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Spoilers for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit


Wasting no time, started Captain Spirit.

Well….this is an odd little game.

I toodled around, was nice to dad, he seems ok. Can you really blame a guy for drinking when he’s down? Found most of my costume and faced the “water eater.”

It’s funny how after playing a session where I was trudging towards the black sun, which I KNEW was some heavy shit, I find myself trudging towards something that sure LOOKS like a black sun equivalent only to a) know it’s just a water heater and b) be right. Nice thing. Totally a coincidence that the last time I held a controller I did a similar thing, but nice coincidences make for interesting thinking.

But on the whole “I knew” thing….

I keep expecting him to actually have powers. Like turning on the TV. “OMG HE CAN DO IT no he’s holding the remote.” I mean, maybe that’s the twist. There could be a twist. We’re certainly in a universe (they did say it IS the LiS universe) where powers happen cuz Max and time and all that, so it’s not out of the question. And they’ve gotten me at least once all “OMG oh, no.”

What did you make of the phone call from the church? That seemed like it wanted to say something, but damned if I know what.

Also, I’ve been trying to figure out where this stands on the LiS timeline. The measurements for his height were up to 2014, and he seemed to think they were current (“I’m too old for this NOW, right?”), like he MIGHT do it in 2015, which is about when LiS came out, right? Sorta? So is this right before/after Lis? Can’t tell.

And was there a character with the last name of Erikson in LiS? Is he a relation?

So far, so good. If a little depressing.

Did you catch the Mark Jefferson reference? Sent you a screenshot.

Did you think when you played LiS that this would be a game where, someday, we’d be talking about timelines and canon like it was DA? I sure as hell didn’t.


It is an odd little game.

And yes, I kept thinking “hey, he can actually!–oh, no, he’s doing it with his other hand.” They definitely did that on purpose.

Ha!–I missed Mark Jefferson’s name, but caught another reference to Blackfield Academy or whatever it was called. I don’t remember an Erickson…

Call from the church: here’s the thing, I was puttering around in dad’s room and then I wandered out again and he mumbled something like “didn’t you hear the phone ringing off the hook?”

Which I actually had not because of the whirring of the PS4. So I didn’t answer the phone call from the church and they didn’t call back and I know nothing about it. I MADE a couple of phone calls…did you call anyone?

I’m not sure about the timeline…I feel like I saw 2016 on one of the recent letters lying around, and at some point we learn that Chris was born in February, 2007 (spoiler!), which would make him 9, almost 10 in December 2016 — that seems plausible. The game’s descriptive copy on the Square Enix site calls him a “9-year-old boy,” which would match with that, but that description shows up as “10-year-old boy” in other places on the internet (like Metacritic), just to confuse things. So I’m thinking it’s 2016, but possibly it’s 2017.

It’s so totally a “Life is Strange game” though, isn’t it? The calm, wistful music, the interludes where you can just look at things while a gentle, wistful song plays, the commentary about things you look at.

I was nice to dad too, although possibly partly because I don’t want to make him mad. Did you get the sense dad caused those bruises on Chris’ arm? And there’s a definite implication that, while you can’t blame a man for drinking when he’s down, he does drink an awful lot. Possibly he’s not always the nicest guy when drinking. I felt pretty wary of him, anyway.


I did not make calls. I should!

You gotta fix that whirring, dude. Or headphones.

So if you pick up, you get a call from some evangelical church wanting to tell you about God. You’re not so into it, but then the call mentions you’ll “Get the spirit,” which pricks up Chris’ ears for a while. Then he just hangs up and tells his dad it was no one.

Hmm. Ok. So maybe it’s after Life is Strange?

Never thought we’d be this into the details.

Very much the same kind of mood, though. As are the graphics.

Which is interesting, as Dontnod has made some pretty games of late. Vampyr’s supposed to be damn nice in the graphics department. But they’ve stuck to the cheap, more primitive look. I wonder why.

Oh, no doubt dad caused the bruises. He was all “So….you didn’t mention those…did you?” because he was scared he’d get in trouble. And yes, he’s not nice. Did you notice he got arrested for a bar fight?

And I, too, was wary. I explored the bedroom a lot at first, and he got to the point where he was “If I have to come in there, I’m gonna kick your ass!” So he’s already threatened me. Very wary. And I found the fist hole in the door.

Be wary.

Still, kinda liking it. I’ll stick with it.


Well, it’s only about three hours long, so you’d pretty much have to hate it already, not to finish it.

I did see the bar fight notice and the fist mark. Naughty drunken dad! But he’s all sad because his wife is gone and he’s not a basketball star anymore and his kid wants him to get a Christmas tree while he’s trying to drink whiskey at 9am and watch the game. So can you really blame him?


We really shouldn’t apply double standards.

Though we’re happy drunks!

Have you finished the game?


Yeah, I finished the last thing on his to-do list last night. An interesting little nibble of a game.

Once you get to a point, it says “meet Chris again in Life is Strange 2!” with a button to “pre-order Life is Strange 2.” So apparently he’s going to be a side character in that? Or a main character maybe, I don’t know. Anyway, that’s a thing.

We haven’t seen the last of Captain Spirit!


Well, I figured that, as it was a demo on the LiS 2 page, that it was going to be marketing/teasing that anyway.

Not surprised.

And hey? Free.

Get. Free. Game.


Yes! Got Heavy Rain! Downloaded it last night. Might start it tonight if I have a chance to play.

Not sure how awesome I’m going to be at it considering the description says “you’ll have to think fast and act even faster.”

Uh…I don’t do well with QTEs? But we’ll see. That worst that can happen is that everyone dies and I end up a sad and miserable ghost looking out over a destroyed world.

And I avoided that in the last game.


You want to charge right back into David Cage so soon? Or you want to get the prequel to LiS?

Your call.


Oh right…that’s out. Hmm….

I guess I’m kind of in the mood for strange life, after this little bit of Captain Spirit. Moody interludes, low-key graphics, wandering around looking at things. I might grab that instead.


Let me know. Heavy Rain will be free whenever we get to it.

Though we could roll the dice and hope they put the LiS prequel out for free in August. They sometimes do that leading to a new release, and LiS 2 hits in September.

Too many choices!


Hm. Free is good. Free is very good.

Hm. I’ll see how I feel and let you know if I start anything.

Like trouble. With a capital T.

And that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pool.

I’m out.


Well, no guarantees LiS WILL be free. Chance.

Musicals? Go cool off. Your brain is baked.