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Minor spoilers for the pirate cave area in Divinity: Original Sin


Ok, this time I really don’t have an excuse for having nothing. Well, unless you count the excuse of the kids being home all day so much lately and my soul being crushed. There was that.

I’ll try today. Two of the kids are in a camp until 6 (!), but that means no time AFTER I get them. Better play soon.

But in good game news, Amazon knows me, so my side advertisement is Bayonetta, so at least I have a BEBHBB over there. Small favors.

Amazon REALLY knows me.


Amazon knows us. I kind of figured your kids would crush your soul and you wouldn’t get much done. Kids!

But that’s OK, since all we did last night was go back and find that blood-stained switch you mentioned and go through that skull gate and fight Pontius Pirate (haha, game, haha–it’s funny, but also provokes eye-rolling). And then take his key and go back to the scary door and fight the giant crab spider thing, which was honestly not THAT bad except that both Wolgraff (who I typically run) and I were stunned and poisoned before we could do anything, so the entire fight was Mr. O’s characters. Who did in the end defeat everyone, so no complaints I guess, but it’s not quite as exciting if you can’t do anything.

Anyway, we did that. Talked to Desdemona’s ghost, picked up a cat collar, collected some other loot, and went back to town to sell stuff and buy more resurrection scrolls. It was a productive evening.


Ah, wonderful. So we’re at the same place except I haven’t killed Baron Bones and you haven’t done the TWIN DUNGEONS.

Wrapping up Desdemona’s bit is….interesting. Curious to see what you do.

That spidery thing was a pain. Basically, if I kept it frozen I was all set. If I didn’t, it did that triple awful attack thing and I died.

Wasn’t that switch a pain? Sure, ok, fine, game, I get it. You don’t want to hand hold. You don’t want to put a big ol’ quest marker on the thing we have to find. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if you’re gonna do that, at least play fair and make the very important thing possible to find. That was cheap, I thought.

Another instance of us being totally screwed but for the fact we’re playing at the same time. Which is probably preventing a lot of criticism. We’re giving the game a pass. Maybe too many passes.


Yeah, we haven’t been back to the lighthouse to see what she did. But the twin dungeons are totally next on our list! Assuming we don’t get distracted chasing the white witch around Silverglen, which we almost certainly will.

But no! We’re already in town! The twin dungeons are only about 30 feet away! We can do this! Possibly.

It’s true, being able to fall back on each others’ experience to avoid frustration has probably let us cut the game some slack. There are still parts that feel kind of fiddly and draggy, and if we had to keep muddling around with them, we might be less tolerant after a while.


You can do it! I’m off to lord bones. After I drop off that collar.

Get pet pal. Especially now that you have the collar.

Desdemona is interesting. On a number of levels.

But yeah, I think we’re cutting the game some slack. In a vacuum, we’d be pissed.


We hit level 10, still no new Talent. I’m kind of afraid that by the time we CAN get Pet Pal, we’re not going to want to bother going back and talking to all these animals we didn’t talk to in the first place. Kind of a “the moment has passed” thing, you know?

But there’s also nothing else I specifically am hankering to add to my talents, so…we’ll see.


I suppose it has passed.

Though that cat does have some themes. That it does. And with poor, dear Murphy dead, it’s really the only animal with themes. Cuz he has a quest you can do in ten minutes now that you have the collar, and he…links into something else that is VEEEEERY themey.

The collar? Well, I’ll know whenever I get to play next.

Talents are kinda weird. There really hasn’t been much that’s been compelling, I agree. Levels in stuff? Important. Abilities? Important (I have SO much stuff I’m not strong enough to use). Skills? VERY important. Talents? Hmm. Aside from the pet thing…meh.


Agreed. I think the first one I got was the one that gave you extra skill points, because skills? Useful! Talents? Enh.

We may wind up talking to animals just because we don’t care about any of the other options, and then just talking to whatever we happen across, even if we’re never terribly moved to revisit all the places we’ve been just so we could talk to the rats and so forth.

I mean, if I could have talked to them then? Sure, I’ll talk to everything I see! If I’m done with an area and would only be going back for that? Probably not.


Which seems odd, as talents are harder to come by. Usually, the rarer the thing, the cooler. You should be all “Awwww YES! I get a rare thing! Finally!” It shouldn’t be “Hey! You’ve been waiting so long for this….blah thing.”




I mean, I’m not going to complain too much. It’s kind of nice having the thing you care more about being the thing you get the most points for (although it still gets expensive fast as you improve skills!–which I think basically works, I don’t have a problem with the trade off between getting a few things really high, or having a lot of low-level skills).

But as you say, it seems a little odd. We wait and wait and wait and at last, finally, the moment comes!–and we shrug and take Pet Pal, I guess, even though its moment has kind of passed, because whatever, it’s not like we care about the rest of this stuff.

The talents are really pretty much Feats from D&D 3.5, though, and after a while you did sometimes get to where there weren’t any feats you cared about for your particular character, so you’d just take Alertness to get a quick two points in Listen and Spot or whatever, because why not.

And because Pet Pal was never an option in D&D.


Hey, pet pal is still pretty awesome. The hints you get from rats are really handy. And I have a feeling there’ll be some other animals to talk to. No way it stops mattering.


We did find a big wounded animal near Silverglen that possibly could have offered suggestions about how to help it…although possibly not, not every injured creature/person knows how to fix the problem.

But yeah, no doubt there will still be animals around.


Ah, see, that’ll have something to say. Guaranteed.


It will have something to say. Will what it has to say actually be useful? I don’t know. It might just say “oh the pain, the pain!”

Certainly can’t hurt to ask, though. I mean, if one could talk to animals anyway.

Butch [later]:

Well, did the cat (which was interesting) which got me to level 9 so I walloped the Baron of Bones. And then panicked. Why?

Because I thought he’d have the key to the church force field. He didn’t. So I went on the net to say “Where is it?” and it was all “Well, Jake is supposed to give it to you, but this is a known bug where it disappears.”

Oh. Shit.

So I panicked. I turned the PS4 back on. Looked through everyone’s inventory.

It’s. Not. There.

Total panic.

So, as a last ditch, I check the equipment screen.

Fucking Roderick’s been WEARING it the whole time.


Oh, and throw “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” on the “someday” pile. Look it up.

And no, not being ironic. We’re playing something from that pile now.


Hahahahaha!!!! Roderick, you scamp!

More religiously themed titles? OK, man. OK.


You laugh at my panic.

Hey, man, we love comparative bloggage.

Plus, there’s romance, nudity and strong sexual content. We haven’t done that in ages.