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Spoilers for the Immaculate proving ground in Divinity: Original Sin


Note comparin’ time cuz all that was weird.

So did the levers (thanks for the hint, that would’ve taken me forever), got through, the star stone went all “Fwbong” (that’s the best heal XP noise translation I can do, you know what I mean), there was a room with pillows everywhere, talked to Loic and things got awkward.

He was all “Wait…you’re healthy? This is so weird….” and ran off. Then I had a choice with a chicken. I spared it, because I wasn’t sick. Then I got to leave, he shows up, we fight. I think, “Shit. I was supposed to be undercover. Better do that again. Sorry chicken.” So I reload. I kill the chicken. But same deal. “DEFILER OF STAR STONE!” Fight. So much for cover. And I died. So I reloaded, DIDN’T kill the chicken (cuz if there’s gonna be a fight, why kill a chicken, too?) and fought and fought until I won. This got me a couple of keys, one of which was to the hatch in his church. So I went there, and found some stuff, couple of blood stones, and a portal that seems to have taken me to the other side of the map near a marker called “star stone.”

Was all this supposed to happen? Cuz a) you had rot and I didn’t and it seemed to bother him that I didn’t and b) I know you spent a great deal of time in the desert fighting spiders and I didn’t and now I’m on the other side of the map from all that. Did my Bairdotr trick mess me up here? Why were you in the desert?

I kinda think this is ok, though, cuz the one fight I did have with spiders they were level 14 and I’m still 13.

But my cover’s blown! Isn’t it? Is it? My log says “We’ll have to keep pretending we passed the trial.” But how’s that gonna go?

Them: Hey where’s Loic?
Us: Dunno.
Them: He was down in the trial temple. Didn’t you just do that?
Us: Uh…..yes?
Them: Did you pass?
Us: Yes! Certainly. Totally passed.
Them: Oh, good, then Loic should be done. Kevin, could you run down, tell Loic we got bagels and we can start the budget meeting whenever-
Us: NO! I mean….uh….I think Loic….uh….just…..we passed!
Them: What’s going on here……
Us: Uh….it was part of the trials…helping him deal with…his thing…with..uh….gluten! Yes. He’s SO over gluten. So we’ll just have his bagels and move on….
Them: Yeah…I’m starting to think…..


I think your Bairdotr trick was irrelevant to the plot, because that’s exactly what happened to us, only the dramatic healing noise cured us of rot.

Which (we assumed) is what made Loic freak out with “you’re healthy, how can that be?” and run off. And then come back and fight us.

But before he ran off, I collected every damn one of those pillows and sold them to him! And then collected them off his charred corpse later and sold them to someone else. It’s a beautiful cycle.

We didn’t even bother to reload, though, because we figured our cover was busted when he ran off, and we were ready for a fight. I declined to sacrifice the chicken, which then ran around getting in the way of the fighting and was killed by one of the Immaculates’ blast attacks near the end of the battle.

Siiiiigh…I tried to save that chicken! But, like everything else we touch, it wound up dead. And then if you pick up its corpse, the description is “the corpse of a chicken that didn’t have to die.”

I KNOW IT DIDN’T, game. And if it had had the sense to stay out of the middle of the raging combat, it wouldn’t have!

Leave me alone! It’s not my fault!

Anyway, as for our cover being wrecked, I think somehow no one figured out that we were the ones who killed Loic and all those other people? Because we’ve successfully passed as Immaculates ever since. Apparently we picked up some amulets, because we’ll meet some Immaculates and be challenged and have the option to say “my amulet should prove I’m one of you” and they instantly accept it.

I’m not sure if these ‘amulets’ are actual items that we could accidentally sell, or if they’re now just kind of part of our characters (we didn’t intentionally equip anything, so maybe it’s just a magical aura?), but just in case, I wouldn’t sell any amulets for a while.

So assuming your Bairdotr trick was irrelevant and that the game intended you to be healed of rot at that altar…interesting, right? Because Loic DIDN’T expect the altar to heal you (presumably he expected to make you sacrifice a chicken to be healed), and yet for some reason it did.

So…what is that altar? Why did it heal us when it wasn’t ‘supposed’ to? There’s something going on here that the Immaculates (as well as we) don’t completely understand. Is there some power involved here that’s trying to dodge the Conduit’s influence by demonstrating itself to us in a way that’s dramatically contrary to her program? Or is it more of us being special and different, and we have the ability to tap into the same power, but without needing the intermediary step of sacrificing something?

I don’t know yet. But it’s interesting.


Ah. Figured that might be a thing. I couldn’t tell if there was a way to Loic without going by that stone. Guess not. Or we both missed it.

That’s pretty great. I can see that.

You: Hey wanna buy some pillows?
Loic: ***looks down into the room*** Hey, now that you mention it, we do seem to be pretty low on pillows…..Better take care of that. Might not be done killing you by nap time, and the initiates get so cranky….

Dude, you are death incarnate. Even the damn chicken????

“The corpse of a chicken that didn’t have to die” is pretty fucking awesome. I kinda love this game. Interestingly, on the reload when I did kill the chicken, it didn’t say that. Just “corpse of a chicken.” He did curse me that a giant rooster would come and poke out my eyes. I kinda wonder if that would’ve happened. I guess we’ll never know.

Ooo! Good to know. Strangely, I have been wearing mine, as they give you +1 to strength, which is pretty helpful in the whole weapon department. And extra HP. So I’m good. I think.

Ooo! I didn’t even put that together about the altar!

I MIGHT have a theory on that, as I know a couple cutscenes worth of things you don’t know, but nothing that answers that. Just some stuff that would lead to WILD SPECUALTION! Very long winded WILD SPECULATION! Probably good we can’t go there on a Friday.

Though again, am I in the right place? Cuz you said you were wading through spiders, and I am very much NOT wading through spiders. Am I supposed to be wading through spiders? Where were you going in spiderland?

Cuz I’m nervous: the portal in Loic’s basement zapped me to another thing that looks like a way point but I don’t think it is. I think I need to be in Loic’s basement to use it.

I’m confused. Not that I WANT to fight spiders, but you know me: fear I’m missing something.


Oh yeah…the spiders were earlier for us. When we went out up there looking for that cave, we kind of got sidetracked and wandered off into the wastes. There were spiders. There was annoying, slowed fighting where we barely got any action points. There was a place where we met Zixzax and heard about an attack on the end of time. But it was all peripheral to the Immaculates thing. Don’t worry about it, you can go back anytime.

AFTER the Immaculates thing, we, like you, checked out the basement (which we had actually already checked out, because we picked the lock and sneaked down there earlier), and went through the portal, and started looking around that general area. So that is definitely the way to proceed.

Or it’s A way to proceed. You could also go back and explore the wastes and look for spiders and Zixzax. It’s all good.


Well, am I gonna have reason to go back to the wasted later? For story themey reasons?

Have you done where I am?

And how’d you do it? I was outleveled and I’ve gotten all that mine xp!


Are you in the Phantom Forest? Is that where the basement portal dumps you out? Because we started exploring around the forest and that’s kind of where we still are.

It seems like there MUST be a plot reason to go back to the sandy wastes at some point since that’s where we met Zixzax and heard about the attack on time and all, which seems a bit important–but we haven’t run into that reason yet. Though there is a marker for a temple or something up there in the still-dark portion of the map, isn’t there? And where there is a marker, sooner or later there will be a quest to that marker. So yeah, it’s probably safe to say you’ll go back there at some point.

Possibly when you’re tougher and/or more ready for the end of time to be under attack.


I don’t know! I’m near a marker called “sacred stone,” which is pretty vague. I think Bairdotr wants to go there to find her friend.

Well…somewhere I have to find that blood, right? That’s gotta be nearby…..

Ok. Didn’t notice that. Cuz those spiders sure killed me dead. That spider fight was UGLY.

Speaking of which, you should probably do the mines before you get too overpowered.


Yeah, we fought a few spiders OK, and then we started running into ones where we just said “OK, later legsy.” Even the ones that were our level were brutal…that poison attack, and the way they can disappear under the ground and then pop up in front of you (and then attack and disappear AGAIN–how many action points do those things have, anyway?).

So, yeah. Go back later, it’ll be fine. The blood is…more over where you are now.


Ah. So you didn’t get to any major end point of spiderville? Good to know.

Cuz that whole “slow” thing really sucked.


Being slowed sucks a lot. You can’t do ANYTHING! Even ‘haste’ doesn’t help very much! I hate it, but I also have to salute it as a rather clever way of making things more challenging in slightly different way than just “tougher enemies.” (I mean, it did that too.)

And yeah, I’m pretty sure there are still some spiders out there that we need to eventually go back and fight. I’m thinking of at least one fight we abandoned.

We shall return!



Sounds good.

You still haven’t even met Jahan, have you?

So much to do!


Oh, we’ve MET him. Several times, as we regularly go back to the library for this or that. We’ve never traveled with him, though. Nor Madora. I suggested we switch to one or both of them, just for the variety, but Mr. O’ said no, let’s try to finish up one person’s quest first. Which is not usually how it works in games, but whatever. I can’t argue with the fact that our party as established has settled in and works well together.


He does have stuff to say.

I ran with Madora a while. She’s cool. And I imagine has a quest.

I agree with you. Silly Mr. O’.


She’s from Hunter’s Edge, right?

We reached Hunter’s Edge. Might have been interesting if she’d been with us…


Well, go get her. She’s available.


Yeah, we could go get her…but Mr. O’ would rather finish the stories of the people we already know. I guess. I dunno, man.

We’re going to finally finish up with Wolgraff and/or Bairdotr and go back to get one of the others and it’ll be all “so I need to find”–“yup, found that” –“OK, then I must bring it to”–“Oh, that guy, OK”–“now we must locate the”–“yeah, have that”–“and that explains my anguished past!”

I imagine it will be slightly less satisfying.

Although to be honest it’s not as if there’s much sense that we’re building toward a major emotional payoff with Wolgraff and Bairdotr either, so perhaps it doesn’t really matter.

The companion quests are definitely not a huge focus in this game.


Jahan’s promises quite a bit. Theme wise.

Mr. O’s just weird, man.

Oh–so in the hall of rot, there was a dead body. He was, I guess, a member of the fabulous five, and he had a note. But I couldn’t find whatever the note said. Did you?

On that, don’t bother buying secret maps. I did, and it led me right to something I found long, long ago. Waste of money.

It is true that if you get a companion late (say, Jahan) you do get quite the info dump. Like “First, I shall tell you my initial shit…then the stuff I would have used to increase suspense at level 7…then the reveal at level 12 oh this isn’t how I planned it at all.”

Kinda a let down.


Right, right, that guy in the Hall of Rot. We did find him. And no, we couldn’t find anything nearby that seemed to be his treasure. I think we poked around a bit and then figured “whatever” and moved on. I mean, we were kind of dying of rot, so we had stuff on our minds.

Maybe it’ll turn up somewhere. And yeah, I actually spent a ton of money on that painter’s maps in Cyseal, and they led us to things we had already found. Unfortunate. I suppose these maps would be good for people who don’t already poke into every corner of the map, but…we’re talking about us, here.


I did the same thing! And I didn’t even have rot! Pretty useless. It probably wasn’t anything really earth shattering.

We are. That we are.

There should be a nudity map.

This game is starting to make Friday difficult.

There’s romance in the sequel! Lots of it! I checked!


Well, that’s a relief. Because yeah, things are rough here on the nudity-Friday front. Though nice work tossing it in just now.


What’s the point of playing games, really, if we can’t do nudity Friday?


Well…I mean, there are the themes, and the stories, and the looting and setting things on fire. I’d still do it.

But nudity Friday is definitely up there too.


Well, those things get days one through six of the week, that they do.

But still….


Oh, undoubtedly. Still.