EA on Saturday — Fuck that shit.

Sums it up.

Dude…they had two guys playing a mobile game. For ten minutes.


And Bioware? Anthem looks like Destiny only lamer.

A mobile game. Ten minutes.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Microsoft on Sunday — Well, didn’t suck, but nothing that made me want to buy an Xbox.

Got a good look at SotTR, which continues to look great. There was a trailer for Cyberpunk, which really continues to look great, but no release date. A game called Black Desert was announced, but still early, but looks like the kind of fantasy RPG we like. And Dontnod, who seems to be the hardest working devs in show business, announced a game “In the life is strange universe” that looks very similar, about a young boy with maybe superpowers called “Captain Spirit” that we should keep an eye on.

All multiplats. The exclusives were the usual Halo, Gears, Forza fare that we don’t care about.

Thoughtful discussion and Bethesda notes to follow after more coffee.