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Spoilers for the twin dungeons in Divinity: Original Sin


I have nothing past cats, Barons getting whupped, and panic.

Leveling really is different in this game, isn’t it? I mean, that was EASY at level 9. Easy! And that fight wasn’t even close before. I spent all this time buying scrolls, planning tactics, and really, at level 9, I didn’t need to do more planning than “I think I’ll just walk in there and kill everyone.”

And it seems pretty accurate. Level seven bad guy? Equal fight when you’re level seven. It’s rather refreshing after Horizon (and, let’s face it, that whole level thing was one of the few things that game got very wrong).


Man, it’s so true! The Baron utterly destroyed us at first, to the point where we didn’t even bother to run the fight again because it was so obvious he was too tough for us.

We came back later at the same level he was, and it was a fight, yeah, we weren’t just hanging out twiddling our thumbs and laughing at them (not like in the twin dungeons, which we finally did last night and which wasn’t even really a battle anymore), but in the end it wasn’t even that close.

Levels definitely mean something here. Which, yeah, I love me some Horizon, but challenge levels in that game are just whatever number someone was thinking about at the time.

“How many bagels are left? Fourteen? Sounds good…”

So yeah. Levels. And speaking of needing amulets to get past force fields, we did the twin dungeons, defeated the Mysterious Opponents, got some loot. Robbing graves again…our mamas must be so proud.


Ah, good.

Ok, so how did that play out for you two? You basically were in one, he was in the other, you wound up fighting “each other” split screen, right?

Cuz I had to do it one at a time. So Scarlett went to one, everyone else stayed put, hit the thing, switch back and boom! A stranger!

But I took advantage of a weird quirk of this game that you aren’t dealing with. See, if you’re playing single player, and one of “you” gets into a fight and the other doesn’t, you can switch to the one that isn’t in combat which pauses combat. So Scarlett hit the thing, stranger appears, then I switched BACK to Scarlett who leisurely strolled back to where the fight was and joined in, fighting “herself” alongside Roderick. And then I did it in reverse with Roderick.

And because I did it one at a time, we did one, got the pendant, went down together, put it down, repeat.

So what did you do? Cuz I think the difference is probably themey.


No…we were in separate dungeons, true, but only one opponent appeared at a time. The woman showed up in my dungeon first, and Delios/Bairdotr teleported over to join me and Wolgraff, using the pyramid.

We defeated her, went down the hatch, put the pendent on the pedestal, went back up, did the same thing for the other dungeon. Nothing terribly complicated–the main thing was, as you said, that we had to push the buttons in the order of the OTHER tombstone, not the one we were looking at.

We never fought each other, although I did initially think that woman resembled Bairdotr. Wrong hair color, though.


Nah, it was “each other.” Cuz it said you’d face “your ally,” but, no doubt, it was the other player. Roderick’s “opponent” was a female shadowblade, Scarlett’s was a male cleric. Absolutely no doubt.

And I think we both did it wrong. See, I THINK the game wanted us to fight the way I described: you on one half of the screen, him on the other, then going down independently only to meet on other sides of the same wall, pendants in hand. Being apart, fighting the “other,” then rejoining each other. You could even see through that wall to the other pedestal.

Cuz this was where I started to think maybe Scarlett and Roderick were/are the same person. Cuz it read as having to fight “yourself” only to rejoin “yourself.” Or at least it could have been read that way.

But you got a woman in your dungeon? Damn. That might undermine me, here. But did your woman have similar skills to Delios?


No, the woman in my dungeon was an archer, which is why I thought she might be Bairdotr. But her hair was red, and Bairdotr is blonde. I’m trying to remember if Valena has red hair, and I’m honestly not sure (in her portrait it’s dark, but her portrait is not a good likeness). Even if she does, she never uses a bow. Delios occasionally uses a crossbow, but this woman had a shortbow, so that’s not a good match either.

The man in Mr. O’s dungeon was…honestly, I’m not sure what he was, since we stunned him and killed him before he could do much of anything. It’s possible he was a wizard like me, but that doesn’t account for the female archer. Maybe he was a rogue like Wolgraff, and the game mistook the NPCs for the PCs? Doesn’t seem terribly plausible…

So I like your theory, it has some very nice theminess and the “your double will face your ally” language is very suggestive, but our experience doesn’t really support it.

It’s also true that I guess we could have ended up fighting our opponents at the same time, but that would have required us to synchronize our button pushes, and we instinctively took turns instead (because why not wait and see what happens to one of us before the other one does the same thing?).

Maybe there was MEANT to be a theme such as you describe, but it’s just not set up in such a way that it really comes together. Possibly because while it would be possible for two players to synchronize button pushes and do their fights separately, it wouldn’t be possible for one player, and so it couldn’t be a requirement of the puzzle?

I don’t know about the “your double” part, though, since our opponents didn’t work well as doubles to either of us.


Hmm. Man, let down. I was eager for you to do that because I thought “that would’ve been so themey if I had been playing this coop,” but I guess it wasn’t. Or it missed the mark just as much.

Though an interesting wrinkle is timing. I found this early, and those strangers killed the hell out of me. Which, if you see it as “this is you” or even “this is your friend “ is themey. Not this way.


It really does seem like there was meant to be something there. The twin imagery, the ‘double’ and ‘ally’ references, the way the tunnel and pedestal on one side was mirrored on the other side. But whatever it was didn’t really come together for us, at least.


We’ll see if it ties in later.

Remember, this was their first game. Not everything is gonna work.


It’s true. Not every idea is going to play out in all its potential glorious themage.


But I must admit, I am a bit disappointed this one didn’t pan out. Thought for sure that it would be cool if I had just done it split screen.

I still think that Scarlett and Roderick are the same person.

All the more on the theme of self romance!


The self-romance is a good theme. Maybe some split personality in there too, since sometimes we disagree with each other.

Oh, speaking of nothing really, we found the ‘how to speak zombie troll’ book in the twin dungeons. So we COULD have talked to that troll, if only we’d pursued the challenges in a normal way. It IS our fault!


It IS! I’m so gonna chat up that troll.

Maybe I’ll romance it just because.

As for disagreeing…Hmm. Go chat with Desdemona. Then chat with each other.


I think you should romance it.

The last thing we had a self-chat about was my thievin.’ Delios was all “I can’t help but notice you steal everything that’s nailed down,” and had the option to be either disapproving (“do you real think this behavior is appropriate for a Source Hunter?”) or supportive (“and it’s helped us out a lot, so good for you!”).

He chose to be supportive. We’re totally going to wind up romancing ourself/each other.

Given the way half the other people we run into wind up dead (including that troll), we’re going to be our only option.


Oh dude, we’re (I’m?) so past that. Desdemona, the cat, so much LOVE man. So many chances to see ourselves reflected in the emotions of ghosts and cats. So romantic.

And yes. Usually, happy marriages are based on the fact that everyone else you know has died an untimely death.


Sometime we need to compile our “secrets for a happy marriage”. I mean, there’s that, there’s…I can’t remember, but I’m sure it’s come up before.


I think it had something to with not buying a house or having more than one kid.



And now we know our relationships are doomed to eventually collapse. Well, we’ve had some good years. With any luck, we’ll at least be able to finish this game.


Nah, we’re cool. Why? Because the best way to fix anything is booze, and we have booze.

We should start an advice column. It would be so easy.

“Dear Butch and Femmy: So my boyfriend and I were talking and–“
Us: Booze.
Writer: But I didn’t finish–
Us: Booze.
Writer: But I didn’t really ask my question–
Us. Don’t need to. Answer is booze.

We’d break the internet.



Booze. We must cling to it.


Preach it, sister.

Man, we’d be awesome giving advice.


People would definitely never come back.

Either their relationship problems would be totally cured, or they’d be dead of alcohol poisoning.