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Spoiler for the wizard’s house, Temple of the Dead and weresheep plotlines in Divinity: Original Sin


OK, where were we before that E3 diversion?

Right. Hand still hurts. You need to catch up in Divinity.

This sucks.

But hey, I have a nice deck.


Dude, this is how much our friendship revolves around games: when you said “I have a nice deck” my first, instant thought was “are you playing gwent again?”

Immediately afterwards I remembered the actual deck that you’re spending more than 15 grand of booze money on (but with a major bonus to saves against dying in a grill fire!). But gwent was the first thing.

Also, sorry you’re still hurting.

Anyway. We played! We decided to pursue Cassandra/Wolgraff’s voice. Were irritated by the whole “have to talk to the Titan head” bit, so we looked on the internet, which told us we had to get the book of Titanese from the wizard’s house. So back we went to the wizard’s house, turned off the traps, got the book, told the people they could live in the wizard’s house once we’d looted it of every valuable item. Opened the talking chest based on the peoples’ hint about which name the wizard whispered while he worked. Thanks for sharing all your employer’s secrets, folks! You’ve been real pals. Enjoy his house!

After that we went back to the Phantom Forest, talked to the Titan head, went to the lava steps (oh, lava steps, we’d forgotten all about you! but how well we remembered you once we saw you!). Sent invisible Wolgraff past the lava steps to defeat the sentinels. Killed me on the altar stone or whatever you’d call it so we could get into the temple. (My first thought was to kill Wolgraff, since he’s still the one of the group who spends the most time dead anyway, but then I thought that was poor leadership since I shouldn’t ask him to die for something I wasn’t willing to die for myself. So I went because I’m a lot easier to kill than Delios the Man at Arms.)

So we got into the temple, resurrected me obviously, looted a bunch of corpses, opened a tomb that unleashed a bunch of poison zombies, killed them.

Resurrected Wolgraff, looted, called it a night.

But we made some progress! We’re on the trail!

And yeah, we did cheat off the internet about the book and the wizard’s house, but dude, we were grumpy and desperate. Sometimes you just cheat.


Gwent? I can’t tell if that’s awesome or pathetic. Or both.

Much more than 15 grand. I have to give them another 12.5K when it’s done. So I’m kinda hoping they take their time.

It is very, very well made, though. They were great. One board was maybe an eighth of an inch off, and they took a dozen boards off and redid the whole deal. Not many builders would do that.

If you’re gonna give away all your booze money, get something good for it.

At least you FOUND the titan head. Not like someone gave you a FUCKING MAP TO IT.

(I’m starting to really, really empathize with Zixzax.)

But hey! You didn’t have to cheat re: the whole kill your friend deal. I was worried you’d be all “Dude, we tried EVERYTHING and we STILL can’t get in!” I’m proud of you.

And I figured the fights wouldn’t be all that bad for you. They were bad for me, as I was a few levels ago when I did this. You’ll plow through the rest no biggie.

I’m desperate for you to catch up, so cheat away.

But as for themes…..

Good thing you didn’t do your first idea there. I learned if you attack the NPCs, they get pissed, all “Let’s not do more of that, ok?” And if you ignore that, they REALLY get pissed and attack. I didn’t want to kill Wolgraff or anything, in fear he’d leave or something so I reloaded. Which means the only really direct, “right” way, is for one PC to kill the other.

Which…here we go again with our persistent themes.

1) Sinning to win. Murder’s a sin, right? And yes, yes, it doesn’t have the same sense of evil when you know you have a resurrection scroll, but still. You have to KILL your friend/lover/whatever to advance the story. No other way to do it! I guess, even if you can kill Wolgraff, get him through and not have him leave, you’re still killing a friend. And that sort of thing is frowned upon in life.

2) You know how I feel about “death” in this game. We’ll talk about that (hoipefully) tomorrow, as it won’t take you long to clear this out now that you’re in. One fight that’ll take you two minutes, done. And then we’ll talk.

(I didn’t kill the sentinels. I sent invisible Wolgraff past them, as one does, and disarmed all their traps. So they still sat there going “Intruder spied,” and I pictured us just waving jauntily all “Yeah! We see you spying us! We spy you, too!”)


Interesting–how did you not kill the sentinels? For us, disarming the traps (push button, pull lever, step on clicky panel, etc.) just made them crumble instantly to pieces. Then they were silent, which was nice. But we didn’t attack them or anything, they just collapsed.

And yeah, I’ve had the companions get annoyed with me when I accidentally hit them (once I blasted someone when I meant to regenerate them…oops!), so in addition to it not feeling right, I was a bit concerned Wolgraff wouldn’t take it well if we tried to kill him. I didn’t want him getting all grumpy. Even though we ARE working on his quest, so he should be prepared to sacrifice a little!

Killing one of us did make me think “we’re going to feel pretty silly if this was just a trick to make us kill each other,” but hey, that’s what reloading is for. (Pretty good trick, though, if it had been. “So, hey, how about you attack each other? It’s totally going to work out fine, don’t worry! Hahahaha, now one of you is dead and I will strike!”) But it was an interesting thing to have to do in the story.

As you say, death definitely lacks a certain punch when you know you have resurrection scrolls ready, and we’ve both died a hundred times by now so presumably it’s no big thing, but even so…normally we don’t die on purpose, or at the hands of our friends. It felt a bit unnatural.

And feeling a bit unnatural is actually pretty appropriate for an adventure into a temple of the dead, so…nicely done. There’s no actual threat, but we feel weird about it anyway. Good mood-setting.


I dunno, man. I wish they had died.

“Intruder Spi-” “OH SHUT UP!”

I had the same hesitation about dying, which was also rather interesting. Killing one of our characters (or your spouse’s character) gave us pause. Which…should it really? We’ve been “killing” little blobs of pixels all along. But other than the whole fourth wall, taking a moment to think “Is this a trick? Am I ok with this?” brings to the fore how perfectly fine we’ve been with murder/killing all along. I think it’s pretty intentional that this was late in the game, when we have a lot of blood on our hands (literally and figuratively).

No, we don’t usually die on purpose. And, as for sacrifice, I wouldn’t be surprised that in an earlier draft of the game you did have to do something like sacrifice an NPC. Like, “Ha! You’ve gotten to care about such and so, now make a choice!” Especially in a quest you can pretty much ignore IF you’re willing to let Arhu stay in prison.

But I’m glad they didn’t make us do that.


Oh man, no, I’m glad they didn’t make us sacrifice an NPC. I mean, the decision-making alone…”well, it is Wolgraff’s quest, and we can’t finish it if he’s dead. On the other hand, Bairdotr has all the good arrows. Who do you like least: Jahan or Madora?”


Ha! You COULD sacrifice Jahan at one point!

Irony. But you didn’t HAVE to, so there was that.

You’re making progress! Don’t go magpie.

And don’t spend too much time trying to get…into somewhere. Or do, whatever. There’s one of those annoying “Either you have the stat or you don’t” deals. Try it, then walk on by and finish the damn game.


We will spend 40 hours trying to get that one stat! You know we will. Because loot must be looted.


I shouldn’t have said anything.

You’ll probably walk right in.

And, if not, READ THE SHIT YOU FIND!!!!

Who am I kidding? There goes 40 hours.

FOCUS! Fight! Cassandra! That sort of thing!


Wait, who? Was there something we were supposed to be doing here besides looting?

Oh well, I’m sure it wasn’t important. Hey guys, know what we never figured out?

That Cryptic Dungeon! We should go back there and puzzle over that for 10 hours. There might be loot.



Mystery. Leave something for the sequel.

What cryptic dungeon?


It was this dungeon that was all full of portals! And some of them went into other rooms, and some of them just dumped you back at the entryway, and there was undoubtedly some sort of order that you needed to go through them but we didn’t figure it out before we got bored and left. There was probably loot.

We should go back. Except I don’t even remember how we got there, so that might be tough.


Oh that was the pontious pirate deal. Fuck that.


Was that Pontius Pirate? I don’t know… But man, that was a long time ago. How long have we been playing this game, anyway?

We met the weresheep’s ghost there! It told us its body was somewhere in the Phantom Forest. We have yet to find said body.

Lying bastard weresheep. Now I really want us to make weresheep armor based on Maradino’s notes, too.



We’ve been playing a long time. A very, very long time.


Were. Sheep. Armor.

It’s got to be here in the forest somewhere! We’ll tear this place apart! No matter how long it takes!

Wolgraff is into it. He doesn’t miss his voice that much anyway.


Please be joking. Pretty please.

Cuz you are SO CLOSE.

Just remember: You get so much as a paper cut, use a bloodstone.

There’ll be more before the endgame. Which you are SO CLOSE TO.


I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Unless I actually find the weresheep, and it escapes to another part of the map or something. Then all bets are off. I will follow it.


It’s not worth finding. I know this, cuz I checked before I passed the point of no return. I promise!



Is that a log under that corpse? Better grab it.


Ok, I’ll spoil:

It gives you a list of all the kickstarter backers.

For real.


Move along.


Ha! That’s…weird. But kind of funny.


Phew. Saved you the trouble.

Make progress!!!!!!!