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No spoilers


Sadly, I did not get around to starting Two Souls. Tell me if you did and it was worth loading.


I did not start anything. First shopping, then making dinner for the parents to thank them for taking the boys the other day.

But hey! Now that we’re done with Divinity, things are settling back into our old, comfortable groove. You’re playing alone, and we start a day by saying “I got nothing.”

It’s like coming home.


The comfort of the familiar. We’ll start a new game soon and overanalyze the hell out of it. It’s how we do. It’s the keen insight our readers have come to expect.

And if we don’t like this one, there’s always the other option that we chose Divinity over… Pillars of Eternity? Or was that a TV show about architecture? Anyway, there was something we were looking at.

Plus there’s Life is Strange. We’ve got stuff to do.


Of course it’s how we do.

Well, this one’s only, like, ten hours, which is nothing as we’re used to 109. Even if it’s not great, we can do it.

Pillars was what we were looking at, and I’m still looking, but it’s more turn based sword and sorcery and I vote we take a break from that.

Life is Strange I’d do.


Wait, 10 hours? Does that even count as a game? I’ve gotten used to it taking ten hours to loot a room thoroughly.

Yeah, the turn-based thing was fun, but I’m ready for a change of pace.


HA! Those were your stats, weren’t they?

110 hours: 100 looting, 9 getting XP Butch didn’t get, 1 ignoring conversations.

Sums it up.

But yes, Beyond is short. Short and linear. We can do it.


Those stats do sound about right. And every bit of it time well spent!

We’ll play tonight. Almost certainly.

It’ll be all, “I kept waiting for my turn in combat, and then realizing it was in real-time and I was already dead.”

And, “I can’t believe how quickly looting that room went!”


It has been a while since we had to kill Kevin in real time. Kevin’s gonna be moving like lightning.

Oh, and “we’ll play tonight” now means you and me. Not you and Mr. O.



Yeah, ‘we’ will be different. But also, back to the same as it was! The comfort of familiarity!

We’ll get used to that, and to Kevin’s super-speed, in no time. Well, probably within a couple of days. There are always though new-game bumps where buttons do different things than you’re used to…this will really just be a bit more of that.


True. It is always an adjustment, though.

And we’ll soon get back to you being WAY ahead of me. When we talked in real life and Mr. O was all “I’m gonna be giving up games for a while,” my first thought was “Whelp, she’ll be done, like, three weeks ahead of me.”



Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. I mean, he’s got good logic for the decision with summer and getting other stuff done, and it’s good timing in that there’s nothing out that he’s DYING to play, so I wish him luck with it (if only because I get more time with the PS4). But we well know that games are hard to quit. We’ll see.


But he seems to be able to do it, at least for a while.

At the very least, if he falls off the wagon, he’ll likely play during the day cuz summer. Either way, you’ll have the prime Femmy game time back to yourself.


Yes, there are definitely sound reasons for hope in terms of quantity of console time for me. It’s gonna be great.


You’re better off than I am. I don’t think this is one I can play with Junior around, and he’s going to bed later and later…


Man, that’s a bad combination. A very bad combination.

Can you tell him to go play his own game downstairs while you play, or will he creep up to see what you’re doing because it’s automatically more interesting than whatever he was doing?


There will be creep.

Shit, there’s creep when he’s in bed. Under the guise of “Had to use the bathroom” and stuff. Like, the bathroom is BEFORE you get to the living room. You walked right past it.

Your logic is flawed.


Yeah…O’Jr. will creep downstairs to use the bathroom, even though there’s one upstairs. Because…you know…the water is much fresher there?

Sigh. Unfortunate situation, then.



I’ll have to work on that.


You will.

Because we’ve witnessed the horror that comes when we don’t play for long periods of time.


One does what one must.

But he’s in a tricky phase of life: He’s old enough that he wants to stay up and shit, but still young enough that he’s clingy and doesn’t want to just chill in his room and avoid his parents.

This is difficult.


Yeah, give him a couple of years and he’ll be saying “watch YOU play games? Ugh!”

So you kind of want to cherish the time they actually want to hang out, except that it totally cramps your style. Sigh.


I do cherish it! Some of it.


Yes, some of it is very nice. Right up until bedtime.



And then less so.


Much less so.

But surely you can at least load it up and get through the opening credits! Play!

I will strive mightily to do the same.

Of course, just watch, there will be a lot of nudity and extreme violence in the title sequence that he’ll be scarred by.

My bad.


On it!