorry about the waking up thing. That SUCKS. Grigio keeps waking up around then too, but at least I can get him to go back to sleep, eventually.

If it helps, we didn’t play either, so we’re still in the same place! We must stay here forever!



Waltham. What fun.

Just too tired to play last night. Plus, I have to work on how I sit when I play. The controller kinda forces you to keep your elbows out a little bit, and when I play too long and use the armrest on the couch, I wind up with pain from elbow to fingers. Seriously. I get fucking game injuries. Gotta take a day off, you know?

But I wanna play tonight! If I can stay awake.


Game injuries are real! I’ve never had the arm thing, but I’ve gotten a stiff neck, and sore legs from sitting on the floor. Also, occasionally, a concentration headache back in the day when I could play for 6 hours straight without looking away from the TV. I can’t do that anymore. Not because of age and infirmity, just because of children.


Ah, for me, it’s age and infirmity. And being tired. All of which, likely, ties back to children.

Apropos of nothing: you might actually like fixing the little things around the house! It does lead to some sense of satisfaction. And Mr. O is good at painting and stuff. Watch: he’ll get all into all that Better Homes and Gardens shit like putting stenciling around the walls of the kitchen. Of course, this being Mr. O, said stencils will likely be of scantily clad amazonian redhead warriors fighting even more scantily clad she demons, but hey, stenciling.

Take that, Better Homes and Gardens.


There’s probably a nice market out there for game-themed home decor. He should design and sell the stencils! Yet another brilliant business idea.

If only we weren’t too old and tired to follow up on any of them.


That said, I am a big fan of the healing power of paint. Very cheap way to make everything look like you care about it! I mean…make everything look good!


We should start a new Friday blog tradition: Home Improvement Tips.

It’s unclear how well that will mesh with the existing tradition of working nudity into every post. Naked home improvement seems like a risky business.