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No particular spoilers


Got nothing. Was all caught up in Nugget birthday. Eight years of Nugget.

But game wise I didn’t play.

But you know? It’s been a good long while since I said that. We used to say that more. If a mark of a good game is rushing back to play it, this is a very good game.

I even write on Monday! About games!

Anyway, what you got?


Eight years of Nugget! How the time does go by. Happy being-eight to him.

It’s weird when your kids get to be old enough that you can remember being that age. I mean, REALLY remember. I have flashes of memory from when I was about 2 1/2, and so I’ve got that vague sense of when everything was sooooo big…but O’Jr. is going to be 6, and I remember turning 6, I remember stuff from our life when I was 6. And 8? Or 10? I remember being that person, who was 10 years old. And so it must be sort of easier to relate to them because you remember, but it’s also just weird.

How did I get from being that person to being the powerful, seemingly arbitrary parent of that person, in charge of doing the yelling about the perfectly reasonable decision to do something creative like repeatedly jumping off the bed to try to grab onto the ceiling fan?

Somebody’s got to do it, I guess.

In retrospect, babies are…not EASY, but they’re SIMPLE. They just get more and more complicated as they get older. Ah well. Eventually they turn into brilliant, thoughtful grown-ups like us who produce extremely wordy blogs! That’s the goal.

Eyes on the prize, Nugget!

And it’s true, we haven’t been saying “I got nothing” much lately. We’re working hard on this!

We have…something, but not much. We finished one hard-fought battle (on the 3rd attempt, which considering each attempt takes about 15 minutes, was a significant achievement), moved 30 feet, and got into another battle with the same type of nasty beastie. It’s going to be that kind of an environment, I think. It’s slightly overleveled for us (we’re 13, the monsters are all 14), so we might eventually just retreat and come back in a week when we’re tougher. We have talked about levels in this game being actually meaningful.

So basically, we’re 30 feet closer to the mine! Yay us!


Yup. Or even specific things. I remember being in the fifth grade play when I was in fifth grade, and here I am watching my fifth grader in a play a couple of weeks ago. It does get a little surreal. And likely stays that way.

I think that’s why some parents are baby people and some are “kid” people. Both are hard, but some people don’t want the challenge of homework and hormones and just want to watch something gurgle and try to eat its toes. And some people find that boring. I’ll take kid any day.

Well, most days.

Mines…Ah, man! Ok, I should level. Though I did notice that I’m getting slightly better at beating things that are a little more powerful level wise. Remember the snowmen? They were level 11, and there were three of them. I won, and said “I didn’t know I was level 11,” and I’m not. I’m level ten. But won anyway! I don’t know if that means the gaps between levels are getting smaller or I’m just getting better at the game.

It is a serious drawback of this game (though I don’t think it could be avoided, what being turn based and all) that you can invest a lot of real world time in a long fight and lose all that time if you die. Or having to look at the clock thinking “Do I have to stop early in case there’s a 30 minute fight ahead?” I’ve been thinking IF this could be avoided with a tweak in game design, but I don’t think so. Not if you want to keep it turn based.


The very worst is when we’ve invested 15 or 20 minutes in the fight, WON it, and then Delios was killed WHEN THE LAST MONSTER EXPLODED AS IT DIED. I was already dead, and as you know, if both of the PCs are down, you lose, even if an NPC remains alive.

It was brutal. This was our last night.

We did come back to win and survive in the third attempt, but it was brutal.

And yeah, I don’t think there’s really any way around this issue with turn-based combat. Although one thing we did find is that it will let you quick save in the middle of combat, so you could potentially go ahead and get into a fight, realize you didn’t have time to finish it right then, and just save and come back later. If that comforts you at all. (It doesn’t comfort us a lot, because obviously when you’re in the middle of a fight you want to damn well finish it and find out how it turns out…but it’s a better option than either HAVING to play it to the end or quit and lose all progress.)


Oh dude! That’s just mean, exploding monster.

Wait, you can save mid fight??? Really?

That’s life changing!

Once again at the playground. Gotta enjoy this nice weather while it lasts.


Get outside, everyone! Unless your weather is bad, in which case, stay inside and play games.