No spoilers. Slow time.


For some reason, at 430 I got so tired I just couldn’t do much of anything except fall asleep during both Odd Squad and Pinkalicious (which is on PBS. It’s called Pinkalicious. The war on science is real). Good thing I leveled up earlier.

But I got nothing new.

So I guess, what, we just spend the day with me wondering why you can’t solve puzzles?



Well, Mr. O’ is working on the yearbook, so we didn’t play. Didn’t even get a chance to cheerfully cheat through the puzzle you solved for us because we’re too dense to solve puzzles!

So, yeah…we could talk about that. Or…yeah. That’s about that. I got nothin.’


Well, after what has been a pretty good streak of good bloggage, we were bound to hit a wall sooner or later.

A wall of other things. Mrs. McP is home early today as Meatball has his kindergarten orientation, and we’re celebrating her bday with the kids, then tomorrow is her actual birthday, so I’m cooking, all that.

I don’t have a marriage where we can celebrate a birthday by playing games together for three hours. You win in that regard.


It was bound to happen. Sooner or later we hit a patch of time where we have other things going on. Like birthdays and kindergarten orientation (but hey, that’s an event to celebrate!) and SOMEBODY who is not me bringing work home and interfering with my ability to take advantage of someone else’s puzzle-solving.

Everything is failing!

There’s no time! There will never be time! I’m panicking! Heck, let’s just give up games.


Oh now you’re just being silly.

Some things are constants in life. There will be time again. We’re cool.


Good point. We’ll find time. It’s like expecting me NOT to loot all of a sudden.

“Nah, I’ve got enough treasure. I’ll leave this pile of pillows and wood chips for someone else.”



It is at times like these, that we must cling to the bedrock of our own beings.

Front of the T SHIRT!!!!!

Cuz everything else is a fucking mess.

Back of the same T SHIRT!!!!!

Given the state of my children with others, I’m slightly terrified of going to New York next month.



I’d be more afraid of coming back.


Fair point.

I better take everything I care about in case the house burns down.


The PS4 will fit in your carry-on, right?


It’ll be the first thing I pack.

Don’t really care as much about underwear.

I can always repair the pair I’m wearing.


Truly, those repair hammers are wonderful things.