Some spoilers for Divinity: Original Sin plot points


No, YOU’RE insane! So there!

You know how the plan was “go to the plane, stern words, then truck along with things?” Well, it turned out to be “Go to the plane.”

Why? Cuz when I got there, Zixzax immediately started talking, there was a new room, then another new room, people to chat up in the new rooms, another cutscene about….things….and a bunch of new dialog options. None of which were stern words.

An hour later, I decided “truck along with things” could wait. An HOUR! And DUDE! More themes in that hour than in some whole games we’ve played and we CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT CUZ YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT!

And to make things weirder, I STILL don’t have that “Get Icara to tell you more of her sister’s plans” thing you have (even though she has now told me to go join the Immaculates, which I guess is what you’re doing. Why she told you that before the mines is beyond me) and there is certainly not something attacking my plane. My plane is fine. Nothing bothering it at all.

So I have fascinating themes, and you have a trophy that says you’ve gotten Icara to say things she hasn’t said to me, and you have a rather laconic something kinda attacking things.

Very strange.

So how did you get on the path you’re on? Cuz it was all very linear to me.

Icara: Go to mine.
Me: Cool. (Finishes quest, triggers next dialog)
Icara: Go to Immaculates.

You know, as games do.

You obviously triggered her saying SOMETHING. How did that go? Cuz she didn’t say a damn thing about the Immaculates/joining them until the mines were done.


Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! I don’t know which one of us is sane!

It’s going to turn out that we’re both equally insane, just trapped in our own delusions.

So. Lots of plot, eh? But nothing about ‘more on her sister’s plans.’ Interesting. Hm. Well, as best I recall our path was something like:

Icara: Go to the mines


  • Go toward the mines but can’t immediately figure out how to get there, take the wrong path, get sidetracked wandering around in the sandy wastes, as one does
  • Run into Zixzax somewhere out there in the sandy wastes, which apparently triggers the “end of time is under attack!!!!” part of the game
  • Reach the mines, run away from the death knights
  • Revisit the end of time on multiple occasions in between wandering around clearing the map, but fail to get the plot you mentioned because it’s under attack: at some point, pick up the suggestion to infiltrate the Immaculates
  • Go infiltrate the Immaculates
  • As a result of said infiltration, learn stuff that, I think, triggers the ‘more about her sister’s plans’ talk
  • Hear about a spell to defeat the death knights and head off to look for that

Which brings us more or less to today. Not EXACTLY linear. But we’re getting the job done! In our own, circuitous fashion.

Or we’re insane. Probably that one.


Or both.

Probably both.

Funny you should say that about our separate delusions…… Do the mines. Get the plot I got. We’ll talk. Later.

And nope, I didn’t get anything. Well, not that trophy you have. You have a trophy called “Headlines” that says “Get Icara to tell you more about her sister’s plans.” It’s logo is a scroll thingy. I was totally expecting to get it when she talked about joining the immaculates, and nada. And no attack. Weird.

But your progress…Ah ha! Yes, I haven’t run into Zixzax in the “real world” in ages. Since Evelyn, I think.

I blame myself for your repeated failures at the end of time. But, in my defense, didn’t know the attack thing….

Ah, see, I know about that spell. And not just from a rat. I probably have the thing you don’t have, and you probably have the thing I don’t have. I think it’s one of those deals, to make sure you do both. I think. I wouldn’t be surprised.


Are you looking for a vial of blood, by any chance? Because we have a vial of blood. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

I also blame myself…our end of time was already under attack when you said you’d gone to the mirror place or wherever, but I didn’t want to mention that because of spoilers. If only we’d shared notes more fully, we would have…known things sooner. Which would have…not changed anything about what we were both doing, I guess, so no worries.

I suppose we might not have gone back to the end of time quite as often looking fruitlessly for statues to talk to, but on the other hand one of the times we went back we DID get more information, so it’s all good. The only real downside was that I became slightly more convinced you’re insane, and that was bound to happen sooner or later anyway.

Because we’re almost certainly both insane, and at some point there will be no more hiding it.


Indeed I am. Are you looking for a piece of paper to write on? Because I have a fantastic piece of paper. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Sigh. I hope you get all of this plot. Though, if you do get it in one big data dump, it’s gonna be hard to blog. Lots there to wade through.

Are we hiding it? I didn’t know.


We were probably only hiding it from ourselves. Though not very successfully even then.

We ARE looking for a piece of paper! If only there were a way to join our games together, we could get this DONE.

Man, I hope maybe we got a hint of some of the information in the data dump earlier, because you’re right, it’s hard to discuss that much information when it comes all at once.

We got a little confused even trying to work out the details of the Jake’s murder plot on the blog, and that was a (relatively) tiny little storyline.

Well, we’ll do our best. It’s what we do.

Unless we’re derailing into nudity discussions.


Speak for yourself. I know you’re bonkers.

Well, then! That explains a lot. I didn’t know I was looking for said paper, and I found it and Scarlett was all “I could write quite the spell with this!” and I thought “Uh…you mean it’s different from…like…everything else we’ve found? There might be a quest about this….”

Yeah. Shit, just what I got last night would’ve been a lot. There’s…some hints? Kinda? I guess? Not really. There’s a lot going on.

And the Jake confusion was because we saw different things at different times. At least I know that when you finally see all this stuff I can be like “Ah, yes. That.”

We do our best. And our best is good.


So true! So basically, no matter what we’ll be fine.

Confused and trapped in our own delusions, but fine.