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Minor spoilers for a fight in Wolgraff’s storyline



How’s the house?



Food was good. Mrs. McP had a good birthday.

****more crickets****


You play?



***tumbleweed blows past***

No. We haven’t done anything.

So. Uh…how’s the pear tree? Brandy futures looking bright?


Well….rain’s been good…..

Hey I mentioned food and wife, so that’s two tags, right? Romance? That counts.

But hey, I was impressed that, yesterday, despite anything really to talk about, we managed to talk about stuff. Which is a testament to our 22 year friendship. And our ability to babble inanely.

That said, might play some while Meatball’s at school. But I do have to do some other chores, like pay my mortgage and stuff. Gotta set some priorities.


Paying the mortgage is good. Possibly the only thing worse than complaining about the house is complaining about living on the street because you forgot to pay the mortgage on the house.

Uh…I paid ours last week! So, yeah! Mortgage payments! Woohoo!

Speaking of financial stuff, I should probably get around to checking my bank account to see if the tax refund is there, and move it to the kids’ college accounts if so.

And then throw in an extra half-million each from my expansive savings, just to give them a chance of actually PAYING for college with said accounts. Ha.


Harder to get rid of mice when you’re on the street. True.

Well, NOW I’ll pay the mortgage cuz I got distracted by watching highlights from sports I didn’t watch live cuz I’m a phenomenal husband. Romance.

Paying mortgages. Whoo. Hoo.

This is getting depressing. We better start playing soon. At this rate, TLOU2 will be a pick me up.


“Yay! We’re all going to die of fungus! No more mortgage payments for me, man!!!”


Yeah, but the mice will be a bitch…. all immortal and shit….


Yeah, but all the better to support the kids’ advanced education! Hunting immortal mice will BE college.

That’s if there even are immortal mice, because I don’t remember them in that game. Animals were pretty normal, weren’t they?



Ok, in order to get us back on track, played. Or something. What did I do? Tried to get Wolgraff’s quest done.

“We only died, I think, once” said Femmy.


I barely made a dent. Must’ve died ten times. Tried everything. Gear changes, spell changes, went shopping for gear I thought would help, nary a dent.

So I STILL got nothing.

What are you DOING? That was IMPOSSIBLE!

And I COULD get all tricky and teleport him before he does anything or something, but I want to do something straight.

So now I’m just angry.

God I love games.


Dude…I don’t know!

He murdered the hell out of us the first time, with all his summoned alternate selves or whatever, and so we came back, kept more of a distance at first to throw things at him, summoned a bunch of stuff ourselves, Wolgraff did the sneaky, and we managed it on the second try.

We didn’t do anything especially brilliant or strategic, that I recall. Just…summoned a lot of things, kept the wizard and the archer back, didn’t waste energy on the selves while they were invulnerable…I don’t know.

Maybe what we’re learning here is that in this game, you’re way better at following the plot and being smart, but we’re more effective in brute combat? Although you defeated Braccus when we didn’t even bother to try, so…I don’t know.

Dude. I don’t even know.


I don’t know either!

First time: Got muted. Then died.
Second time: Put on thing that made me immune to muted. Got off two meteorstrikes! Didn’t do shit. Died.
One other time, lost count: Scarlett got charmed right off the bat, charmed Roderick, then charmed Bairdotr. One turn. Died.
One time: Got an undead decapitator and an ice elemental on the battlefield! They ignored them. Died.
One time: Got a fire elemental on the battlefield, blinded the guy, charmed a baddie! They ignored the elemental and the charmed guy, then resisted blindness. And charmed. Died.

I mean, what else IS there?


Damn. I don’t know. Grenades? We got muted AND charmed the first time, but the second time, resisted. I don’t know how, though. Like I said, I don’t think we did anything especially clever, we just…succeeded the second time.

Do any of you have the thing where you can ‘examine’ enemies to see what they’re vulnerable/resistant to? I can’t remember the details, but we looked at that and attacked accordingly. Though I can hardly think that information was so stunning that it turned the tide of battle on its own.


They’re all tanks except for crushing!

And I could get some grenades, but I’m getting poor again, and I don’t want to blow all my cash before I need to load up for Barberieth.

This GAME man.


Man…I don’t know. Maybe we just rolled really well in that combat.

Uh…maybe go try Balberith? He might be a piece of cake in comparison.

I mean, we defeated him on the second try, so it’s either a piece of cake, or completely impossible.


Very funny. Very, very funny.

But again…I’m level 18, and all that was level 19. But hey, I’m only 350K away from level 19. And I got 4800 just for finding this place! So if I find, what, 80 or so secret places, I’ll be all set!

This sucks.


But that can’t be it, because we only hit level 19 while fighting this guy over Wolgraff’s voice, meaning we went in at 18 (and we didn’t pause to level mid-fight, so we also went out effectively at 18). And we handled Balberith when we were only 17.

Maybe it’s just the party makeup? Like, the man-at-arms is overpowered compared to every other class, or something?


I don’t know, man. I’m gone before I even start most times. I’m serious: I had three people charmed before I did ANYTHING. He got Scarlett right away, then it was her turn, then BAM charm skill, BAM charm arrow. I was down three characters before I could do anything. Skills don’t matter when you’re out of the fight before you can even use them.


And discouraging. How am I gonna do the endgame if I can’t do this?


No doubt you’ve tried having one person go in first and provoke the fight, and then the rest come in later?

I mean…I don’t know. Go hire one of the mercenaries from the Hall of Heroes and see if having a man-at-arms on staff will make a difference?


I’m too poor!


This GAME man!


Really? We’ve reached the point of having more money than we have things to spend it on. There’s just all this loot, you know?

So apparently there’s a fundamental choice in this game:

  1. follow the plot and be smart, leaving you poor and underpowered but caught right up on the story;
  2. galumph around randomly picking fights like a murderous magpie and wind up behind on plot and missing out on companion story, but tough as nails and swimming in cash.

Because that’s kind of where we’ve respectively arrived, isn’t it?


Well…..I’m stubbornly hanging on to certain things. And I’m glad I did! Cuz I have the “Immune to muted” armor! Which hasn’t helped!

But the tricks I have are 1) meteor strike scrolls and 2) multiple ressurects, which are expensive.

This GAME man!

XP are an issue.

And I HAVE killed things! Except the things that I was so smart, they never got spawned. I’ve done every random encounter! I think! Maybe!



Dude, we have 8 resurrect scrolls between us right now. And that’s only because we used two last time we played.

Not that many meteor strikes, although I would buy those if I found them, because they are awesome. I didn’t realize how awesome right away, though, so I haven’t been collecting them as long as the resurrections.

I guess…there’s always turning down the difficulty…?


Dude the dude in Silverglen and the dude in Cyseal always have them. You just gotta put up with “lettuce see if” you know.


We’ll stock up next time we go!

In a month or so, when we play again.


Come now, how long can a yearbook take?

Hopefully not very long, as my failures can only sustain a blog for so long. And God forbid we fall back on that 22 year friendship thing. That got depressing.


Yeah, it turns out games are the only bright spot in our bleak and hopeless lives.

I mean, we knew that. Still, it’s hard to have to face it in what’s supposed to be a cheery and/or rage-filled blog about games.


Cheery and rage filled. Sums us up, really.


It does! Good-humored anger. White-hot fury with a jaunty air. It applies to so many things.


I’m proud to be a part of it.