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Some confused spoilers for random bits of Divinity: Original Sin


Ok, I have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to be doing right now. Linear game my ass.

So I made the spell. Great. Yay! And I have to find…a guy. You likely haven’t been told of the guy, or maybe you have, I don’t know. But I made the spell! And now I have to go check out Hunter’s Edge and find a guy.

But I didn’t want to go to Hunter’s Edge quite yet. Why? Cuz I had all this unexplored desert!

So I explored. For no real reason, other than it was there and you did it.

I found a bard’s little camp, which was interesting and kinda cool. I didn’t have the money for the psychic, which was too bad as I wanted to compare it to the stuff from the statue and the bull. Then trucked…..up to find Zixzax! And the plane’s being attacked.

Dude, he SAYS “The Shelter plane cannot further expand until this is dealt with.” Explicitly! Which pretty much means, as per cutscenes/rooms/PLOT that there’s your problem. Laid low by the magpie!

So I tried to chug in there, as Bairdotr does have a tenebrium weapon but it didn’t go well.

So I thought: Troll cave! And I had some ideas. And I tried them. And…they might be right, and I might be doing my ideas wrong, but probably not, as I pulled them out of thin air and the morass that it my mind, not anything in the game. None of them worked, and I wasted a ton of time trying them.

So I just said fuck it and went back to the desert and met some dudes who want to be eaten by spiders and that’s where I am.

What the hell am I supposed to be doing? Going after the…guy? Trying to get troll stuff so I can do tenebrium? I don’t even KNOW if the troll cave will lead to me being able to DO tenebrium!



Yeah. We feel like that a lot. Where are we supposed to go now, game?


We have 50 open quests and no idea where to go next on any of them. These are the times I might like a little more handholding.

I’d forgotten that Zixzax said the shelter wouldn’t expand…yeah, that makes sense. And yeah, we headed on in there anyway, fought some Immaculates because that seemed like the least immediately fatal path of the three he suggested. We got a fair way in, until we met some Void things we couldn’t touch without tenebrium, so that was the end of that.

Then we wandered off to other things.

We met the bard…also didn’t pay the psychic.

Met the people who wanted to be eaten by spiders. Spoiler: those people are going to be eaten by spiders. We just kind of said, “well, you seem to have made your decision, so good luck!” which I thought was slightly amusing.

The more practical dialogue choice would have been “you’re all mad, run for your lives!” but we didn’t want to antagonize them in case they attacked us and had eerie spider powers or something.

But dude, damned if I know what you should be doing. Keep fighting spiders, I guess.

I only vaguely know what we should be doing, because it’s stuff you’ve done (go back to the mines). You could try doing what we’ve done and go look for Hunter’s Edge, or just magpie like hell all around Luculla Forest…that’s good for a few fights and some XP.

I feel like we need to get to the troll king so we can steal some tenebrium from him so we can go to Brandon to learn to use tenebrium so we can go fight the things that are preventing us from shutting down the attack on the end of time, so that’s the ‘linear’ storyline I think is there, but I don’t have any idea how to go about it.


Really? I’m down to…very few open quests. And most are a) main quest, b) source hunter’s journey and c) three you don’t have yet that center around all that stuff at the end of time. Then I have Bairdotr’s, the troll king bit, something about some miner named Ben, the “where art thou Cassandra” bit….and little else. Which is adding to the “What do I do?” bit. And I FEEL like I should be close, here, cuz those void thingies are only level 15 and I’m 14, so I should be getting tenebrium soon, right? I’m finding it in loot!

I…guess? Keep fighting spiders? Is there something questy in there or is it just, you know, a part of the map with a weird spider cult?

XP is always welcome, I suppose.

Man…I did have that troll tell me the “real” entrance to the troll cave is in the land of Faery, and that’s hiberheim, right? There’s no other land of Faery that we’ve found, right? Have you somehow gotten into fall or spring or summer? Cuz I sure as hell haven’t. He said that “unless you go through Faery, the way will be blocked and all the gold grey.” Yup. Can’t argue there.

So my ideas were “Go to hiberheim and see if I missed anything.” I started out towards the one place I couldn’t figure out: the part of Boreas’ place that was outside and was just this big balcony thing covered in lava. I figured “Well, usually something like that has something important tied to it!” So I fucked around with that and tried to put barrels and shit places, but to no avail. Couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

So plan B was try to go to the same coordinates on the hiberheim map as the entrance to the cave on the Lucella map. So I got the x/y coordinates from the quest marker, then went to hiberheim to see if anything matched. And..well…there did seem to be…something there. One of those stands of trees in the snowy part. And it seemed to have, like, I dunno, a hole and some lava down there. And I thought: “Whoo hoo! I was right! Gotta be something around here somewhere!” because it sure looked like something. But I toodled all around searching and found bupkis.

So that’s what I did when wasting time.


Ooh, those are both good ideas, though! But yeah, I got nothin’ there. Though it does seem like that part of Boreas’ castle garden or whatever it was MUST be something. It extends off toward the edge of the map there, right? But we couldn’t do anything with it either.

You have few quests? What on earth? We have literally an entire screen full. Of course, we’ve been to Hunter’s Edge and stuff. There’s stuff there. I wouldn’t have thought it would make that much difference, though.

As for the spiders, I don’t know, maybe there’s something questy there. It seemed like there should be, right? The spider cult was…meh…not that questy. But we thought there’d be something, so we kept poking around. Ran into some spiders we couldn’t defeat (could now, I expect), and found Zixzax. Maybe Zixzax was the only questy bit.

So, OK, you’re right, it’s not linear. I don’t know what I was thinking.

The questy bits I know about that you haven’t seen yet are around Hunter’s Edge. The desert is kind of a “maybe we should go back there and we’ll find something we missed” area for me. As is half of Hiberheim.

Speaking of which, considering how thoroughly we had to cheat off the internet to get to that treasure room (which we still haven’t actually done…no wonder we have all these open quests), having to speak to things hidden under leaves and all, I feel both that it’s very likely we missed something useful to the plot (either in Hiberheim, the desert, or who knows where), AND that we could very well continue to miss it for weeks at this rate.

So…I don’t know. Poke around. Fight some things. Get some levels. Maybe you’ll stumble on the plot point we missed (it worked for Jareth!). There’s got to be something out there that means something, right?

Maybe go to the goblin village. They didn’t really tell us anything useful, but that was a while ago. Maybe they’ll have more info for you.


Ooo shit! I forgot all about that! I’ll go check it out.

But Hiberheim, yeah! That’s the thing! It extends, and there’s a lever that opens the door back into the mine place where you first come into hiberheim. And there’s all that lava! A big balcony of lava to nowhere. Must be something.

And there’s no other part of Faery that we expect to find, right? RIGHT?

Well, I’ve been dutifully mopping things up. And I’m saying once I filter out the completed ones. Sure, with the completed ones it’s full, but I turn those off. Too confusing.

I did sneak by (nothing here but bushes!) a “queen spider” that had that silvery “boss” health bar. Usually you kill those at quest ends, right? Right?

I think I did all of hiberheim! I certainly stared at the map yesterday looking for shit I missed and found nothing. Even junior stared! Yeah, there were the trapped dudes you missed, who were interesting but not “ooo I now know how to move the plot” vital. There was the treasure room, which was nice, and had a star stone, and, like a diary or something, but I don’t THINK that diary was earth shattering (might have been, though, don’t remember….) Anyway, that’s an easy one to cross off your list, and maybe you’ll find a troll cave!

I dunno, though. Our cheating hasn’t really led to vital stuff. We’ve done the vital stuff to this point without cheating (or I have). This is the first time we’re kinda stumped on main quest shit. Or is it even main quest? I mean, I made the spell, and the game told me to go to Hunter’s Edge, which is the other way. The main quest was the other way. I went here just cuz you did. This really isn’t main quest at all. So we’ve been cheating around the edges, mostly.


No! We haven’t found any other realm of faerie. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there, because this game is large, but we haven’t found it. I think you’re right, we’ve got to get in there somehow.

It’s not the wishing well, we already wished to make the volcanos stop and that didn’t do anything to the lava. And the load screen tip specifically says that lava cannot be changed or defended against. We can’t go through it.

There’s got to be some way around. Or something.


Still…it’s weird that in that balcony of lava, there were traps set up, much the same way as traps that chug out poison clouds and stuff. I tried plopping barrels on them, as one does, and all that happened was the barrels burned up.

Hmm. I haven’t used my wish! But I can’t imagine something this important would come down to a coin flip, pick one and you’re right, pick the other and you’re completely fucked on an important quest.

We’re missing something.

But we may be too early for it. After all, I only know about the door being in Faery cuz I won a rock paper scissors with that bridge troll who had spitting pets. Had I lost that, I wouldn’t know. And, again, no way a huge plot thing comes down to “win at rock paper scissors or be completely fucked.”

So maybe we’re not supposed to know this yet. Or something. The demons ARE level 15, and that’s just the ones I can see, and I am not level 15.


Yeah, true…there may well be something we’re just not ready for yet. After all, we wandered around Cyseal for a good while saying “what the heck?” and “where do we go now?” and eventually it came together after we were high enough level and had looked in enough places and shared enough notes.

But you’re right, no way a critical plot point was totally missable like that.

And we’re level 16 now so technically we’re tough enough to face those demons–we just don’t have anything that can hurt them. But you said the hired hands you could get in the Hall of Heroes went up to level 20-something, so maybe we’re just supposed to wander around and get in fights and clear random quests until we’re tougher.


Or we’re missing something. One or the other.

Because you may well be “ahead” of me. I’m trudging along doing all the stuff in relative order. You aren’t.

So maybe, like, “find troll” is step four, and you’ve done 1 and 3 and it won’t let you have step four until you do 1, 3 AND 2. I’ve done one and two, so if I get to three and it opens up or something and you’re all “WHAT? You’re insane!” then we know.

So maybe just mop up the mine, make the death knight spell, see if filling in your plot gaps opens up new plot. Knock some shit off that quest list. Game might be waiting for you to do that.


Yeah, could be. Certainly mopping up some of the points we skipped before may fill in some gaps.

Probably we missed something. Somewhere. There’s a lot of ‘where’ to cover, so it doesn’t seem unlikely.


I’ll bet that I have to get to Hunter’s Edge, and you need to do the mine. Usually, if you can’t figure something in a game, it’s elsewhere (my issue right now) and if a game really wants you to do quests that will let you kill a certain thing, it’s because the next phase requires you to kill said thing. And we know the game is doing that, because we need a thing (Tenebrium) to kill a thing (those demons). So it wouldn’t be a stretch to think we’ll have to kill a death knight or three, and soon, and the game isn’t letting you DO that until you can.

Because even though the Death Knights are a key part of Leandra’s plan, there was absolutely NOTHING in the “Great, you have the spell” part that even suggested that the endgame is anytime soon. It wasn’t a “Great! The Spell! No go end the threat forever!” It was “Great. The spell. Moving on…..”

So you’re gonna have to kill a lot of death knights, I think. Get the spell.


Yeah. We gotta get the spell.

But speaking of death knights, we must have just fundamentally misunderstood that sequence when the game gave it to us, because we heard “need spell to kill death knights. Therefore, if there are death knights here, we should go away until we have the spell.”

Where in fact it was saying “need spell to kill death knights, but don’t mind these death knights that are here, just go right on by them or you can’t even get the spell.”

I mean, I respect that. I like that not everything is about killing everything right this minute (some things we’ll come back and kill later!). But I don’t think it was necessarily an unreasonable assumption to say “OK, if we can’t kill these things now we must be supposed to come back later.”

Without having compared notes, we STILL would have no idea that part of the spell is actually past the death knights in the mine. It might take us two months to finally get desperate enough to think “well, maybe it’s back in the mine…?”

Or probably we would have cheated off the internet eventually. Maybe they just figured everyone would?

I don’t know. I like the game, but it sure doesn’t give you a lot to go on a lot of the time.


Well, I dunno. Maybe you’re just looking at it as a (open world, IRONY!) video game. If you look at it as a D&D campaign, then saying “fuck this, I’ll be back” (common in video games) isn’t what you do. Can you imagine if we kept doing that to Mr. O when he was DMing? You’d be divorced. There was always SOMETHING you could do.

I also think that you guys (and me sometimes) forget about stealth. Stealth is pretty key. I think this game wanted us to sneak more.

And I thought it was pretty clear, so maybe it’s just you.

Because I dunno, man, I think things have been pretty straightforward. Usually, when we get confused (like today) it’s because we’ve stumbled onto a place the game didn’t want us to stumble into. You could almost hear the game being “Oh COME ON! HERE? I told you: EAST you dummy!” That’s on us, really.

Cuz, like I said, I knew the mine was where to go to get that. There’s been a lot of me going “Dude, how did you MISS that?” Which isn’t like you. Or Mr. O. So maybe there’s something about playing on split screen. Like, you see some stuff, he sees other stuff, and it doesn’t come together in your minds. I’m seeing everything all at the same time and I’m missing far less.


Hm. That may be true. It can definitely be hard to fully catch what’s going on on the other side of the split screen sometimes.

It’s fun to play together, but it is quite different from playing a game alone, where everything is presented to a single focus point, which is me. (Or him. Or you. Whatever.)

Well, we’ll get there in the end. Probably.


So when you do dialog (that isn’t between the two of you), it’s on one side of the screen? Or does it take over and plop itself in the middle?


It’s on the side of the screen ‘belonging’ to whoever initiated the conversation. This leaves the other person free to do some shopping or equipment shuffling or whatever on the other screen, but that does increase the risk of missing something.


Ah well THERE’S your problem. That sounds impossible.


Yeah, it’s definitely a complicating factor. I think that’s partly why we tend to wander off looking for fights. Fights are simpler, you know? A ton of long conversations on multiple screens is a little hard on the attention span.

Overall, it’s a good game as a co-op. I’m enjoying it. But I think it’s true that together we’re maybe a bit less focused than either of us would be alone.


Gotta be. Cuz stuff isn’t that complicated.

I can see Zixzax:

Z: What are you DOING here? You must gooooo to where the weeeeaver said. The very fate of RRRRRivellooooon depends on it….
You: You never said that.
Z: I sooooo did.
You: No, you didn’t. If I hadn’t talked to Butch I’d never have known.
Z: Who’s Buuuuuutch?
You: You know. Runs Scarlett and Roderick? Hottie in the impractical armor?
Z: So [points at Mr. O] that’s not Buuuuuutch?
You: No. Why?
Z: Cuz I told him eeeeeeverything.
You: Ah! Makes sense.
Z: He didn’t teeeeellll you?
You: I don’t know. Maybe he tried. I was looting. Need a log?


That sounds about right, actually. Especially the bit about the log. You’ve captured the true essence of my character!