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Very minor spoilers for the existence of some side plots in Divinity: Original Sin


So did some stuff. But not productive stuff. There wasn’t any nudity (see? I know we’re busy, so I got Friday on track early).

So I talked to the weird spider dudes, and convinced them to leave! Told them that they should spread the word of the spider queen and shit, and off they ran! But that made all the eggs hatch and I promptly died. So I reloaded said “Fuck it, I’m not even supposed to be here” and trucked off to somewhere else I’m probably not supposed to be.

Got into a tussle, freed a slave, he said something not very nice about Madora who I should really go get cuz story.

Then into the goblin totem weirdo place. You been there? Cuz if you have we’ll dish. If you haven’t, I won’t spoil. This is a place where something is rather annoyingly telling goblins to dance all the fucking time.

And that was it.

No nudity. (Twofer!)


Yes! The totem is annoyingly repetitive. That’s the thing that Ralfie told us would be useful if we could figure out how to make it tell them to do whatever WE wanted them to. We haven’t figured that out, though.

We were oddly productive. Followed up on a couple of side quests, got some stuff done. Not in the mines, obviously, because clearly we will never go back there since we know that’s where the main plot is, but we got some stuff done.

No nudity, though.

Hunter’s Edge does have some romance, though!


ROMANCE! Between who and who? Cuz I was gonna go get Madora cuz she keeps coming up and I listen to the game.

At least I know you’ll eventually do the mines.

I figured out how to hijack the totem!

Did you talk to the totem? Oh, you had to, right? To get out?

And dude……the LOOT from hijacking the totem…I usually don’t get all religious on loot, but SEVEN master level skill books and 9950 gold! 9950!

So kinda worth it.


Nice! We’ll totally put hijacking the totem on our to do list. I do love me some skill books. And a lot of gold.

The romance is a total side quest thing, between two characters you’ve yet to meet. But it’s there.

People do keep talking about Madora (by which I mean, it’s happened about twice, but repetition!) so I think maybe it would mean something to have her there, although we haven’t needed her for anything yet.


You know, Ralphie told you EXACTLY how to do it. Like, he was spot on.

Good skill books.

In another place, I got “charm” as a skill! 100% chance to charm! As a skill!!!!

So great.

But what do you expect? Scarlett has…charms.

They talk about Madora, and not in good terms! The slave was all “Our protector, Madora, abandoned us!” I’m kinda glad she wasn’t there. But she’s gotta own up, here!

Cuz that’s interesting. Usually, NPCs are either heroic or rakish rogues. But failures who ran and caused people to be sold as slaves? That’s not typical NPC fare. Makes me curious.


Yeah, people don’t seem to think too highly of Madora. Which, as you say, is interesting.