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Some spoilers for the confrontation with Boreas in Divinity: Original Sin


That. Fucking. Sucked.

No, really. That. FUCKING. SUCKED.

Like, I couldn’t dent him. Then he made lava. Then he made that green shit…

I finally got him to go outside. I thought “Phew. His elementals will be in there and I can beat him out here no never mind he can still make them show up next to Wolgraff.”

I thought: “Maybe a wolf. Wolves don’t use elements that are obviously making him heal.” No. Wolf didn’t do shit.

I even thought “Maybe if I run into that camp of immaculates who are saying ‘Guess we’ll just kill any elemental that comes by’ the immaculates will help me kill all these elementals.'” Nope. Four fucking elementals in their camp AND King Boreas and they sat there saying “Guess we’ll just kill any elementals that come by.” Thanks for nothing, immaculates.

I finally….not proud here….turned down the difficulty. I was just too infuriated. Like, I was MAD at this fight.

And that’s what did it.

Over an hour. And that’s what I got. Rage. I have rage.

Nothing else. Just rage. Cuz I stopped there. Well, after I picked up the staff. And there’s all those siblings, and the game is being funny and I was all “Oh step OFF game. NOT in the mood to laugh right now. Fucking staff.”


Wow. Thanks for nothing, Immaculates. I knew those people were jerks.

That’s interesting, because we really didn’t have that bad a time with Boreas. I mean, he was definitely tough, and it was a lengthy and challenging fight that burned a ton of our resources, but we got through it on the first try, and didn’t even do anything creative like leading him into the Immaculate camp (which really SHOULD have done something–that was a smart play, and it’s too bad the game didn’t recognize it). We just ran around the throne room chipping at him with whatever it was he was LEAST resistant to and summoning undead warriors to distract his elementals, and eventually they were all dead. We had to resurrect Wolgraff afterwards, but even he ALMOST survived the battle.

Sorry, man. I wish that had been less horrible!

But in case we were wondering, that’s exactly why we don’t like hard games. Because even when you finally win, you’re not happy about it, you’re just filled with rage. (Giant robot…mutter mutter, seething hatred.)


They so are jerks. Lazy jerks at that.

WHAT? How was it not horrible for you? I was barely denting him! And how did you deal with, like, the lava floor and stuff? He was awful! Like, it wasn’t even close until I turned down the difficulty. And had we not been outside? Hell no.

Though yeah, that was rather timely, given yesterday’s talk. Certainly a mark against Bloodborne.

Because yes, this wasn’t a “Yay me!” moment. This was a “Game? Fuck you for making me do that” moment. Nowhere near as much fun.

And it does read like some sort of narrative mistake. Cuz, even through my seething rage, I was talking to the staff and it was all “There was an imp named Jijax” and I’m saying “Yup, met him, deader than Elvis” “who told me of an elemental forge” and I’m saying “Yup. Found it. It’s up there, right where Femmy said it would be…” It all felt very out of order. But, again, it seems that was the only way in.

Oh well. At least the fucking king is dead.


I don’t know! I don’t know how we did it.

We didn’t even go outside. I think maybe we charmed one of the elementals? I don’t know, we didn’t even do anything terribly clever, just fought and eventually won.

Maybe we’ve had it set on ‘easy’ all along without realizing it. I’ll check next time we log in. And I remember. So I will never check.


“Easy” is “explorer mode.” “Normal” is “Classic mode.” Not sure why. It defaults to classic, so unless you went in there and monkeyed with it (unlikely) that ain’t it.

See, I was out of…well..everything. I used them on the forge dudes! And I always forget about summoning. When I was at the barrier the first time, I looked through there, and said “Ah. He’s alone. Fine.” So I figured all was well. And then, of course, it was “Oh, right…he can summon stuff..and do WHAT THE HELL I’m dead.”

I had two static cloud arrows which were helpful, a poison one that wasn’t, and a nail bomb that I missed with. I wasted my charm arrows at the forge.

And, see, in order to keep up some narrative momentum, I haven’t left Hiberheim to shop. That just seems like it would break the mood. For the life of me, I can’t find anyone to sell me stuff here. Those outposts with the Immaculates? I’ve been avoiding those cuz I don’t want to waste my arrows.

And more evidence that Scarlett and Roderick are going to wind up together (if they aren’t the same person): after that, there was dialog and she was all “I took some friendly fire there….” and he apologized and they ended up flirting.

I mean, when you like someone enough that “You hit me with a nail bomb” leads to flirting, you like someone.



That might have been it. We had a lot of resources. Those Immaculates will trade with you, if you intimidate/reason/charm them into not fighting, so we got some stuff there.

So we had the fancy arrows, lots of healing potions, we summoned Nick, all that stuff. Plus we were pretty much fresh off the Baron of Bones at that point, due to our delayed handling of that little matter, so we were kind of like “oh, tons of enemies spellcasting and charging from all sides in a smallish space? On it!” It felt almost like a recap of that battle.

The familiarity gave us confidence, perhaps.

Anyway, the thing is, he’s dead now.


Damn it. I have too much sense to stay within the narrative. Should’ve gone shopping.

Ain’t that always the way?


“Should’ve gone shopping” is certainly a sentence that often rings true. As you were saying yesterday, there’s no need to buy armor or weapons, but potions and scrolls and nifty arrows? Those you very often wish you’d bought more of.

Possibly grenades…I’ve been having my Wolgraff get more into the grenades. Gives him something to do at range without having to switch weapons (assuming he’s got his daggers equipped). Switching two weapons just uses too many action points!


That was another problem with this fucking fight!

“Oh, shit! Ice guys! Switch to fire! That took a turn, now I’m a mess. Oh, shit! Fire guys! Switch to water! That took a turn now I’m dead.”

I keep trying grenades, but no one in my party could hit the broadside of a barn with them. “I’ll show you! Taaaaaaake that! Uh….well….can I try again? Cuz that was a little high and wide and I’m dead.”

Fuck this fight.


YES. Man. No one can throw grenades worth a damn. It’s ridiculous. Wolgraff is the best of the bunch (perception? dexterity? something) and even he sometimes gets them in totally the wrong place.

Switching weapons is such a point-sink. My magic missile does different elemental damage depending on the staff I’m using, and yeah, there was a lot of “oh no, time for the water staff!” and that uses half my points swapping. But at least I only have to swap one thing.

Wolgraff is nimble and has a lot of AP, but even so, swapping both his weapons takes up half his turn.

Not that I’m complaining from a mechanics standpoint: I think the AP system works pretty well and fairly realistically approximates the way you can only take a limited number of actions in a combat round. I’m into it. But it does make for a significant downside of dual-wielding.


Bombs? Bombs are good. I like bombs. Hard to miss with a bomb (though I managed to last night). Grenades? Useless.

Though have you used a nightmare grenade? That shit is fucked up. Tried one last night and WHOA!

And swapping sucks, but you have to do it cuz you can end up healing baddies! I HATE that! “Hey I finally hit him! And take that and he’s full health and I’m dead.”

Though using poison to heal Nick is pretty sweet.

Boy, isn’t it an extra pain swapping two weapons? And I still haven’t figured out how AP affect how you can attack with two weapons. Sometimes I attack and “whack whack! And again whack whack!” Then, later, “Doink.” End turn.

What’s with that?


I have a nightmare grenade! Haven’t used it, though. Someone used a fright spell on us once…the Guardian, maybe?

But speaking of healing baddies, last night an Immaculate threw a Holy Hand Grenade and caught Delios (along with his Immaculate friends), who was partially healed. So that was a minor note there: those do indeed heal EVERYONE within range, as we surmised.

But yeah, I hate accidentally healing them. Gotta check those resistances!

Though, again, while I complain about that, I have to also say that I think it’s a nice mechanic in general, and makes you really think about what you’re doing in a fight and how to use your resources effectively.


It does. Makes you think.

The nightmare grenade is scary, that it is.

Except if you’re Boreas. Then you give nary a shit.


Boreas: Tra-la-la, are you trying to do something? Whatever, let me summon some poison ooze and earth elementals and then waltz over here to set some stuff on fire!

Speaking of teleport: teleporting enemies into lava. Obviously only works if there’s lava around, but O. M. G. The best.

I mean, unless they’re Boreas, who would probably be healed by that.


That does kinda rock.

I couldn’t teleport Boreas. I tried. Nothing. Worked.

But lava did kill the guardian. Just had to get tricky.


Yeah, I think actually I tried to teleport him too. Also the Guardian. No luck. So it doesn’t work on really big enemies.

Very nice for the normal sized/normal strength ones, though. I have it as a skill now, which is pretty sweet. Don’t have to rely on scrolls all the time!


Scarlett and Roderick both have it! so they can do it to the same dude! It’s the best. Get someone away from Bairdotr. He’s all

“Man! Ok, I’ll just walk back next to her and OH COME ON!”


Ha! That’s AWESOME. I love those teamwork moments.


The “Get baddie away from delicate character” is key. Wolgraff will thank you.


Oh, he does. Although as a wizard, I am also a delicate character, so a lot of times it’s “get baddie away from me!”

And given that my survival can keep the party from losing a fight (in the unfortunate event of Delios’ death), and Wolgraff’s cannot, I do prioritize my own welfare. Purely for the good of the group, you understand.

Also, I don’t like to be dead. But mainly it’s the good of the group!


I don’t like to be dead is a great


We’re doing well with those today.

In other news, WHY THE FUCK DID MY KIDS HAVE A HALF DAY? It’s not snowing!!!!



Ours also had one, but it was already on the schedule, not snow-related, and the after school program picks up those days, so we didn’t have to do anything. As far as I’ve heard, they’re not calling any weather-related adjustments.

Although just wait, previously when I’ve been all “haha our school system is more hardcore than yours!” they’ve done a “school is cancelled for the next two days just because we missed the non-snow-day everyone else took” thing, so I shouldn’t gloat too soon.


Fucking ridiculous. They could’ve walked home.


And someday they will! Live the dream. Have them come in all tired out from fresh air and exercise so they don’t have the energy to fight with each other or bother you.

Oh, who am I kidding? They always have the energy to fight with each other.


Their walk home will be nothing but a warm up.

I wish they’d fight the superintendent. This is absurd.


Yeah. They’ll arrive back all limbered up and energized from their fresh air and exercise, and seething with the grievances they’ve been discussing along the way. Maybe better to pick them up and hope they’re lulled into somnolence on the car ride home.


But if I pick them up, I can’t drink.

Buses. See what you miss?


Sigh. Buses. That’s the missing link, all right.

Alas for the glory of the school bus, which we shall never know!