No spoilers for Beyond: Two Souls


Well, we aren’t playing Divinity anymore. That’s for sure.

Variety. Spice of life.

I have a feeling this is one where we’re gonna have to be careful of spoiling for each other. Thank heaven for chapters!

I finished “The experiment” and stopped.

You do anything?



[Hangs head in shame]

The children were tired and grumpy and I was tired and Mr. O’ wanted to finish watching ’13 Reasons Why.’ I got nothing.

Tonight for sure! Almost certainly.

Don’t finish without me.

Ooh, one non-spoilery thing we could gossip about: does the main character look more like Ellen Page than Ellie does in The Last of Us?


Ha! You’re funny. Finish. Ha.

I pretty much did the tutorial.

I think. I still don’t feel particularly tutored.

Dude, the main character IS Ellen Page. So it looks just like her. They did all this with cameras and shit.


Even with cameras….see what you think. They might have gotten into that zone where they’re ALMOST there. Which is a weird zone.


Did you die while waiting politely for your turn to come around in combat? Because I just know I’m going to do that.


Ha. No.

But I DID rewatch the whole opening because I missed some key thing in the tutorial about what button to push, and thought I had passed a save point and hadn’t. And it’s a rather long opening.

That’s one thing I’m gonna miss on Divinity: Saving whenever I wanted. Forgot that most games don’t do that. Beyond is most games.

Well, here’s something else we could talk about:

So Dontnod, the palindromic developer responsible for Life is Strange (at least the first one; they didn’t do the last one) and giant killer robots has a new game that came out earlier this month. It seems very different from both of those. From reviews, it seems that it should be on our “When we have time” pile, but maybe kinda close to the top of our “When we have time” pile.

Read some reviews. See what you think.


Oh, I know it really is her. And Willem Dafoe, right? I read about the motion capture and stuff. And she commented that they stole her face for TLOU, which is a legitimate complaint because…that was probably about as close as you could get to her WITHOUT using actual cameras. I suppose it’s JUST enough off that they could technically deny it, but it looked a LOT like her.

Which would probably be a bit weird, and also annoying if basically-your-image is being used without your permission or any compensation.

I’ll see what I think. I can imagine it might come a bit close to the uncanny valley, though.

Dontnod, eh? I am intrigued by their work. Life is Strange was good, and Remember Me had some interesting stuff going on even if I didn’t like the combat in general and was driven to screaming rage by the giant robots.

Good tip about the save points…that’s always something to get used to again.


So far, it’s pretty good in terms of the faces. It’s also VERY much a shock to see the opening considering the graphics we’ve been seeing since Xmas.

It’s impressive.

And, I should say, so far, a good hook. I’m into it.


Ha, yeah, we have gotten used to some fairly low-key graphics by modern standards.

I mean, it worked for Divinity, the stylized cutscenes and the little figures running around and the static icons in conversation, it worked fine and we got used to it, but…yeah. That’s not at all the usual style in the games we play lately.

I will look forward to observing it myself tonight.

As for Dontnod, that’s the vampire game we talked about briefly in the past, right? Where the mechanic was going to involve you having to choose whether to feed on humans and gain power, or spare them and be weaker but a better person, or whatever.

I remember thinking it looked interesting at the time. Will read more.


Yeah. This one’s called Vampyr, and it sounds rather up our alley. Good story, morals, themes. People are complaining about technical issues, but we’re going to play it later and patches happen.

Interesting sounding game.

And Beyond…We wanted something different after all that time.

We got it.


Different is a thing.

And so are vampires. Moral choices. Themes. Flu epidemics. London. Should be intriguing.


Yeah, it’s certainly one to toss on the pile. Probably near the top.

After a brief dip, our list is getting long again.

But you’ll like this game. At least the part I played. We should have ample bloggage.


As long as it doesn’t have giant robots.


I was talking about Beyond. Which, I can say, at least in the opening and tutorial, has no giant robots.

But it’s early.


I was talking about Beyond too! It’s sci fi, right…there could totally be giant robots. And I would hate them with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.


So far, so good. Promise.