No playin’, no spoilin’


Go play.


Shan’t. YOU play something! Start something new and offer preliminary observations on it!


Play….when I’m ahead of you?

Dude. I’m still trying to get used to finishing a game before you. No need to overload my feeble mind

Anyway, just mowed. Hands hurt. But learned my weed whacker still works!


Remember that time I played all of Remember Me while waiting for you to finish something or other, or whatever the hell was going on at that point?

Do that! This is your chance to finish something I’m never going to even play, and talk about it!

Or, you know, talk about something you’ve already finished that I’m never going to play, like…that one with the strange animal friend, that you hated the movement on but said was really themey?

OR…you could take this opportunity to discourse about Fallout 3! I’m pretty sure at this point that I will never play it, but you have had many thoughts about it over the years.


Yes, I remember that, but that was YOU. YOU played, waiting for ME. That’s how things are supposed to be. That’s the real order of things. Order. Of things. In this troubled world, we need order. And it’s weird enough that I’m done and you’re not.

So please play. Reset the universe.

Actually, I never did finish the Last Guardian. I was playing that with Junior and then he kept asking to watch Divinity. Maybe I will get back to that. If I remember the themes.

I have had thoughts about FO3. But I forget them. Because the universe is out of whack.

So finish. Please. Cassandra. Kill her. End of Time. Go there.

Befooooore the void overtaaaaaakes us aaaallllll…..


There you go! Finish the Last Guardian with Jr. since he no longer has any reason to ask to watch Divinity!

I’ll play tonight. I hope.