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Some spoilers for minor points in Divinity: Original Sin


Oooo! Eventful playing!

Killed Barbereith! Killed swamp things! Found ways to deal with those exploding eyes (you’re right, awful)! Met Bellegar and did his thing! Ah, Bellegar. You so silly.

Not bad!

But Barbereith. Oh do I have thoughts. Cuz I did it a couple of different ways to compare shit.

So it’s a pity you didn’t have Jahan. I sent you screens of his dialog, cuz…hmm. If you missed them, here’s his deal: So you knew he was, like, 1000 years old and had to kill Barbereith to escape eternal torment. Right? So when he MEETS Barbereith, he lets it slip that the real deal is that if he, Jahan, kills Barbereith then he, Jahan, gets eternal life. Becomes immortal. In Rivellon forever. Instead of the “eternal torment” of being removed from Rivellon. Or, I should say, SCARLETT’S Rivellon.

See where this is going?

Add to that the fact that Jahan was almost, if not more, bonkers than Scarlett. He talks about HIS Rivellon (this is how I saw them setting up sequels).

Because there were two twists here that went against the whole insane=alive in Rivellon, Dead=sane in real world.

First, this was the one companion quest where you had a choice. Remember how we got all that bloggage out of the fact that the ends of companion quests weren’t up to us in the sense where there was a momentous dialog choice? Bairdotr, Madora and Wolgraff did what they did. Here, there WAS a momentous dialog choice! Barbereith says that he’ll give you the rune if you give him Jahan, and you can choose to do so, right there, in the moment, and JAHAN CAN’T STOP YOU. There isn’t a “I won’t go!” fight. If you pick that, Barbereith gets Jahan. His whole fate is in your hands, in the moment. You get to pick if he stays in YOUR Rivellon. You get to pick if he fits. Because he isn’t likeable. He says that your crazy shit that you like, like your pyramids, are terrible. He mocks you at every turn. He wants everything his way. But he’s most certainly nuts himself. And, really, by deciding if you want to put up with his “rejection” of you (and your reality) or not, thus removing him from your world, isn’t really about making him sane.

Because…he doesn’t really “leave Rivellon.” If you give him up, he doesn’t “die.” He goes into a cage, with a thing on his head, on one of those torture racks, next to other dudes who sure as hell look like they’re in hospital beds.


I did that, then reloaded. Mostly for the XP.

And here’s another thing: Did you notice who ELSE was in there with a thing on his head? Like a patient? It was the “Mysterious Stranger!” The dude who pops up, asks you a question or two, then poofs? That we first met way back when by the church? He’s there! And he can’t talk. Which is especially interesting as I met him the “last” time! Which you likely haven’t because you haven’t seen the merchant’s room in the end of time, have you?

He has….stuff to say.

Stuff that absolutely convinces me that there’s plenty of room for other people’s delusions in a whole mess of sequels.

I hope I get to be a Bellegarette in the sequel.


I saw those screen shots. Interesting stuff. And alas, our Jahan will never be able to have that choice made for him by us. No wonder he’s still grouchy.

I did see the Mysterious Stranger there in Balberith’s dungeon. Also couldn’t talk to him…wondered what that was about.

Also, dude…you spend all that time chiding us for reloading to keep Bairdotr alive for the good arrows, and then you’re all “did one thing then reloaded and did the other thing for the XP.” Way to make us look bad by nobly living with the consequences of your decisions. I feel suitably ashamed.

And nice work with Balberith. He wasn’t that bad, right? The ‘fear’ thing was annoying, but if you can stick it out, and kill off all his slaves that are healing him, he’s not so tough. (Sorry, slaves. Nothing personal. If it helps, I’m freeing you from eternal torment, right?)

We played a bit. Got through the stone gate with the elemental symbols (thanks again for solving that for us), fought the demon on the other side, slew him, looted the area. (That was another way we could have gotten the rune stone, since Balberith offered to give it to us if we killed that other demon for him.)

Saved and quit. Minor progress, but some forward motion.


Very interesting stuff. He also kind of misled us. Bastard.

Did you get to talk to the stranger on the shelter plane? Cuz….

Hey man….I didn’t reload because good arrows or even that I liked Jahan. Frankly, fuck that guy. He lied to us, and now I’ve gone and made him immortal. Fuck. That. Guy. I was gonna fight the fight anyway, and just wanted to see what would happen for bloggage. After all, this wasn’t an “avoid the thing completely” thing (like you did), this was a “I’ve made my choice (XP) and now I’m figuring out what WOULD have happened.”

Those slaves were rather interesting. They were other examples of things that were here in RIvellon (there they were!) and yet not (all ghosty and shit). Barbereith seemed to be all about that: folks that are in this insane place, yet….elsewhere. Not dead, per se, but not here.

Scarlett and Roderick are immune to fear! Wolgraff is not. BOY Wolgraff is not.

Speaking of which, you haven’t gotten his voice, have you? He likes to use it. BOY does he like to use it.

Ok, pay me back. How did you get the air symbol? The one behind the main gate there? I’ve gotten three out of four, but damned if I can unlock that big gate.

And how long did you play those drums just to see what they did? And how much longer did you mess around with them when it became clear they did nothing?


For the air one I teleported Delios over the gate. Getting dropped hurts a bit, but he has a lot of hit points, he can take it. I wasn’t able to get a ‘fix’ to teleport over from the “INTRUDER SPIED” sentinel side, but was able to see to drop him over the other gate. Because…he landed on the stairs there, or something. I don’t know, it just worked.

I only played the drums for a minute, and then got bored. Getting bored and moving on is kind of how we do. I think together we have one large brain with a very short attention span.

And no, we haven’t been back to the shelter plane lately. Now that we’ve been through the stone gate, we can probably check in and see if there’s anything new.

As for “just to see what would happen”…I see. So it’s wrong to take a different outcome if you WANT the different outcome, but it’s fine if you don’t care about it, that’s where the moral distinction is?

“It doesn’t count as messing with the way the dice fell, because I didn’t actually care one way or the other, I just wanted information and XP.”

OK. Information and XP are fine to cheat for: saving the life of a beloved comrade is not. Got it.

Ha–I’m kidding, mostly.


Ah, MAN! I didn’t try that side! I was trying to either chuck the pyramid and/or zap Wolgraff across from the drum courtyard place. Didn’t work. I’ll go around.

“I think together we have one large brain with a very short attention span.”

I’m going to remember this line for the next 40 or so years of our friendship and point it out often.

Well, you’re a couple of cutscenes back, and, let’s see, maybe…four rooms? Have you met the dude who can redo all your abilities?

No, I DID care! And I made my decision before going in! If the other way had led to gold and riches, I still would have gone back and done it in my pre-determined way! Promise! Promise promise!

Speaking of gold and riches, how did Bellegar turn out for you, what you not being a bellegarette?

Information for the blog! For you, Femmy. Did it for you.


Bellegar gave us gold and riches too! After we solved a silly puzzle that involved polymorphing a chicken a lot. But when we first met him, he left a chest or something that exploded and killed one of us (it was really like, conversation, conversation, here’s the map to my maze, end conversation, BOOM), so maybe that wouldn’t have happened if I’d been a Bellegarette?

But once we got into his weird little lair, it was just poking around, looting, and polymorphing a chicken. No plot, no fighting, no dancing around saying “ooooh, Bellegar, the finest of men!” or whatever.

I think we have two rooms left in the shelter plane? So we’re catching up. Slowly. I don’t remember a dude that can re-do all our abilities, though, so we still have stuff to learn.


Big fucking demon. Could do EVERYTHING.

Have you seen the 1) armory, 2) merchant ship, 3) chapel?

I didn’t get a blowing up chest. I, too, got the weird maze, which was kinda fun, and CRAZY money! Which I needed cuz I keep buying scrolls. Lots of scrolls.

Nothing more disappointing that using meteorstrike only to learn they heal when you hit them with fire.

TAKE THAT and oh you’re back to full health. Ha.


Aaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! That’s pretty terrible. ENJOY THIS HEALING STRIKE, ENEMIES!

I mean, it’s more sporting that way, isn’t it? Where’s the fun in ONLY doing damage?

I did get a nice use of the holy hand grenade last night, when three of us (wounded) and a bunch of enemies (unwounded) were all in range. Might as well throw it now when it doesn’t do them any good! Then we can wound them next turn.

I…don’t know about any of those things you mentioned. So fine, maybe we’re further behind than that. We’ll catch up eventually! Probably.

Also, seriously, that one room of Bellegar’s that was all just piles of gold? That’s what I like to see!

Interesting, though, that he didn’t have anything blow up on you. That must have been the benefit of accepting his kind offer to be a Bellegarette.

Oh well: that’s also what resurrection scrolls are for.


I think it’s cuz I swapped out characters more often. Every time I went there, there was Zixzax all “Doooon’t you want to seeee what’s past the pooooorrrrrtal?” and I was all “Uh…I really just wanted Bairdotr back, but…oh, all right.”

Well, those scrolls sure as shit aren’t for the damn floating eyes. That first one? All “Oh, look, there’s only one and it’s small and THE FUCK WE’RE ALL DEAD!”

At least I didn’t use scrolls.

And I figured out how to deal with them without dying, which is nice. Sneak, sneak, summon something right in front of it.

Poor Nick. “How about a song oh not this again” BOOM!

One does what one must.


Ha! Yes, that’s pretty much what we figured. The only thing that stops them, really. Otherwise, they’re so damn fast, and so damn deadly, the only option is to reload.

Which we’ve done a lot of.

Although one time Bairdotr did a rain of arrows in the general area where one was, and that also worked. Same general principle: get it well before it notices you.

Hate those things.


Yes, only option as in “we’re all dead. All of us.”


Well, there have been times when the party was far enough apart that someone survived and could technically have resurrected the others, if we wanted to do that instead of reload. So don’t be down on the eyes! There are choices!

As long as you don’t walk too close together.

Which is probably easier when you have two players controlling two PCs.


I’ll say.

After the first one, I figured it was over, got everyone together, found a chest, and while looting, saw another one and was all “NO! Stop looting stop looting circle circle oh I’m dead.”

Another thing that’s the worst? When you loot, then die, and go back and loot again and the loot isn’t as good. That sucks. And it always seems to happen. I never get better loot.



I got better loot once! There was a skeleton with just a bone in it, and then next time it was a dagger.

So, not a LOT better, but better. I noticed it especially because it seemed unusual. Usually you’re right, it seems the loot isn’t as good the second time.


Ooo. A dagger. Whoo hoo.


Hey, it’s better than a shinbone! Probably 5 gold instead of one when I unload it at the marketplace.

Caring about these details is why I have 100,000 gold pieces right now.


100000? What????

I have like 10k.

I can’t find anyone with that much money to give me!

Jeez. No xp, no cash. I suck.


But you know stuff! That’s nice too.