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Some spoilers for Cyseal-area Divinity: Original Sin quests


Good LORD this morning. Go home, take a look at your kids, and remember them this way, for someday they will be emotional balls of hormonal evil who will cause you to be very, very bust and psychologically drained.

You’re gonna love it.

Ok, video games!

Played some. My big accomplishment was solving the twin dungeon deal, with the levels with the elements. I have a feeling that was/will be a different experience (and an easier one) for you two, what playing split screen and all. If you’ve done that, we can compare notes.

Then I went to sell stuff and go shopping and learned the hard way that you should really check what level you have to be to learn a skill BEFORE you buy the skill book. Ah, well. At least I know what I have to look forward to.

Then I just went exploring, and found the church, and talked to some undead people, and was unable to go further cuz lava. Then I found some estate thing that’s covered with ooze and traps and obviously has a puzzle element but what it is or why I should do it or if NOW is the time to do it is all very opaque.

So really, I’m at that point one gets to in non linear games where I’m all “So…..what should I do next?” I mean, I have, like, 15 quests, but either a) I know where I’m supposed to go but can’t cuz too hard, b) I don’t know where I’m supposed to go or c) I have some vague idea of where I’m supposed to go (like Silverglen) but the game seems to be impeding my way cuz I’m not supposed to go there yet.

And the places I CAN go are like this mysterious estate with the traps, and I don’t know what they are.

So I dunno. What the hell should I do? Wander around where I’ve been and potentially waste time? Forge ahead? What?


Adolescence! I can’t wait!

We played some as well. Still didn’t get around to Evelyn’s lair, but we went to the house full of traps. At least, it’s probably the same one? Was there a body with an Imp’s research notes on the steps? First room full of ooze, room full of lava farther back inside?

If so, it has a bit of treasure, and on the other side of it there’s a locked gate we apparently weren’t high enough level to get through (Wolfgraff also couldn’t open one of the chests in the house), and then there’s also a sort of temple full of 7th-level skeletons that promptly murdered us to death. We decided to come back when we’ve got a couple of levels. Given that the locks were also too tough for us, you might want to save that for later.

Right near there in the other direction we met a dog who seemed to want to show us something (we of course couldn’t talk to it), so we followed it right into a pack of wolves. The dog fought on our side, but was killed in the battle (and we checked, but resurrecting it wasn’t an option), so I guess we’ll never know what that was about. In-game, anyway.

So in answer to the question of what should you do? Turn left at the house of traps and talk to that dog and tell me what the heck was up with him or her!

We reached level 6, too, but we STILL don’t have a new talent point to spend, so none of us has the option to learn to talk to animals until at least the next level.

We saw the twin dungeons, but we didn’t do anything with them because we were on our way to something or other. I know what you mean, though.

Hmm…nothing else to report that I can think of.


Adolescence. You’re gonna love it.

Yeah, I met that dog. He said, and this shouldn’t surprise you, that the undead were “all you can eat,” but wolves had driven him away from a huge bone pile that he wanted to chow down on, and could we drive them away? I didn’t do it right away, because I had just found the interesting place, and damned if I was going to abandon it for a dog. But yeah, he said he’d lead me to wolves, which you figured out all by yourself.

Wolves. Wolves were what was up with that dog. I’ll let you know more when I do the quest.

Talking to animals is damn handy. Mostly because animals give you a heads up. Practically every place has a rat or a chicken, and the first thing I do is chat up the rat (or the chicken). It’s usually all something like “Wow, that ghoul upstairs sure is strong!” or “Why aren’t you wearing your pendant?” or something that tips you off to something else. Handy!

Do those dungeons. It’ll give us a chance to talk on both mechanics and theme. And there’s some prime loot. But go get Madora first. No need for lockpickin’.

So what to do? The only thing I can think of (other than going full magpie) is to go back and do something with the lighthouse. My “Expedition: burial mounds” completed when I took the archeologist home, and “expedition church” completed when I told the boss about the two skeletons by the church/lava, but she’s still musing if any of her legionaires survived at the lighthouse, and that quest is still live. No idea as to how to complete it. Thoughts?

I also have no idea what to make of the ghost. I have a quest that just says “We met a ghost who said he crashed a ship to kill his wife,” and I’m all “Yes, yes I did….and what do I do?”

And I have a couple of quests that talk of beaches, and I can SEE some beaches to the north there, on the other side of a long ridge of rocks, and I TRIED to find the way through/over the rocks and couldn’t. There’s a waypoint there mocking me, that I can’t activate. How do I get up there?????

Oh and here’s a thing….remember that main quest? Like, time is being eaten? That one? Well, I found three “source pebbles” or something, and I figure I should do something with them, but damned if I know what. Go back to the end of time?

WHAT DO I DO???????

What are you gonna do?


Yes! We can’t figure out how to get up there either. There’s that waypoint for ‘secluded beach’ or whatever, and we can’t travel there. We’ve been walking up and down that rocky barrier trying to get in there, on and off, for several sessions, but no luck.

Ah–thanks for the translation of the dog’s commentary. I still feel bad he got killed, but at least I know!

About the lighthouse and the legionnaires–did you not talk to those two, on the path to the lighthouse? They were sort of standing on this short offshoot of the path down there, and they told us about the lighthouse and how they were afraid to go near it.

So we went and killed everything, and they went back to the captain or whatever her rank is and claimed credit for defeating the ghoul, so she let them go home (their reward for surviving a mission). We let them get away with claiming the credit, because…we’re softies, I guess. It was also an option to tell her that no, it was all us, but we refrained.

Anyway, that cleared up the quest for us, so if you never met them, then maybe they don’t know the ghoul is dead and haven’t come back, so maybe you could go find them?

I don’t know what to do about the ghost and shipwreck either. Find the shipwreck? Find the wife’s body? And do what with it?

There are a lot of very unclear quests in this game. We have open quests right now where the next step is to talk to someone, and we simply can’t find them. Like the mayor’s maid! We have to tell her what happened to Tom, but damned if we can find her.


Ah, ok, so it’s not just me. Ok. I always wonder if it’s just me. There must be a second act up there. And I’m starting to think there’s more than two acts. Considering that Evelyn’s cave thing is in, well, a cave, maybe it leads up there.

Now if only I could get there…..

I thought maybe underground, but I can’t find a way there.

Well, the dog might have more to say, if I can do that and not get him killed. But, at least at first, and I’ve only done “at first,” all he’s about is getting food and being pissed at wolves. Nothing plot oriented, like with Murphy.

Ah. No, no I did not talk to legionnaires near the lighthouse. I’ll go find them.

Some other things, I’ll wait until we find a way up to that beach. Actually….wait….shit…there might be a cat I can talk to. Seriously.

You gotta get the pet pal perk.

But I don’t think so. The cat gave me something else to do.

What? I don’t have any of those quests. For real? The maid quest involves those “fearless five” I’ve been ignoring, right? She’s sometimes upstairs in the library. Check there.

Did you find the source pebbles? And do you have any idea what to do with them? Cuz they must be important. Esmerelda explicitly mentions them, and when someone explicitly mentions something, it’s gotta be important, right?


But all the same, next I better mop up the lighthouse, then deal with the fearless five? Cuz that’s the maid? Then maybe I’ll level up, cuz then it’s either a) trap house, b) the courtyard by the church and the lava, or c) Evelyn’s cave. Cuz I got nothing else.

Did you find the burning chest?


You don’t actually have to talk to the Five to find Tom, although if we’d joined (we probably still will at some point, but they’re just so sleazy) it’s possible they would have sent us to the place where we eventually randomly stumbled across him. This was while doing…what? Hm. Where DID we find him?

Oh, right, we found a cave and went in and there was…stuff. The cave was…where? It’s all a blur.

I think it was while we were walking back from the lighthouse to the town because we needed to sell some stuff and buy more healing. (As one does.)

So if you’re going over that way anyway to talk to the legionnaires, keep an eye out for a cave. There MAY be a big fight inside it. Plus Tom.

I looked for the sister in the library, and I thought I heard her talking, but I couldn’t find her. We’ll keep trying. She’s got to be somewhere. She’s not lying among the dead guards that still haven’t been moved since that weird battle that we fled from.


Ah, man! Like, the one road I missed. Shit. I think what I did was, after I killed the ghoul all that, I fast traveled back to Cyseal cuz I was messed up and needed to sell some stuff and buy more healing. (As one does.)

HA! That would be kinda funny. Maybe, when you ran away, the guards figured the maid was the bad guy. And the mayor. And they somehow all killed each other. Or something.

You know what’s really weird? We’re still kinda in the same place. We’re in lockstep main story wise, and, while you have Tom and the Legionaires and a chunk of trap house on me, I have the twin dungeons (go do that) on you.

This is so weird!

But you did something with the source pebbles, didn’t you? Cuz you’re being coy.


Oh, sorry, no, I’m not being coy, I’m just being forgetful. I think we found one source pebble? And we haven’t done anything with it. So your guess is as good as mine.

We haven’t been back to the End of Time, so it makes sense that maybe you do something with them there, but we don’t know what, if so. Maybe we give them to that tapestry lady? It’s a mystery.


I’ll give it a try. Cuz I found three up there in Esmerelda’s room. Jake the dead guy had three in his rock collection.

Fast traveling, man. I should know better.


Really, Esmeralda’s room? I thought I looted that place pretty thoroughly, and I don’t remember three of them. Maybe I was just in such a fever of looting that I grabbed them without noticing what they were.


I think so. Yeah. They were in a chest with a ton of other rocks.

We’re missing stuff. We’re lost without hexagons. We’re going soft.


We are! We’re soft and spoiled! But I swear I walked all over that room doing the magic ‘search’ thing and got everything. I even remember getting some other rocks…a moonstone and a diamond, I think. Maybe I picked up the source pebbles too.

I’m sure we’ll wander back by there someday…I’ll have another look just to be sure.

Speaking of game things, have you crafted anything? I’ve found a number of recipes, and I’ve made a few things and have been hanging onto totally random things I find lying around (“hair! yes!”) because I figure it’s probably an ingredient in something, but you don’t seem to get XP for it and the only thing I could craft was much less useful than the versions I picked up all over the place so…I dunno.

I’m kind of thinking of just skipping the whole crafting system. Selling off all my collected hair and eyeballs and stuff.

Although I did learn to make healing potions, which are in fact useful, so maybe I’ll just skip crafting everything else.


We never craft! It’s how we do.

I fiddled with it some, and mostly what I got was “This WOULD be a recipe but your level is too low.” And I have this cup thing that says it makes things into gold, and I tried to combine things with that, but kept getting “You have made nothing.”

Crafting is usually silly.


At least in Skyrim you got XP for making worthless gear that you would then sell to the nearest person for pennies! I did it all the time for that reason alone.

Yeah, crafting always seems like it probably has some use if you keep at if for long enough (like in Skyrim you could eventually make dragon scale armor or whatever, which you couldn’t buy anywhere), but…with all that time, you could just be looting perfectly good gear, which is what I always do anyway.


Yeah. I have more things than I even need! I have things I can’t even use cuz levels and AP!

And it’s little weird being able to craft things like rabbit feet when you can talk to animals. Like “Hey man, can I borrow your feet?” Though it is polite to ask cows for milk, which I can do.


We have stuff we don’t need, too. Things do wear out, although repairing seems cheap, so I’ve been hanging onto extras of things just in case I’m in the middle of a fight and my armor totally gives way or whatever, but even with that we have all kinds of random stuff no one uses.


Oh dude, I ALWAYS forget about repairing stuff. I’ve remembered when I was THIS close to losing something good.

Fun fact: those underwear you get when the game starts can get damaged.



I noticed that!



Some things are not meant to be understood.



Yes, let’s just move on. Fortunately, it’s the end of the day!