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No real spoilers


I got nothing.

Don’t finish without me. Ha.

Today I don’t have any end of the year stuff so maybe I’ll get some games in. Maybe.


I only did about 15 minutes last night. It was later than I would usually start playing, but I thought, “hey, these chapters are nice and short, I can just do one of them and then stop!”

So I did. That sounds like the set-up to an “and then the game was over and I looked up and it was time to get the kids ready for school” line, but actually, I did one chapter and stopped. So it turns out that’s kind of a nice feature of this game, that it lends itself well to little bits of playing time.

Hint hint.



Dude, was it the Embassy chapter? Cuz that’s where I am. Is THAT chapter 15 minutes?

I’ll try! But I gotta do this chore I’ve been meaning to do!

Junior plays trumpet. It was the ALL school band. Last week was just HIS school. HUGE difference. Huge.

But I got nothing tonight! And I’m just grillin’ burgers! And Mrs. McP’s home late!

It’s on.


Yeah, the Embassy! Fancy dress!

I think that was probably around 15. Maybe more like 20, but still, it’s definitely not long. Well under an hour.

I’m used to feeling that if I can’t settle in for at least an hour, it’s not really worth it because I’m not going to get anything significant done, but the way this game is broken down, it really will be conducive to small bites of play.

I was actually wondering, thinking about the chapter as I went to bed, whether that might not be kind of an ideal way to approach it: play a chapter, take a break, think about what you learned…kind of like a TV show that you’re watching live.

Not that I’m going to do that. If I have a whole hour, I will totally play three chapters in a row, because that is how we do. We want to play, not sit around and think about what we’ve just done!

Still, if we CAN’T play three chapters in a row, it’s nice that we can still get something meaningful done in a shorter amount of time.


That is QUITE the dress. And she’s kind of a sorceress….Getting to like this game.

(No, didn’t play. But saw it before I saved.)

I didn’t have that kind of time, even at less than an hour. But, on the upside, I now have fantastically clean, white, sparkly rails on my front steps.

What? I do. Which is also important.



Thank God for small bites. I got into the same groove. Shit, I felt if I couldn’t settle in for at least an hour, then I couldn’t even do one fight.

Hmm. That would be kind of interesting, one chapter at a time. We talked, when we played LiS, about the differences between your experience of playing it episodically as it came out and mine, playing it all at once. But even those “episodes” were, what, four, five hours long? Much longer than a single play session.

20 minute episodes in a game might be kinda cool.

Indeed. And I could fit one in here and there during the day and Mrs. McP would be none the wiser.



Wow, I’m blinded by the sparkle from those steps, all the way from Boston! Nicely done. Reward yourself by playing for a bit.

You can, and indeed you SHOULD fit a chapter in here and there during the day! As motivation for all that work you’re getting done. Those beautiful rails. Those kids you drive around. That grocery shopping.

You deserve it. Take a break! Look away from the godbox of home maintenance for just one second! What’s the worst that can happen?


Lots of terrible things! And they all involve Mrs. McP!

Steps are nice, I’ll give them that. They had gotten all green and shit. Yuck. Can’t have that.

Cannot. Have. That.

I know! I deserve game! But that’s hard to do when you need a good hour. Like, say, if Mrs. McP got home and half the rails were sparkly, she’d be all “You sat around and played, didn’t you?” But 15 minutes? I can do that! And chores!

Maybe not THIS chore, as it took a long time and I have to go get Meatball now, but chores!


She’s the Void Dragon, isn’t she? You can tell me.

In that case, you do what you need to do to keep her contained and happy and not destroying the universe.

But when you have 15 free minutes…


Somehow you’ve managed to sum up a 22 year relationship in three and a half sentences. Nicely done.

I kid, I kid. Sorta.

But it’s cool cuz she looks good at fancy dress balls.


Fancy dress proficiency makes up for so many things.

That’s just one of the reasons you’ll enjoy this next chapter!



It is quite a dress, the red dress.

You know, way this game is going, I’ll bet there’s a heist later.

How’d we miss this for so long????


I don’t know, man…there was just a lot of other stuff going on, I guess. Plus, it got meh reviews and kind of fell off the radar in terms of stuff we were interested in.

There are so many other things in which to be interested!

But I’m glad it came out for free to renew our interest, and that you noticed it and made me download it. I’m enjoying it so far.

The system works! Slowly.


Yeah, I’m into it, too.

It also sorta makes me want to pay more attention to Death Stranding, which as you recall was featured heavily at Sony’s conference at E3. While, game wise, it’s nothing like it, the blogger in me kinda wants to play something from the directors that really have serious name recognition and influence. I mean, you study film, you sorta have to see something by Kubrick, Coppola, Wells, etc. So I kinda feel like, ok, we’re checking off David Cage here, I did Jonathan Blow with The Witness (and you tried, so ok), and Hideo Kojima is on that list of influential masters.

I’m not saying I’m certainly 100% into Death Stranding, but given the fact that we’re at least very interested in a director that the genre sorta told us we should be interested in, I’ll at least pay more attention than I have been to Kojima’s next thing.


Hm. I see what you mean, if you’re STUDYING film, but if you just want to watch some movies and talk about them?

Are we STUDYING games, or just playing them and then talking about them? Certainly we talk about them in great depth and with much brilliant discussion of obscure details, but studying? I don’t know that I’d necessarily say that, any more than I’d call us film students if we decided we were going to watch one movie every night and then talk about it the next day.

Which we will never do because movies take up valuable game time.

Anyway, that’s all by way of saying I retain the right to be completely uninterested in a game even if it’s by a founding figure in the industry. Sure, we can go ahead and keep an eye on Death Stranding, I’m into its weirdness and baby-powered clicky detectors, but if it doesn’t look like something I’d be into once it finally comes out, I’m not going to play it for the name recognition. Not that that’s what you’re suggesting.


Oh I’m not. And we were kinda completely uninterested in Beyond, despite it being made by a key figure in the industry (we’re past founding. You missed founding. You were living in a yurt when this was founded). But here we are liking it.

So what do we know?

And, well, not STUDYING per se. But then, Cage and Kojima have always been about FUN. Metal Gear, even Beyond were supposed to be entertainment first. And we certainly have played games that are classics that aren’t fun (looking at you, TLOU). Shit, Sony’s gonna showcase TLOU2 and Death Stranding and I have a feeling that, between those two, we’ll say “Death Stranding looks more fun,” and yet, like it or not, we’ll likely still PLAY TLOU2. So we do do more than just fuck around with silly shooters. We’re fucking erudite.

And we still have fun.


Don’t be dramatic: I never lived in a yurt. It was a hogan.

But yes, it was probably around then that the founding figures of games were doing their thing.

And you’re right, we almost certainly will play TLOU2. For the escapism and mindless fun!


Yes. I’m sure it will have dress balls, group hugs and sorceresses.

But hey: remember what Death Stranding has? MALE NUDITY!

I’m surprised you haven’t preordered.


Oh, right! I’m on it.

To Amazon! Nudity ahoy!


It’s just very you that the idea of experiencing and artistic masterpiece by one of the great creators of one of our favorite genres doesn’t move you, nudity….nudity gets your attention.

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s not you. It’s us.


Yeah, don’t set yourself up on some kind of “I totally don’t care about nudity, it’s all about the vision and the artistic value” high horse there.


Can’t one care about both?

One can care about both.


One can! One can and one does.

I mean, really: in terms of sheer word output, we’ve dedicated a lot more space to non-nudity topics. Yes, nudity comes up fairly frequently, but usually with fairly minimal and/or trivial discussion, because there usually isn’t that much of it to really talk about (a situation bemoaned by all).

But get us going on plenty of other deep and intellectual topics, including all kinds of shades of artistic merit, and we’ll go on for thousands of words.



We deserve to be on pedestals. Despite our occasional frequent forays into NSFW topics.

And for our modesty.


Our modesty truly is one of the most remarkable things about us, given our astonishing insight and near limitless capacity for keen analysis.


We are so modestly awesome.

T SHIRT!!!!!!