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Spoilers for the Maradino storyline in Divinity: Original Sin


Gonna let you start cuz you’re behind.

Drum roll please!!!!!!



Yeah, uh…we didn’t do anything.

Now that the yearbook’s done, Mr. O’ decided it was a good time to get back to the gym. So. He’s less likely to die of a heart attack, I suppose, but we’ve got nothing.


This is starting to make me nervous.

Maybe you can play some without him? Would be interesting bloggage.

OK, here’s something: Marandino. You’re not going to do Marandino, are you? Cuz he’s way back there. Not worth it. He’s, like, level 12 and you have other things to do. Can I spoil him?


Oh, I guess so. I mean, we still MIGHT decide to go back and do that just to annoy you with further delay in getting to the end, but OK.


Ha. Very funny. Ha.

So Marandino….

Is dead. Like, ghost dead. And you know how I feel about that. A person from “not Rivellon” who keeps saying “Come with me” to Scarlett.

And here’s the thing….he’s big. Human, but very, very tall. Outsized. Like he’s bigger than life, bigger than other characters in the game.


He’s…probably a child. He has notes all over the place, and they’re…child like. His “spells” are things like “How to get on the shelf to get the cookies….didn’t levitate. Hurt my knee.” “Tried to make potion to make me brave so I didn’t fear thunder….” “Experimented with mushrooms and mommy got mad, saying I could make myself sick…” Stuff like that. Cookies. Scared of thunder. Making mommy mad. Explicitly “mommy.”

And here he is, big, in Scarlett’s eyes, wanting her to join him, not in Rivellon.

And the other time we heard of him? He was putting up a barrier. Trying to prevent Scarlett from delving deeper into this story.

And he “died” by going into the troll cave. He was taken by the trolls, and the trolls IN the cave were child like. They had trouble counting. They took pride in learning to read. Like small children.

Now…you know my theory. If you were sick, who would want you to get better the most? Who would appear the “largest” to you?



Hmm. That is suggestive.

Although…he wasn’t putting up a barrier to keep us from advancing into the story, was he? I think Icara was the one who put the barrier around her house to stop the Immaculates: it was Maradino’s spell that let us get THROUGH that barrier and go after her. So I’m not sure we can really say he’s been active in hindering our progress.

Though it’s definitely interesting that his ‘spells,’ while so childlike and obviously non-magical when you see them in his notes, are real, working spells in Rivellon. Indeed, we hear mention of Maradino as a powerful wizard: his spells not only work, they’re impressively strong.

That could certainly support your theory that Rivellon is a delusion, since nonsense spells a kid makes up in the real world could work impressively well in a delusion. Maybe especially if they’re your own kid’s nonsense spells: there’s power in that.

Or, you know, nonsense spells could also be real in a magical alternate reality, if this isn’t a delusion, but ‘merely’ a parallel world where magic works. Maybe he’s a lost child from a world of giants who has a natural talent for tapping into this world’s magic.

We shall see! Or not. Likely not.


I almost hope not. But…well…

I shan’t spoil. Play on! Please.

Was it that way, she cast the spell? I thought Maradino helped her do that. I don’t think he was an immaculate. I dunno. Long ago. But I DO know that the immaculates kind of killed the shit out of him. Which, in itself, is suggestive.

Well, there weren’t any connections between his notes and anything we saw. It wasn’t like “Spell for Icara’s house: get cookie.” Indeed, there was nothing at all that really tied into anything we’ve seen, save for the spell to get into the troll cave, which, as I said, led to more child like things. Aside from that, there was no evidence of “powerful wizard” at all.

Well, except a skill book, which was, suggestively, “Horrifying Scream.” Which, sure, is a spell/skill, but interesting THAT was the thing amongst the childlike notes, including the one for being scared of storms and getting mommy mad at him.

But yeah, this could support my theory. Or it’s part of the kind of crossover that we’ve seen with things like “Peter Lee’s sword” or the guy in the prison. This could be a thing where she’s given a real world child this status in her mind, and these scribbled things are something that is peeking through the veil.

Unlikely he’s just a lost, giant child. Cuz he sure sounded like a wizard. Deep booming voice, flowery language, etc. Right out of central casting. Almost overly so. It certainly was not a deal like Grutilda’s kid. Shit, he was even more of a traditional wizard than the actual wizards we’ve met in this game: an imp. A muscular dude who turns into a cat. And I just met Zandilor and, well…. This dude was wizard through and through…except for the odd details of his notes.


No, no, I don’t think Maradino WAS an Immaculate. But the barrier around Icara’s house was, I thought, put up by Icara herself, and it was definitely “Maradino’s barrier removal spell” (which we got from those mushrooms) that got us through it.

I suppose he could have both put it up behind her AND left the spell to get through it, just planning ahead in case he ever wanted to go that way himself.

And if he IS a child, it makes sense that he presents himself in the fantasy (and or chose this body for himself in the world) as a stereotypical wizard. Also, perhaps, that he would appear as a giant. Because as a kid, wanting to be a powerful wizard, well…large people are impressive. “I will be the biggest strongest wizard there is!”


We shall probably never know.


Well…maybe we’ll know. I’m…someplace.

GAH! Play, dammit!

Let’s just say I know a bunch more than you do, and I keep doubling down on my theory.


Bask in your superior knowledge!

Meanwhile, we loiter among our piles of gold and punch things for fun.

But really, it’s no use saying “play, play!” in the middle of the day. I mean, I’d LIKE to just abandon the reference desk and run home and load up the game right now, but…mortgage payments, house falling apart, kids wanting food, etc.

You should enjoy your rare position of being ahead and knowing stuff you can drop vague hints about!

We’ll play. Probably. Eventually.

And then you’ll understand why I can never remember anything about stuff by the time you get to it and we can finally talk about it. “Who was doing what now?” you’ll be saying soon.



Abandon desk!


How do you do this being ahead thing? This sucks! I deeply regret doing this to you for oh so many years.


Well, to give you credit, you usually manage to do something, even if it’s behind the stuff I’ve done at the same time, so we can talk about that (once you remind me what it was).

Lately I’m doing nothing at all, which gives us very little to go on. My bad.

Mr. O’s bad, really. He’s the one who’s all concerned about his good health and fitness. And job.


Ah, see, I have none of those three things.

But wait…this is the same Mr. O, fit, healthy, employed Mr. O, that usually finishes games in, like two days.

This logic is flawed.


Yes, but he finishes games in two days because he can stay up all night playing them. I cannot stay up all night. And I don’t finish in two days but often finish before you because I normally play while he’s at the gym (or whatever).

So we tragically curtail each others’ playing time. It’s unfortunate.


I hope we all have learned a valuable lesson this week.

I’m…not sure what that lesson is, but it sure seems like we should have learned something.

I’m going insane again. It’s hot, and in laws are coming.

Seems like so long ago that I was insane cuz of snow.


We’ve learned the valuable lesson that co-op playing takes both of us a lot more time. Which I guess you didn’t need to confirm, since Mrs. McP is never home and if you had to wait for her to be around before you could play, you would still be trying to solve Jake’s murder in Cyseal.

Man, that was a long time ago.


Well, I could play with her. We’d just have to give up valuable drinking time.

So dude, I’d still be playing TW3.


Give up drinking time?

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.


I am loyal to the blog, but even I have limits.



Here’s a question to ponder: if you had to give up either games or booze, which would you choose?


Booze is more social, in that you can drink with others more easily than play games. And you can drink alone just as easily as play games!

On the other hand…games.


Honestly, I think I’d give up booze. It would be tough, but I don’t hate people so much I have to drink to be near them, so I think I could more easily have something else to drink while socializing, than I could give up the sweet escapism and immense themes and soul-crushing depression of games.

That’s just my call, though.


Yeah, I think I gotta agree. Escapism is great. Plus, games are far cheaper. I’ve spent far more money on booze this year. Indeed, I best stop contemplating that particular fact. We are frugal, we are. Must consider that factor. Plus, games don’t generally damage your internal organs. Another fact that I’m not going to consider.

And dude, you are, like, 72% of my social life, and, as this week has shown, we don’t ever talk at all if one of us doesn’t play games. These blog posts will be down to something paltry, like 9785948753 words.

But then, without booze, how could I survive the coming in law laden weekend?

Let’s just be very, very thankful this is not a choice we’ll ever have to make.


Very good points about the relative affordability and healthiness of games. Very good points.

Also about the blog. I mean, ‘drink first, talk later’ would be…a whole other thing. And only interesting if we got drunk and then went out and did stupid stuff, which would be way more fun for other people to read about than for us to do.

So screw that. Games.

But, indeed, we are thankful we don’t have to actually make that choice.


It occurred to me I’ve spent more on booze this week than I’ve spent on games all year.

Shit. Now I need a drink.