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No spoilers


Got nothing. Family was all home and nuts and stuff. And it was hot.

But wouldn’t have time today to be brilliant as I, once again, have to go to the doctor and get a shit load of blood drawn.

Getting old sucks.

At least I’ll be reassured about the liver.


Reassurance that the liver is up for more drinking is especially critical when it’s hot and the family is nuts. Focus on that upside!

I started Heavy Rain. It was the path of least resistance…it was already loaded and everything, waiting for me when I turned on the machine. It might actually be kind of a good idea to do it now, because I’m not completely out of the “QTEs to do everything” mode. Although it’s still a little weird.

The animations are not quite as good in this one…the faces are a bit closer to ‘creepy.’ But it’s been interesting continuing with the latest trend of spending game time doing normal stuff like getting dressed and making food in the microwave. I’m into it.

You will be too! It’s gonna be great.


Cool. It’s on. And when LiS is free we’ll feel smart.

As for the animations, remember this was a ps3 game that’s been remastered. This was cage’s first game, or the one that brought him to prominence.

I hate doctors.

I’ll play tonight.


You will! Tonight!

You’re gonna love it. At least Captain Spirit takes place in the winter. Refreshing chill!


Ah, nice. Need that.

And escapism. 



Puttering around in the snow as a kid whose only concern is his imagination and his drunken, sometimes-abusive father will be the perfect relaxation method to counteract the doctors. Escapism!

I did notice, in Heavy Rain, the big “Written and directed by” credit. Usually you don’t see that in games, that movies-style “this was me!” approach. I don’t have any strong opinion about it, but it did kind of stand out.

Play! We’ll talk. Later.